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Sample Course

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Sample Course

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  1. Sample Course

  2. WATER WELL DRILLER/PUMP INSTALLERREQUIRED ONE HOUR STATUTES AND RULES CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSE Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Compliance DivisionWater Well Driller/Pump Installer Section PO Box 12157 Austin, Texas 78711 512/463-7880 512/463-8616 (fax)

  3. MAIL ALL FORMS AND CORRESPONDENCE TO: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation P.O. Box 12157 Austin, TX 78711

  4. The Primary Goals of the Program • Groundwater protection • License qualified drillers and pump installers • Establish and enforce minimum well construction, well plugging, and pump installation standards • Administration of the Abandoned Well Notification and Enforcement Program • Regulation through cooperation with state and federal agencies and local governments.

  5. WATER WELL DRILLER/PUMP INSTALLER CONTACT INFORMATION Department website: Program main line: 512/463-7880 Program fax: 512/463-8616 Program email: Customer Service: 512/463-6599 Customer Service

  6. Available on the Department’s website: • Report Violations/File Complaints on-line • Well Construction and Plugging Specifications • Texas Well Report Submission and Retrieval System link • Water Well Driller Advisory Council information • Well Reports • Plugging Reports • Undesirable Water and Constituent Reports • License Applications • Apprentice Registration Applications • Tex. Admin. Code Chapter 76 (Rules) • Tex. Occupations Code Chapters 1901 (Drillers) & 1902 (Pump Installers) • Variance Request Forms • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) • Upcoming continuing education courses • Examination References

  7. Water Well Driller/Pump Installer Web Page

  8. License/Application/Renewal/CE Questions …should be directed to TDLR Customer Service at: 512/463-6599 or 1-800/803-9202

  9. Continuing Education Continuing education requirements – To renew a license as a driller or pump installer, a licensee must complete 4 hours of continuing education (CE) in courses approved by the department. The CE hours must include the following: • One hour of instruction dedicated to the water well driller and pump installer statutes and rules; and • Three hours of instruction in topics directly related to the well industry, including but not limited to well and water well pump standards, geologic characteristics of the state, state groundwater laws and related regulations, well construction and pump installation practices and techniques, health and safety, environmental protection, technological advances, or business management. The CE hours must have been completed within the term of the current license or registration, in the case of a timely renewal. For late renewal, the CE hours must have been completed within one year period immediately prior to the date of the renewal.

  10. License Application • Requires license applicants (well driller and pump installer) to provide names and addresses of 10 customers who have been provided service by the applicant. • Well driller applicants must provide 10 State of Texas Well Reports corresponding to the 10 customer references submitted.

  11. Apprenticeships • Requires licensed supervisors and applicants for the apprentice program to include in-depth and specific information concerning apprenticeships. • Requires 2 year minimum in an apprentice program – before application for a license. • The continuing education provider will electronically post the 1 hour of CE credit to TDLR.

  12. Licensing, Renewals, and Examinations

  13. License Renewals • Licenses expire annually from the date of issuance. • Renewals are mailed to the last known address of the licensee (if you move, be sure to make the TDLR aware of your new address). • Must submit: • Renewal fee; • License renewal paperwork; and • The continuing education provider will electronically post the 4 hours of CE credit to TDLR.

  14. TDLR Authority to Conduct Criminal Background ChecksTexas Occupations Code Chapter 53Effective September 1, 1999 Effective September 1, 2003 TDLR conducts DPS criminal background checks on all new license and registration applicants as well as license and registration renewals.

  15. When Completed License Application Is Received by the Licensing Division… • The application file is forwarded to WWD/PI Section staff. • Experience and workmanship verifications are then conducted by contacting the references and reviewing the submitted State of Texas Well Reports (for drillers). • Same process for pump installer applicants, without the well reports. • When applying, verifiable work experience must be submitted for each classification of pump installation or well drilling.

  16. Notice of Examination Eligibility… • Specifies exams applicant is approved to take. • Approved applicants have one (1) year from the date the application was filed to complete all of the requirements for a license (includes passing the examination(s)). • An applicant may only take an exam twice in one year. • All examinations are computer based.

  17. All license applicants approved to take exams are required to: Take and pass the General Well Driller and/or General Pump Installer exam including any and all subsequent specific license designations exams.

