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Language and Popular Culture: LING057

Language and Popular Culture: LING057. First things first. Focus of this course: Contrasting A with B:. . WATU: Writing Across the University. This course is WATU-affiliated: fulfills 50% of the writing requirement You must take it for WATU credit

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Language and Popular Culture: LING057

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  1. Language and Popular Culture: LING057 First things first

  2. Focus of this course:Contrasting A with B: 

  3. WATU: Writing Across the University • This course is WATU-affiliated: fulfills 50% of the writing requirement • You must take it for WATU credit • If you don’t need the WATU credit, you can still take it anyway, and get other credit: • It also fulfills part of the “Society” requirement

  4. WATU • We have a WATU tutor: Walt Hakala • He will work with you on an individual basis, will read drafts, give lots of help • Assignments are due on the deadlines (see http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/~haroldfs/popcult/sumrdead.html) • There will be dire consequences for missing deadlines • You will rewrite, rewrite, revise, revise, recast, until we are satisfied.

  5. WATU • Focus of this course is on doing research and doing expository writing about it. • This is not personal writing, and we are not particularly interested in your personal views • We are interested in how you present the results of your research: • You will do research (surveys) and ask others about their opinions on the subject of this course

  6. First Assignment: Three New Words • Due Tuesday, Sept. 20th, at the beginningof class. • One page: find three new words in the English language that are not yet found in any dictionary (details here: http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/~haroldfs/popcult/3newords.html) • Tell us where you found them, what they mean, what type of word-formation process is involved

  7. Readings: • Required: • Booth, Colomb and Williams: The Craft of Research. • Lippi-Green, English with an Accent. • Recommended: • Pinker, The Language Instinct • Coursepak: On-line on Blackboard

  8. Schedule of Meetings and Topics • You should access this page through Blackboard. Use your PennNet ID and password to get into Blackboard. • https://courseweb.library.upenn.edu/ • Readings and other documents are available onlyvia the Blackboard site • We can only communicate with you via your Penn email account—not Yahoo, AOL, or other email server. • You can send paper drafts via email to the Blackboard site, we can edit them, return them the same way.

  9. This is a class, not a fun-and-games site • When we view movies, etc. in class we do so critically, not for entertainment. • We do not get into entertainment mode: • Leave class to get coffee and snacks • Call our friends on our cellphones • Chat with our neighbor • Do crossword puzzles • Doze off…

  10. Class starts at 9:00 a.m. • Not 9:15, not 9:30, not 9:45, not 10:00 • Class ends at 10:20, not 10:00, not 9:45 • Class participation counts for 15% of grade! • If you’re not here, you’re not participating. • Participation means active participation: • Speaking up in class • Participating in discussions

  11. The Good and Bad News: • The Bad News: If you’re not following the timetable, you may not even pass the course—late papers will not be accepted. • The Good News: If you’re on schedule with assignments, and need more time, I’ll accept rewrites even after the semester ends.

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