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Training Session

Training Session

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Training Session

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  1. Training Session Peace and Conflict Education Al-Quds University Meridian International Center

  2. Purpose of training • Aid preschool teachers in incorporating age appropriate peace and conflict resolution curricula into their early childhood programs. • Aid preschool teachers in implementing new techniques, concepts, and skills within the classroom setting. • Aid preschool teachers and administrators in generalizing the peace and conflict resolution into their overall school environment.

  3. Teachers • Enhance skills and concepts that will allow them to assist children in improving peaceful and social behaviors within the preschool • Enrich the curricula, activities, and materials within the classroom. • Allow teachers to become leaders within the school environment in instilling new principles of peace and conflict resolution.

  4. Who are you? • Teachers: (on a piece of paper, write down the answers) • Pick your two favorite colors • Pick your two favorite fruits • Pick your two favorite TV programs • Pick two favorite times/events within the classroom • Have teachers group themselves according to their answers while they introduce themselves to each other.

  5. Normal Preschool Day • Teachers should describe their normal routines within the preschool • Identify similarities and differences • Describe which activities children most enjoy • Discuss benefits of these activities • Teachers discuss the existing curricula within the classroom • Identify goals and objectives of the existing curricula • Discuss “what’s missing” or “what is new” that could improve their curricula

  6. Module 1Super Me, Super You: All About Me and Other • To instill in children an appreciation of their own self worth (an appreciation of one’s self as valuable and of worth to one’s self and others) • Role of family • Role of school • Role of peers • To instill in children an appreciation for the self worth of others • Role of family, school, and peers

  7. Module 2Getting Along in My Neighborhood and Classroom • To introduce children to alternatives to conflict (conflict resolution) • To initiate peaceful engagement of the children with one another (getting along, accepting others) • To explore what happens to the children and others when problems are solved.

  8. Module 3Everyone Counts, Everyone Matters • To introduce children to basic ideas of democracy (using age appropriate language and concepts) • To strengthen children’s ability to engage in fair play • To strengthen children’s ability to appreciate participation in decision making

  9. Discussion • Distribute the modules • Review contents of the modules • Identify which activities they are already implementing in the classroom • Discuss how, when and where they would carry out the activities • Discuss purpose of activities and what kinds of behaviors they are encouraging

  10. Introduce the activities • How to incorporate the activities into the ongoing ECD curricula • Have teachers practice the activities themselves • Have teachers describe how they felt while doing the activities • How would they introduce the activities into the preschool • What kinds of books, music, and materials are needed to implement the activities

  11. Self Evaluation • How would they assess success of the curricula? • Monitoring children’s behavior • Identifying different behaviors occurring within the classroom (new behaviors); reduction of negative behaviors • Parental reports on improved child behavior patterns • Children’s report on how they feel within the preschool • How would they get other teachers and parents involved in achieving objectives of the modules (aiding children in developing skills and concepts for peace and conflict resolution)?