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Represents …

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Represents …

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  1. Represents…

  2. OAO “Kirovsky zavod” is one of the oldest cast-iron production enterprise in Russia. The factory was founded in 1745 when the empress Ekaterina the Great was ruling Russia. She granted a permission to the Russian merchants Zolotarevs for building a new factory in Kaluga region.

  3. While years passed quickly, the factory was growing bigger. At present moment “Kirovsky zavod” is one of the Russian leading cast-iron production enterprise. It plays the key role in the cast-iron industry in European part of Russia.

  4. Products of “Kirovsky zavod” are well known in European Union countries, among them are Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria.

  5. The main reason for such a success is the people of “Kirovsky zavod”. At present 1 500 workers, engineers and administrative employees work at the factory. Many generationsof various families have been working here for a long time andnow the history of the factory is their own history…

  6. The factory works in many directions. One of them is producing sanitary equipment and facilities: bathtubs and shower cubicles.

  7. Two workshops – enamelling and moulding – play the key role here.

  8. The new automatic modern vacuum line of cast-iron bathtubs production was implemented by “Kirovsky zavod”, German company “HWS” and American partner “Induktoterm”.

  9. The project of 10 million euros value covered all the costs: at present it is possible to make eight types of bathtubs simultaneously.

  10. The automatic line has a capacity to produce 770 bathtubs a day and 17 000 bathtubs a month.

  11. The material for products prepares with the help of the melting unit - productivity of 6 tons at one o'clock - and an induction mixer productivity of four tons at one o'clock.

  12. The future preparations in vacuum-film's sandy forms are cast.

  13. The new technology allows to mould various types of bathtubs, among them the biggest one has these sizes: 1 800 x 900 x 450. It weighs 150 kilos. The raw-material for moulding is grey cast-iron SCH - 10, state standart 1412-85. The accuracy of moulding is 11-8-12-11, state standart 26645-85. The roughness of moulding is Rz - 125.

  14. The automatic line excludes manual labour completely. It is supported by forty operators, engineers and technical workers. The vacuum technology has definitely improved the quality of moulding and allowed to make the surface of a bathtub perfectly flat. Besides, the new technology excludes any defects in the process of enamelling.

  15. But high-quality moulding is the first part of the whole process. The surface of every bathtub is very important. The process of enamelling is fully automated, but a lot depends on attentivness and qualified skills of workers. Eight gas furnaces are used in this workshop.

  16. First cast-iron bathtubs were produced by “Kirovsky zavod” in 1947. For over than forty years this production has gained the customers’ confidence.

  17. At present many types of bathtubs with various length, width and height are offered. These bathtubs are perfectly suitable for any bathroom and moreover they are very easy to use.

  18. “Kirovsky zavod” produce comfortable semi-round shower cubicles.

  19. Boilers of “Kirovsky zavod” are also in favour of customers. This production started in 1968.

  20. Two workshops are used at present for producing boilers - moulding and mechanical ones. In the moulding workshop cast-iron sections of boilers are produced.

  21. Cast-iron raw-material is moulded into special forms. The production has the following technical characteristics: humidity 5 - 6, solidity 1 kg per centimeter, density 75 - 80. The raw-material is melted in the cupola furnace that has a capacity to produce 10 tons per hour. The maximum weight of every casting is 200 kg. The size is 1350 x 660 x 180. The roughness is Rz - 500, the accuracy of casting is 10-5-15-10, state standart 26645-85.

  22. Moulded sections should be ground and then transferred to the mechanical workshop. The process of assembling boilers is completely automated. For over forty years “Kirovsky zavod” has produced 1,5 million of boilers. This is a huge number: if one counts the capacity of all the produced boilers here, one can conclude that it is enough for heating more than 2 billion square metres. It is definitely hard to imagine…

  23. Boilers of “Kirovsky zavod” are of high quality and low price. They can operate on any kind of fuel – oil, solid fuel or gas.

  24. Besides, “Kirovsky zavod” cooperates with road-construction enterprises. Here also sewer hatches of various types are produced: extra-heavy ones for airports, heavy for highways, medium for parking places and city roads, light for park zones.

  25. Also the factory produce brake elements for railway carriages.

  26. Besides all mentioned above things moulding workshop deals with architecture moulding. They are accessories for fireplaces, decorative railings, road posts, furnaces for the country houses. All these articles are comfortable, beautiful and time can not change the quality.

  27. Also “Kirovsky zavod” has a great experience in dealing with those customers who can present their own designing drafts for moulding the necessary type of any size.

  28. In 2006 “Kirovsky zavod” became a structural unit of OAO “Santo-holding” that consolidates Russian industrial companies in sanitary facilities production sphere. In 2006 there was a great event for the factory – a representative office of “Kirovsky zavod” was opened in Budapest, Hungary.

  29. History and traditions, confidence in the future, qualified professionals allow the factory to occupy a deserved place among other companies in this branch of industry. OAO “Kirovsky zavod” adheres to the slogan “Creating the perfect things” that guarantees successful and fast development in the near future.