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Verb Mood Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Verb Mood Project

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Verb Mood Project

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Verb Mood Project

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  1. Verb Mood Project • Make a 9-slide themed power point demonstrating your knowledge of verb moods. (Slide #1 should be a title slide.) • The theme should be something you are interested in: cows, football, shopping, etc.

  2. Each type of mood (Slides #2-6) should be explained in your own words along with two original examples. Your examples should fit the theme of your presentation. • If your theme is cows, your sentences should be about cows.

  3. One slide (#7) should be devoted to explaining a shift in mood with two labeled examples (The first is the mood shift mistake and the second is the correct sentence.) • The last two slides (# 8-9) should contain a short quiz for the audience and an answer key. (3-4 questions)

  4. Verbs and Their Mood Swings

  5. Indicative Mood Info. Examples Joe plays outside when it is not raining. She was swinging at the playground all day long. • States a fact or opinion. • Most verbs are used in the indicative mood.

  6. Interrogative Mood Info. Examples Did you leave your keys by the monkey bars? How do you swing so high? • A question is asked.

  7. Imperative Mood Info. Examples Go outside and play! Be careful climbing the ladder to the slide. • Used to express orders, instructions, commands, or requests.

  8. Conditional Mood Info. Examples If I have a day off, I take my children to the park. If I became mayor of Campbellsville, I would raise money for new playground equipment. • Indicates a conditional state that will cause something to happen. • Hypothetical situation

  9. Subjunctive Mood Info. Examples It may rain tomorrow. You should try the merry-go-round. It’s important that Susan pay attention to the playground rules.. I wish it weresummer now so I can play outdoors. • Used to express things that are not facts: wishes, doubts, contradictions.

  10. Mood (Shift) Swing Info. Examples Take two baseballs, and then you should meet me at the field.(Imperative to subjunctive shift) Take two baseballs, and then meet me at the field. (All imperative) Look at the slide, and you will tell me its color. (Imperative to indicative shift) Look at the slide and tell me its color. (All imperative) • Occurs when more than one verb mood is used in the same sentence. • Grammatically incorrect • Revise!

  11. Quiz Time! What mood? 1. If I were to dance, the children would laugh. 2. When Mark took off his tire, he found a missing bolt. 3. Take that soda outside. 4. I wish I were rich.

  12. Answer key • 1. Conditional • 2. Indicative • 3. Imperative • 4. Subjunctive