  18. The Eligibility Notice Will State: If you are approved to take an exam, you will receive a letter indicating which exams you have been approved to take: Well Drillers: General Well Driller [ ] Water Well Driller [ ] Monitor Well Driller [ ] Closed Loop Geothermal Well Driller Pump Installers: General Pump Installer [ ] Windmills, Hand Pumps and Pump Jack Installer [ ] Line-shaft Turbine Pump Installer [ ] Single Phase Pump Installer [ ] Three Phase Pump Installer

  19. Well Driller and Pump Installer examreference lists and exam content outlines are available on the Department’s website at:

  20. Driller License Designations A – Master Well Driller W – Water Well Driller M – Monitor Well Driller C – Closed Loop Geothermal Well Driller D – Dewatering Well Driller N – Injection Well Driller

  21. Pump Installer License Designations I – Master Pump Installer L – Windmills, Hand Pumps, and Pump Jacks P – Single Phase Pump Installer K – Three Phase Pump Installer T – Line-shaft Turbine Pump Installer

  22. New Rule Effective December 1, 2006 for Pump Installer License “New Definition” Placement and preparation for operation of equipment and materials – Includes but is not limited to removing the pump. This means you have to be licensed to remove a pump from a well.

  23. Pump Column • Pump column material that has been used in the production of oil or gas or has been exposed to contamination may not be placed in a well regulated by this department. New rule effective December 1, 2006

  24. Master Well Driller License To obtain a Master Driller License (A), an applicant is required to have verifiable experience in all fields of drilling regulated by the TDLR and pass the following exams: General Water Well Monitor Well Closed-loop Geothermal Dewatering (subject to development) Injection (subject to development)

  25. Master Pump Installer License To obtain a Master Pump Installer License (I), an applicant is required to have verifiable experience in all fields of pump installation regulated by the TDLR and pass the following exams: General Windmills, Hand Pumps, and Pump Jacks Single Phase Pumps Three Phase Pumps Line-shaft Turbines

  26. 76.204(g) Requests to Waive CE Requirements… …because the license holder does not supervise, contract with the public, or has retired from the drilling or pump service industry shall: • Submit the request in writing to the Department; • Include detailed explanation of the conditions under which the waiver is requested; • Submit the license renewal fee; and • Licensee must remain inactive for a minimum of one (1) year. To reinstate a license to supervise and/or contract with the public, the licensee shall submit four (4) hours of continuing education with one (1) hour dedicated to the Water Well Driller/Pump Installer Statutes and Rules course.

  27. Apprentice Registration • Supervising licensee must have been licensed for at least two years prior to taking on apprentice(s); • A completed Department registration form: • Fee • Proof that the licensee has agreed to accept the responsibility of supervising the training program; • A detailed description of the training program ,including the typesof wells to be drilled and/or the classifications of pumps to be installed, equipment used, safety training and procedures, and experience, knowledge, and qualification benchmarks while under the apprenticeship.

  28. Apprenticeship Requirements • Supervisor must be within 1 hour travel time; • Supervisor must visit the site once per day (drillers); • Apprentice may not perform or offer outside of apprenticeship; • Apprentice may be supervised by other licensees with same company as supervisor; • With each renewal, supervisor must provide written progress report evaluating performance compared to established training program; • To renew a registration as an apprentice, a registrant must complete a 1 hour department approved continuing education course dedicated to the WD/PI statutes and rules. • A licensee may not supervise more than (3)apprentices at any one time; combination licenses may have up to 6 (3 of each).

  29. 76.800 Fees …effective October 1, 2004

  30. Examination Fees General Well Driller exam - $100 Water Well Driller exam - $50 Monitor Well Driller exam - $50 Closed Loop Geothermal Well Driller exam - $50 General Pump Installer exam - $100 Windmills, Hand Pumps, & Pump Jacks exam - $50 Single Phase Pump Installer exam - $50 Three Phase Pump Installer exam - $50 Line-shaft Turbine Pump Installer exam - $50

  31. Original License, Registration, Annual Renewal, Duplicate License, and Variance Request Fees Driller’s license - $215 Installer’s license - $215 Combination Driller/Installer license - $325 Apprentice registration - $65 Combination Driller/Installer Apprentice reg. - $115 Lost, revised, or duplicate license - $25 Variance request fee - $100

  32. Maximum of 1 year to renew with late fees. If a license has been expired for over 1 year, the individual is required to apply for a license, pay the exam fees, and take and pass the specific exams. If the exams are passed and the license fee is paid, a new license number will be issued.

