ute tribe n.
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Ute Tribe

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Ute Tribe

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  1. Ute Tribe Ti’Asia Jacobs Precious Onukwali

  2. Ute Tribe was mostly located in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Nevada

  3. Ute men were hunters and warriors, responsible for feeding and defending their families. • Ute hunters used bows and arrows. • Ute women did most of the child care, cooking, and cleaning, and also made most of the clothing and household tools. • Only Ute men became chiefs, but both genders took part in storytelling, artwork and music, and traditional medicine. • Ute women wore long deerskin dresses. • Ute men wore breechcloths with leather leggings and buckskin shirts. • Some Ute people wore buckskin moccasins, but others wore sandals made of yucca fiber or simply went barefoot. • Most Western Ute Indians lived in wickiups, all round or cone-shaped houses made of a willow frame covered with brush. While Eastern Ute people preferred Plains-style tipis

  4. In History • First Treaty between Utes and Spaniards was made in 1670 • In 1770 the Utes and the Navajos went to war with the Hopis. • Peace negotiations were carried on at Pecos between the Mouache Utes, the Comanches, and the Spanish and a treaty was finally agreed to in 1786. • After the Mexican War, the United States and the Utes signed a treaty of peace and friendship in 1849 in which the Utes recognized the jurisdiction of the United States • Antonio Buck, Sr., the last hereditary chief, died in 1961.

  5. Chief Ignacio Ute Family

  6. Buckskin Charlie Ute Indians

  7. Ute Creation myth The creator cut sticks and put them in a bag. He said the sticks would be people. One day when the Creator walked away the Coyote, who secretly watched the Creator cut the sticks, opened the bag and some of the people came out. They all talked different languages and they went in different directions. When the Creator came back he saw that there were only a few people left in the bag, and he became angry. He had planned to divide the people equally on the earth, and then he said, “Now there will be war between one another over the land. The people that stayed in the bag will be brave and will never be defeated. They will be called Ute”

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