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: The New Eau de Parfum Trilogy PowerPoint Presentation
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: The New Eau de Parfum Trilogy

: The New Eau de Parfum Trilogy

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: The New Eau de Parfum Trilogy

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  1. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Concept : For Los Angeles based designer Sue Wong, Beauty is in every woman and is revealed in three important steps when she is wearing Sue Wong (perfume or dress.) To sublime these pure moments of intense femininity, she has chosen to create a trilogy of Eau de Parfum with pale colors to recreate the poetic atmosphere of a woman’s intimacy, Themes : Fragrances : Sue has chosen three different olfactory harmonies as each Eau de Parfum represents a unique and specific moment. Commercial : • The Trilogy creates for the woman three occasions to buy a SUEWONG perfume. • An opportunity to generate traffic in the stores with three new lines with attractive, feminine design & concept. • Extending SUEWONG lines with a collection of three perfumes to increase visibility of the brand on shelves. Target : For every young woman who wants to feel beautiful, seductive and confident with a designer fragrance. TRANSFORMATION Seduction MAGIC Poetry BEAUTY Femininity

  2. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Product description : • The Bottle : • Soft, feminine and sensual pale colors are identifying each flanker. Each color is linked to a specific moment when the woman is experiencing SueWong’s mantra : beauty – magic – transformation. • The light of the glass and the metallic plate toped with a ceramic cap adds a luxurious effect to the trilogy’s bottles. • As an odd to blooming femininity, a bunch of flower is engraved in each plate in an art-deco style. • The Packaging : • The three packaging have an eye-catching when placed on shelves, • Pale color codes are an invitation to all women to discover Sue Wong Trilogy of perfumes. MAGIC. TRANSFORMATION. BEAUTY.

  3. Beauty

  4. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Beauty, the concept The first step is Beauty : a woman wants to feel beautiful for herself and in the eyes of the man in love with her. So Beauty represents the precious moment she will choose a dress, a jewelry, a perfume to start her transformation. Therefore, the notes of Beauty are floral and gourmand. Soft pink color is the symbol of youth, happiness and femininity.

  5. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Floral Spicy Woody Beauty, the olfactive signature Seductive Florals flirt with spicy woods to create a blend that is effortlessly elegant : The opening is fresh and sensual with the subtle combination of two spices with fresh mandarin blossom. On the heart, a symphony of fresh white flowers notes are generously melting, Incense and precious woods are warming up the dry down, in an intense and seductive trail. Clove Pepper Mandarin Blossom Jasmin Carnation Lilly Cedarwood Sandalwood Incense

  6. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Beauty, the visual Breaking the classical codes of Beauty, the Sue Wong woman is sensual and extremely feminine. Standing in a room with contrasted pink and yellow colors, she is standing with sensuality, her bared arms around her. The smoky atmosphere adds voluptuousness to this strong visual. Her green eyes are circled with black velvet color, for a mysterious and intense look. The fuchsia pink color of her half opened mouth is again a sign of sensuality. The sophistication of her Sue Wong dress and accessories shows she prepared her appearance with care for her “rendezvous”. Her perfume, Beauty, adds this feminine touch every woman deserves to wear.

  7. Magic

  8. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Magic, the concept A sumptuous moment in the transformative experience, when the woman feels the changes operating. With confidence and great allure, she is glowing as if magic was all around her… The perfume’s notes are bright, with apricot blossom and warm accords for a poetically-lush signature. The amber gold color is for the magical emotion a woman likes to create.

  9. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Floral Fruity Green Magic, the olfactive signature Addictive osmanthus and crisp apricot blossom are wrapped in the sensuous embrace of warm ambergris and creamy sandalwood: Top notes are composed with a juicy peach accord, dominated by green leaves and fresh freesia. The airy heart is composed by the subtle note of water Lilly flower, enriched by voluptuous Osmanthus and fresh Apricot Blossom. For the dry-down, bewitching ambergris and vanilla notes are enriched by sandalwood in a magical twirl… Peach Green Leaves Freesia Osmanthus Water Lilly Apricot Blossom Sandalwood Vanilla Ambergris

  10. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Magic, the visual This visual represents Magic with a poetic touch celebrating the Sue Wong Woman. A rich atmosphere with dark, gold and amber colors creating a luxurious scene. A woman is majestically sitting in a massive wooden chair with opulent ornaments. Freed from all pre-conceived codes, she is surrounded by grace and self-confidence. Her luminous sophisticated Sue Wong evening dress and eye-catching accessories are perfect combined with her fragrance Magic by Sue Wong.

  11. Transformation

  12. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Transformation, the concept The ultimate step, probably the most important as it is the moment the woman is ready and reveals her inner Beauty, feels Divine and Seductive. The fragrance had to be the most intense of the Trilogy to render the progression of this final moment. The seafoam color evokes the transformation the Nature offers to see, like a flower blossom or a butterfly’ metamorphosis.

  13. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Lush white flowers and rich woods are warmed with a touch of vanilla: On the opening, a fresh green leaves accord is playing with sparkling mandarin and spicy pink pepper. On the heart, a luxurious bunch of white flowers : rich Gardenia, spicy Tuberose and warm Jasmin notes brings elegance and distinctiveness. The warm woods and joyful facets of the vanilla are sensually blended with these white flowers to leave a unique trail. Floral White Flowers Transformation, the olfactive signature Green Leaves Mandarin Pepper Gardenia Tuberose Jasmin Sandalwood Cedarwood Vanilla

  14. : The New Eau de ParfumTrilogy Transformation, the visual This visual is a dark, with contrasted light green color and a touch of red : the result is an impactful and intimate atmosphere. The Sue Wong Woman is feeling the last step of the transformation and her seductive power has reached its peak. In front of her mirror, she is adjusting her headdress, ready to conquer the world with style. Transformation, her fragrance is the scented translation of how she feels now : beautiful with a magical touch of glow, transformed and feeling like a Goddess.