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Anne Frank

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Anne Frank

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  1. Anne Frank

  2. Anne Frank • Anne Frank’s life was short. • She was only fifteen years old when she died in 1945. • She was born in Germany, she had lived for a very long time with her father’s family. • When a man named Adolf Hitler was in power, she and her family would have to go into hiding, because they were Jewish people.

  3. At that time, she wrote a diary for two years. • In her diary she remained hopeful about the world even though terrible things were happening. • After her death, her diary was turned into a book.

  4. Important characters in Anne’s life: Adolf Hitler: • He was born in 1889. He first hoped to become an artist, but he was not talented enough. • He turned to Politics Instead. He wanted to make Germany the most powerful empire on earth. • He didn’t like Jewish, so he killed a lot of Jewish people, and he ruled Germany during the last days of World War II.

  5. Otto Frank: • He was Anne’s father and a businessman. • He was very proud of being German. He expected his children to live in Germany.

  6. Anne’s life • She was born in Germany. • She had lived for a long time with her family. • Anne was also very close to her grandmother. • Anne had a sister, who was called Margot, she was serious and mild-mannered. They were different character, but both sister had dark shining hair, large eyes, and lovely smiles.

  7. When Adolf Hitler leaded the Germany, her father felt their family would be in danger so her father moved to Amsterdam in the fall of 1933. • January 1934, their family had moved there.

  8. Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands. • Otto started a new company. • Otto’s business made pectin that is a powder used to make jam. • The Franks found an apartment. • Anne and Margot started school, learned to speak Dutch and made new friends. • Edith Frank, Anne’s mother, found it difficult to speak the new language, Dutch.

  9. Anne was four years old in 1934 when she moved to Amsterdam. • Anne was a good student and a chatterbox. She liked playing Ping-Pong and started the Ping-Pong club called the Little Bear Minus 2 Club. • Hanne was Anne’s friend. They played together.

  10. Anne was a good swimmer. • She loved going to the movies. She cut out pictures of movie stars from magazines. Sometimes, she had a dream about being a movie star. • But how safe was the Netherlands? In 1938, Hitler reunited Austria and Germany. Otto thought Hitler would be decided to make the Netherlands part of his empire. He would invade the Netherlands and try to find the Jewish people. Otto felt that he was too old to start his life over yet again. So he decided not to uproot the family for a second time. They would stay in Amsterdam.

  11. After Hitler invaded Poland in September of 1939, England and France declared war. This was the start of World War II. • On May 10, 1940, Germany invaded. Bombs Dropped from the sky. Amsterdam shook as if there had been an earthquake. • Some Jews in the Netherlands tried to leave the country by ferry. But very few people got out. • The Franks did not even try to escape. Because of they had no car, Anne’s grandmother was old and sick, she could not travel. • There was no place for Anne’s family to run. The only other choice was hide.

  12. After The Netherlands was attacked, it became an occupied country. • Signs went up on anywhere, when they were going out. The signs said:” Forbidden to Jews.” • There was nowhere they could go for fun, so Anne just spent part of vacation with her friend Sanne’s family in the country. • Everyone in the Frank family was very close to a young Dutch woman named Miep. She was not Jewish, nor was her new husband, Jan Gies.

  13. The Nazis robbed Jewish people of their rights, one by one. • In the summer of 1941, the Nazis decided that Jewish children could not return to their old schools. They would have to attend separate schools for Jew only. • In April 1942, the Nazis now made all Jews over six years old start wearing a big patch on their clothes. The patch was yellow and in the shape of a Jewish star. • There was a curfew (a regulation requiring a person to be home at a certain prescribed time) that said all Jewish people had to be in their homes by eight o’clock at night until six o’clock the next morning. Being “outside” included standing on your balcony or sitting in your backyard.

  14. When Anne turned thirteen, she had a birthday party and got a notebook. The notebook named “Kitty”, she started writing her diary. So Kitty was a friend who never argued and always listened. Anne Frank’s Diary

  15. After one more person joined the group: a man named Fritz Pfeffer. Anne thought he was stuffy and boring. • Miep was going to be the Frank’ main link to the outside world. She was one of four helpers. There was another young woman from the pectin company named Bep, and two men named Victor and Johannes.

  16. By spring of 1943, food was scarce in the Netherlands. It became harder and harder for Miep and the other helpers to help them. • A year had come and gone. Every page in Anne’s diary was filled. But Miep brought more paper so Anne could continue to write to Kitty. After she had become more serious. Her thoughts were often on the war, “What, oh, what is the use of the war, why can’t people live peacefully together…?” She asked Kitty.

  17. By the time Anne turned fifteen, the families had been in hiding for almost two years—more than 650 days. • On July 15, 1944, she wrote, “I think it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end… In the meantime I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when i shall be able to carry them out.

  18. Then on the morning of August 4, 1944, Peter heard loud shouting from below. Men’s voices. With guns raised, Nazi police stormed the Annex. After a while, they were caught. • After Anne and the others were led off, Miep sneaked into the Annex. She wanted to get the before the Nazis returned to clear out everything. She found Anne’s diary on the floor, pages scattered all over. • At the camp most people were put to death right away. Margot and Anne came down with a sickness called typhus. They died in March of 1945. • In April, the war was over. British soldiers arrived and freed everyone left alive in the camp. But it was too late for Anne Frank.

  19. Of the eight people in the Annex, only Otto Frank survived the war. He got Anne’s diary, and everyone urged him to show Anne’s diary to publishers. • In the summer of 1947, Anne’s dream came true. Her diary became a book. First it was called The Secret Annex. Then later the title changed to Anne Frank: Diary of a young Girl.