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Anne Frank!

Anne Frank!

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Anne Frank!

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  1. Made by Allie Carpenter  Anne Frank!

  2. Intro: Anne Frank and her family moved into a small hidden room above a shop with the VanDanns because the Nazis were gathering all the Jews and sending them to concentration camp.

  3. Q: How did Anne Frank feel when she first went into hiding? • The answer is, Anne felt really optimistic about going into hiding. She acted like she was not afraid of anything, or afraid that they would be found. In Anne’s journal she expressed happy emotion for the journal and her family more than being in hiding.

  4. Q: How did Anne Frank feel when the Nazis found them? • When the Nazis Found them, Anne Frank felt very afraid and worried about what was going to happen to her, her family, and the VanDaans. Worry was something Anne did a lot. She worried about having enough food, staying alive, her family, and Peter. She loved peter. She wanted to be able to leave the concentration camp and marry peter.

  5. Q: How did watching other people being taken by the Nazis effect the way Anne Felt? Anne was afraid of what would happen at all of her friends and neighbors that were pushed into trucks. Anne wanted to help all the people although she wasn’t able to. Anne always hoped that she would never be taken away. Even though Anne was afraid she had the determination to keep hiding until taken.

  6. Q: Did Anne Frank like being in hiding? • Anne Frank absolutely despised being in hiding because she didn’t like being crowded in a small room with lots of people. Even in the cramped space she still felt comfort while being in hiding. That’s where she met Peter and every time they were together she felt close to him. During the time she also became closer to her family and learned more and more things each day. Though, she felt annoyed with her mother a lot.

  7. Q: What was Anne Frank’s last journal entry about? • Anne Frank’s last journal was about how her personality split into two. How there was a Happy go lucky Anne, and a depressed Anne. “The happy-go-lucky Anne laughs, gives a flippant reply, shrugs her shoulders and pretends she couldn't care less. The quiet Anne reacts in just the opposite way.” (Author and page) Anne wrote. At the time Anne was not aware the Nazis would be coming soon or that they were on their way. 

  8. Conclusion • In conclusion, Anne was afraid that she was going to be found, but she spent every second like it was her last. Even though her life wasn’t perfect it was good enough.

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