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Biogents ® Eisenhans ™ protection belt PowerPoint Presentation
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Biogents ® Eisenhans ™ protection belt

Biogents ® Eisenhans ™ protection belt

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Biogents ® Eisenhans ™ protection belt

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  1. Biogents® Eisenhans™ protection belt

  2. Biogents AG The mosquito experts • Biogents AG is a spin-off from the Institute of Zoology at the University of Regensburg, Germany. • Biogents’ focus: Blood-sucking disease vectors and household pests Over 15 years of fundamental research at the University of Regensburg, Germany has lead to the development of highly an innovative trap technology.

  3. What can the Eisenhans catch? With the addition of CO2 the Eisenhans system is the most efficient trapping system and catches all kind of mosquitoes and blood sucking insects.

  4. Biogents® Eisenhans™ The most effective trap system against mosquitoes and all blood sucking insects Carbonation control unit CO2 Cylinder Suction traps with CO2 emitter nozzle

  5. Biogents® Eisenhans™ • Advanced Computer System • regulates the release of CO2 • mimics human respiration • minimizes CO2 output • low power consumption, 12V, 4W The Eisenhans Carbonation Control unit can be operated with up to 3 different Biogents’ traps

  6. Eisenhans Carbonation Control Allows the adaptation of the carbon dioxide emission to the mosquito nuisance situation Power in CO2 in (from gas cylinder) Power out CO2 out (to traps) CO2 Menu How long the CO2 lasts (in days) + Set up functions Mosquito density -high -medium -low Mosquito activity -day -dusk -day and night

  7. Biogents® Eisenhans™ Consumption table for carbon dioxide: Day and Night (on from 4:00-12:00 and 14:00-1:00) 19h Day (on from 6:00-12:00 and 14:00-21:00) 13h Dusk (on from 16:00-23:00) 7h

  8. Biogents® Eisenhans™ Carbon dioxide emitter nozzle Minimizes the consumption of carbon dioxide Patent pending!

  9. Biogents® Traps CO2 emitter nozzle attached to trap Dimensions of assembled trap: 38 cm circumference 27 cm height Biogents Mosquitaire: To place on the ground!

  10. Biogents® Traps Dimensions of assembled trap: 38 cm circumference 32 cm height Biogents Mosquitito: For hanging!

  11. Biogents® Eisenhans™ International patented trapping technology!

  12. Biogents® Eisenhans™ • Environmentally friendly and runs quietly • Does not use pesticides or insecticides • Safe for people and pets • Does not catch beneficial insects • Each trap consumes only 4 Watts • Suitable for use in garden, balcony, patio, house, and workshop

  13. Biogents® Lure Patent Biogents® Sweetscent™ The Lure – Artificial Human Sweat The international patented pending mixture of human skin compounds is a result of 15 years of academic research into the host-finding behaviour of mosquitoes at the Zoological Department of the University of Regensburg, Germany. A specially designed dispenser releases each compound in a specific quantity, composing a finely tuned pattern of synergistic attractants. This forms a unique "perfume" which is especially attractive for tiger mosquitoes such as Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus searching for their human host. All compounds are not toxic and absolutely harmless. Mean values (± standard error) for caught females Aedes aegypti from 20 three-hour catching periods over an eight week period. The traps were Mosquito Magnet Liberty models, which generate moist-warm CO2. One trap was tested without the lure and one trap was tested with the lure.The results of this study is published in a scientific journal: Kröckel U., Rose A., Eiras Á.E. & Geier M. (2006) New tools for surveillance of adult yellow fever mosquitoes: Comparison of trap catches with human landing rates in an urban environment. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. 22: 229-238. International Patented!

  14. Biogents® Sweetscent™ Artificial sweat imitates the human smell • Consists of a patented combination of non-toxic substances that are found in the human skin: • Ammonia • Lactic Acid • Fatty Acid Biogents® SweetscentTM Active for 2 month after opening!


  16. Biogents® Eisenhans™ Protection belt with 3 traps 3 Sweetscents 2 Power supplies and 3 x 20m extension cord 2 Y-power connections Pressure regulator X-connector CO2 tube CO2 pressure tube 50m 2 x Mosquitito trap with CO2 emitter nozzle 1 x Mosquitaire trap with CO2 emitter nozzle Eisenhans Carbonation Control Available: 04/ 2010