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Comanche tribe

Comanche tribe

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Comanche tribe

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  1. Comanche tribe By Kyle L./kichitt

  2. HOUSING/CLOTHING Ughhh, “I said” its hard work making Teepes every week. This are third one we have made out of the whole month, since we are nomadic. We make are houses out buffalo skin and wooden poles. The reason we make are houses out of weak material, is because we need a temporary house every month. Me and the other women and children, who make the houses are almost done. Meanwhile my father is hunting with my younger brother finding are food for are late meal. The animal we use most is the buffalo’s. This animal is important to us because, not only do we use it for housing, food we use it for clothing. My mom is In charge of the tribes clothing. We make are clothing out of deerskin for women dresses. The men wear buck skin. The woman also wear breech clothes with leggings for shoes we wear moccasins. Are fancy shirts are fringed with warrior signs on it I especially love this. For he children we don’t really care about the type of clothing we wear ,as long as its warm. Actual teepee being set up

  3. CLOTHING/FOOD • My tribe doesn't only wear feathers and face paint we wear long buffalo robes. My mother is not only in charge of housing but she is in charge of clothing she is the head of the tribe. For the women she makes fringed warrior shirts that are painted with warrior signs I hope to be the women leader of my tribe someday. Speaking of being the women leader of my tribe its time for me to do my chore cooking the food. • Today we are having a feast that includes almost every thing we eat. Such as buffalo, river fish, berries, elk, deer, black bear, wild onion, corn my favorite squash rabbits potatoes and last but not least nuts. I have a lot of work to do. And if you don’t do your’e work you can not be excepted as a leader.

  4. Common plants • Wow its time the plants are blooming. Its my favorite time of year, when all my favorite plants are arriving like Biscuit root, Broom snakeweed, Buffalo gourd, Buffalo grass, Copper mallow my favorite and the one and Dakota-verbena. This means feast time now that we have spices. Biscuit root Dakota verbena Buffalo grass

  5. Common Animals • Daaaddd I really shouldn’t be out here at this late hour. But I cant find my dad, he has been out way to long he went out to help get material for are new home for the week, and it doesn’t take this long. There is so many stories that after a certain time the bob cats and coyotes come out. And the black tailed rabbits try to strike and worst of all the skunks are ready top let out there potion as( we call it.) • I just hope he makes it back safe two hours later…. HE IS HOME I tell him don’t ever scare me like that again I asked what he was doing out there so late. He told me he was getting pictures of these animals. Black-tailed-jack-rabbit Coyote Bobcat

  6. Food predators

  7. Weather The weather in are tribe includes winter storms and many cold fronts. Sometimes they have tornadoes and storms In the summer its very warm and dry combined its almost like a dessert Great plains and Southern plains both have variety in their weather.

  8. Geography • I am going to get water. Usually we have to travel by feet other tribes travel by horse (which to be honest would be easy). But as I said earlier you have to go by youre fathers rule and if youre dad is the king of the tribe then you are in hot water. • Any ways I live on the Great Plain a very hilly area That can be very hot and cold.

  9. Survival strategies • ‘’Okay’ I said I have to get water for my twin sisters they are sick if you are sick you must mix water and plants to make medicine. We think that my sisters have smallpox. I think they do you know those men have been you My band or tribe usually has to walk up very steep hills we have very hot weather that occurs Southern Plain. (I HATE IT) but any thing for my brothers and sisters this is my list for getting the water. 1.Wear my coldest clothing because of heat 2.Take my pot 3. Take my eye goggles (so I can make sure there is not any predators coming 4.Climb black hills 5.Check surrounding 6.Find water `I cant wait to do this alone, I just hope there is no buffalos out !!

  10. Impact on weather • As I was getting water I realized it was getting late and at night it is very cold so I need to get home. I am finally getting the water and I am a mile away from the teepee I cant wait until I get home then I will be safe. My dad will go to my grand mother’s teepee and ask her to help my twin sisters. Because she is a medicine woman. • Sometimes are weather can determine wither we should move are teepee’s sometimes I have to stay inside because there are storms going on and we can not hunt for food.

  11. Reflection #1 • I am very old and healthy. I am excited to be alive I still believe in my holy spirit. As I got older my dad started to listen to me. I got married and learn lessons of being in the Comanche tribe that still exist. I am apart of the tribe, and enjoy it I finally did become the girl leader and I still am. My mother died soon after I wrote the diary she still lives within me . • Sincerely, kitchitt

  12. Reflection #2 • I think that I did a great job on this project. I really enjoyed learning more about the southern plains , and the Comanche tribe. I think if I did this project again, I would tell more about my characters life as a child. I think I will get a A+ or A because I gave accurate information and told you a story about a girl in the Comanche tribe or Comanche band. I can not wait to share this project with everybody so they can experience the life of a girl who’s mother is the women tribe leader and her father is a hunter. I think I did a great job on giving details, but I think I should've also given some more information on the weather of the tribe instead of just saying its hot. Overall I think I gave you a wonderful project • Sincerely, Kyle Lumsden

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