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  1. Represents

  2. One of the distinctive features of our life today is a rise of therequirements to the quality of life, a desire to improve our appearance, to make an impression of a successful person, who can effectively manage to combine both their career and family values.

  3. Our business plan is to provide a service that is on the verge of medicine and cosmetology, and will include an emergency help of a dermato-cosmetologist.

  4. Here are some hypothetical situations:

  5. There is going to be an important occasion (a wedding, a business meeting, a performance, etc.), but an unexpected worsening of some facial problem appears – acne, seborrheic dermatitis or oral herpes.

  6. A wound after a trauma, a bite, a cut, a piercing, etc. does not heal well, the area around it gets sore, or there is a noticeable scar.

  7. Sun or other types of burns.

  8. Side effects and complications after peeling, phototherapy, plastic surgery, contour plastics.

  9. In all cases mentioned before, an experienced cosmetologist can ease the patient’s condition by soothing pain, reducing the swelling, making the consequences of a trauma or a disease less obvious, and avoiding the state requiring resuscitation measures.

  10. The sooner this help is given and the more competently the further rehabilitation steps are planned, the faster the patients recover their health and appearance.

  11. Therefore we are planning to provide “First cosmetology aid” round-the-clock, working out an individual rehabilitation plan for each patient. On the average it is recommended to take rehabilitation treatment for two weeks with an interval of 3-4 days.

  12. Market research showed that this kind of service tends to be unique nowadays, and is not provided by core European clinics.

  13. Besides giving “First cosmetology aid” in the special center we plan to organize the following services:

  14. - delivery of cosmetology medicines for contour plastics and biorevitalization from EU countries;- - delivery of professional facial and body care cosmetics;- providing cosmetology services.

  15. In order to carry out this idea we need really competent specialists: 1. a project manager, a person with an experience in business activity in cosmetology field;2. a chief executive officer, a person with an experience in managing finances, knowing the cosmetology services market;

  16. 3. a doctor-cosmetologist with at least 5 years of working experience, bearing all necessary licenses and certificates;4. sales managers for selling professional cosmetics and cosmetology medicine.

  17. To make our personnel more interested in this project, we are planning to pay per cent from the turnover.

  18. At the first stage we will need 18-20 square meters of premises that we will use for: •Providing cosmetology help and setting a reception desk for receiving clients;•Providing cosmetology services;•Storing cosmetology and cosmetic items;•Selling cosmetology and cosmetic items.

  19. We realize all business risks that are part of any business and can eventually influence its results.

  20. We are aiming for maximum managing all possible risks by planning the financial activities effectively, with the help of high qualification of the chief manager and professional doctors.

  21. Sabylina Emma Russia,Karelian,Petrozavodsk Tel.: 89212283131 e-mail: