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Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

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Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

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  1. Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing

  2. What is traditional marketing? • -It is a form of conventional marketing which is used before the era of internet is invented • -In this method we used to target our customer through physical forms like newspaper, TV ads, banners and many more. • -In this method company sell the product or services through manpower • -There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of this method

  3. Disadvantages of traditional marketing -No Control Over Timing -Higher Costs -Limited Customization Options -Cannot Be Easily Updated -Poor Campaign Measurement

  4. What is Digital Marketing? -It is the digital form of marketing in which advertising placed through digital channels -With the help digital channel such as search engine, website, email, mobile app marketing is performed -It gives you customer segmentation for a new digital experience with better approach -It helps you to build brand over the internet and help to manage customer relationship

  5. Advantages of Digital Marketing? -Wider target audience -Global reach -Better brand reputation management -Boost brand awareness -Utilize all digital marketing services -Flexibility -Instant marketing -Cost effective

  6. Final words -There are lot of benefits to approach the digital marketing over the traditional marketing -You can easily achieve your business goal by hiring best digital marketing company -The digital marketing agency gives you the best ROI for your business -So, start applying digital marketing strategy in your business and become a top player in your industry.