  33. Late Renewal Fee Adjustments Received prior to expiration date: Received after license expiration and <90 days = fee + ½ of fee: Renewal after 90 days and < 1 year = 2 x renewal fee:

  34. Licensee Responsibilities

  35. 76.706(d)A licensee shall have the following information on all proposals and invoices given to consumers (effective January 3, 1999):Regulated by: Texas Department of Licensing and RegulationP.O. Box 12157Austin, TX 787111-800/803-9202, 512/463-7880

  36. 76.708. Responsibilities of the Licensee - Adherence to Manufacturer's Recommended Well Construction Materials and Equipment (a) It shall be the responsibility of the licensee to select the correct slot size for manufacturer well screen in a domestic (household use) water well to prevent sand/sediments from entering the well unless waived by the landowner or person having the well drilled in writing. (b) It shall be the responsibility of the licensee to adhere to manufacturers' recommended pump sizing and wiring specifications. (c) It shall be the responsibility of the licensee to select the proper hydraulic collapse pressure for casing to be installed.

  37. 76.703 Responsibilities of the Licensee – Standards of Completion for Public Water System Wells 76.703(1) The licensed driller shall, to the best of his or her abilities, ascertain whether a well which is to be drilled, deepened, or altered is intended for use as part of a public water system and shall comply with all applicable rules of the TCEQ under 30 TAC Chapter 290 and any other local codes or regional regulations. Questions should be directed to the TCEQ’s Water Utilities and Districts Section at 512/239-6953

  38. Public Supply Well

  39. Local Authority 76.1000. • (a) Wells shall be completed in accordance with the following specifications and in compliance with the local groundwater conservation district rules or incorporated city ordinances:

  40. Groundwater Districts • As you will notice on the following map, there has been the addition of many Groundwater Districts. Be sure to find out before drilling if the well is located in a district. If so, please contact the district prior to drilling.

  41. Water Wells Located Within Public Water Supply Sanitary Easements 76.1000(k) Water wells located within public water supply sanitary easements (150 feet) must be constructed to public water well standards pursuant to 30 TAC Chapter 290.

  42. Drilling Fluids and Cuttings 76.1000(f) Each licensed well driller drilling, deepening, or altering a well shall keep any drilling fluids, tailings, cuttings, or spoils contained in such a manner so as to prevent spillage onto adjacent property not under the jurisdiction or control of the well owner without the adjacent property owners’ written consent. 76.1000(g) Each licensed well driller drilling, deepening, or altering a well shall prevent the spillage of any drilling fluids, tailings, cuttings, or spoils into any body of surface water.

  43. 76.1000(h) Chlorination/Disinfection of Wells Unless waived by written request from the landowner, a new, repaired, or reconditioned well or pump installation or repair on a well used for human consumption shall be properly disinfected. The well shall be properly disinfected with chlorine or other appropriate disinfecting agent under the circumstances. A disinfecting solution with a minimum concentration of fifty (50) Milligrams per liter (mg/L) (ppm), shall be placed in the well as required by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), pursuant to ANST/AWWA C654-87 and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  44. 76.702 Responsibilities of the Licensee and Landowner (Access Denied) 76.702(a)(1) If well is not completed to established specifications. Where a landowner, or person having the well drilled, deepened, or altered, denies a licensed well driller access to the well to complete the well to established standards and thereby precludes the driller from performing his or her duties under the Texas Occupations Code, Chapters 1901 and 1902 and this title, the well driller shall file with the Department a statement to that effect within five days of the denial. The landowner or person authorizing the well work must complete the well to established standards within ten days of notification by the Department. 76.702(e)(1) If undesirable water is encountered. Where a person or landowner having the well drilled, deepened, or altered denies a licensed driller access to a well which requires plugging or completion or otherwise precludes the driller from plugging or completing a well which has encountered undesirable water or constituents, the driller shall, within 48 hours, file a signed statement to that effect with the Department and provide a copy of the statement to the local groundwater conservation district.

  45. Well construction • In the following slide you will notice the proper completion of a well. It shows: • The 10 feet of annular cement • The sloping slab that extends 2 feet in all directions • The casing extending 12 inches above land surface.

  46. Well Construction Specifications

  47. Annular Seal Violations Examples Appears to be in compliance After inspection no cement

  48. Annular Seal Violations Appears to be in compliance After inspection no cement

  49. Alternative Surface Completion • The following two slides indicate the proper completion methods for using a sleeve and a pitless adapter.