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Graduate Training Session session 3

Graduate Training Session session 3. ON-LINE APPLICATIONS + Questions. WHY ON-LINE APPLICATIONS. Quick and efficient User-friendly Facilitates screening Uses different techniques to traditional application methods Traditional method for GTP recruitment. PROCESS.

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Graduate Training Session session 3

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  1. Graduate Training Session session 3 ON-LINE APPLICATIONS + Questions

  2. WHY ON-LINE APPLICATIONS • Quick and efficient • User-friendly • Facilitates screening • Uses different techniques to traditional application methods • Traditional method for GTP recruitment

  3. PROCESS • Co° may ask contact questions before getting to the official questionnaire • Take time answering questions: print out application and draft an answer • Take care with language use buzz words, corporate jargon • Don’t be too long (some Co° put limits on word use)

  4. Beware of viruses (attachments) • Send cover letter/cv in body of mail • If asked to send cover letter separately write up short introductory mail • Keep records of applications for interview purposes

  5. On-line applications • The application • Understanding the question • How to reply • Vocabulary to use • Concrete models


  7. Understanding the questionCorporate perspective • Financial services as an industry • Homework • Curiosity • Web site • In depth knowledge? • ? as a company • Differentiate between types of company • Knowledge of company + roles • Attraction to this company • Contribution to this company’s activities

  8. What roles are you interested in? • Good indication of what is offered • Show of motivation and consistency • Fit with own personal ambitions • Open to other opportunities • Why this GTP? • No copy and paste formula • Show motivation for this specific course • Desire to receive all-round mgt skills

  9. Understanding the questionPersonal perspective • How would you describe yourself • Strengths • Weaknesses • Ability and desire to learn • Personal attributes • Describe involvement in ex-curricular activities • Capacity to balance academic and ex curricular activities • Broad range of activities • Open-mindedness • Engagement • Leadership skills

  10. How to reply • Level of English perfect • Proof of analytical skills • Capacity to resume • Don’t overuse I • Link experience to competencies gained • Vocabulary choice • Technical terms • Diversity • Wide range STAR for competency based questions

  11. PROFESSIONAL On web-site Sector orientated Clear Concise Simple Not exaggerated Non repetitive PERSONAL Don’t overuse I Use word list Active verbs Check over Vocabulary to use

  12. Concrete modelsProfessional aspect JPMorgan as a company? • The engagement of JP Morgan for communities is also something that appeals to me. I believe that successful companies have a responsibility toward populations in need. They are models for their development. Moreover successful companies should give back to society what they have benefited. • JP Morgan is a very attractive place to develop fundamental hard and soft skills. In addition to top-five league table rankings, it ranks in the Businessweek top-ten “best places to launch a career”. As part of its strategy, JP Morgan gives priority to environmental issues like mortgage granting on environmental impact conditions. Why interested in a GTP? I am interested in a Graduate Training Programme because I know that it is the most interesting, challenging and safest way to integrate a multinational company, develop its management skills and to come along well in it.

  13. Financial services as an industry? • Financial services represent a huge industry made of gorgeous companies, which provide essential financial services to their customers.JP Morgan, with assets on 1.3 trillion and more than 160 000 employees across 50 countries, is one of the leading firms. • Financial services have characteristics, which made the industry very attractive: • One is the diversity of jobs. For example, JP Morgan Chase encompasses 6 lines of business and proposes many different opportunities: Every people can do different positions and finally find what suit him best. • Explain the skills you have developed which make you potentially suited? • Then, my different internships brought me essential skills to work in a bank, particularly for the position of sales, which is my ultimate objective: my experiences in ********* as a sales manager and in ********* as a purchaser taught me business relationships with European and American people whereas my experience as an auditor in ******* showed me analytical way of thinking: how to be accurate, understandable, pleasant with clients and on time, when I coped with difficult deadlines.

  14. Explain the skills you have developed which make you potentially suited? • As a student, I initiated and organized participations to student simulation competitions, Euromanager in **** and Danone Trust Game in **** Being the team leader of the winning team of the **** Danone Trust Game illustrates my pro-activeness, my team work and organizational skills. I set up the team by recruiting the members with a great attention to group dynamics as well as diversity. It proved to be an efficient team. I overviewed the application process. During the game, I motivated and supported other members. Furthermore, I drove issues resolutions and insured suitable decisions were made on time. This competition resembled real working conditions: analysis, decision making, setting up and delivering presentations on a team environment. All steps performed under time constraints and exceptional conditions such as answering questions from a CEO and executives.

  15. What is your motivation to work in sales in the chosen markets? • Moreover, I wish to be able to evolve in an international context. In other words, I wish to gain further understanding of your company "from the inside" while moving within several international markets. Through my studies and internships I have really come to appreciate to what extent international mobility has contributed to my maturity and evolution. • I want to continue in self-development and fulfil my potential, and so am not at all daunted by the prospect of gaining responsibilities within your company as quickly as possible and to be able to take an active role in your success at an international level.

  16. CONCRETE MODELS PERSONAL ASPECTHOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? • Analyse carefully • Are you sure you have understood the question • What are they seeking • In regard to the company profile • Draw out relevant skills + qualities • Show competencies required only • Give examples • Competencies developed and used

  17. DESCRIBE A TIME WHEN YOU HAVE CONTRIBUTED SUCCESSFULLY TO A TEAM, OUTLINE YOUR ROLE,THE IMPACT YOU HAD ON THE WORK OF THE TEAM AND THE OUTCOME • Summarise the team’s goal • Clear objective / goal • What influence you had • Acting as a facilitator • Coordinating the members • Planning the schedule • Explain individual results • Precision • Leadership skills • Explain collective results • Team building • Capacity to federate • STAR • Situation • Task • Action • Result

  18. DESCRIBE A DIFFICULT PROBLEM THAT YOU HAVE SOLVED. DESCRIBE THE ACTIONS TAKEN AND THE RESULTS. WHAT ALTERNATIVE APPROACH COULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN • What was the problem • Analytical skills • Complexity of the problem • Capacity to identify problem areas • Rationale used for key issues • application of which competencies • Mechanisms used and outcome • Problem solving skills • Credible alternatives • Initiation • creativity

  19. OUTLINE A CHALLENGING PROJECT ACTIVITY OR EVENT WHICH YOU HAVE MANAGED.STATE OBJECTIVE ADAPTATATIONS NECESSARY AND HOW YOU MEASURED PERFORMANCE • Explain project • State goal and time frame • Show steps to achieve goal • Display logic and progress • Adaptation should reflect change in circumstances/addition info • Measurement of performance linked to objectives

  20. Vocab sites http://resume.monster.com/archives/samples/ www.prospects.ac.uk/links/AppsInterviews http://www.blueskyinterviews.co.uk/int_art01.htm http://www.howtobooks.co.uk/employment/interviews/competency-based.asp http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/compet/skillquest.htm

  21. Simulators • Online tests • http://www.shldirect.com/practice_tests.html • http://www.psl.co.uk/practice/ • Personality questionnaires • http://www.peoplemaps.com/user-registration.php

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