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Welcome to PSAT Training

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Welcome to PSAT Training

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Welcome to PSAT Training

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  1. Welcome to PSAT Training Test Day: Wednesday, October 16th 10th & 11th Grade Homerooms If you are administering the PSAT, you can wear jeans with a college T-Shirt!!!!

  2. PSAT/NMSQTPreliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test • The PSAT provides practice for the SAT. • The PSAT provides students the chance to enter NMSC scholarship programs and gain access to college and career planning tools. • The PSAT measures: • Critical reading skills • Math problem-solving skills • Writing skills • Testing Time: approx. 3 hours • Distributing Materials & Identifying Info: 45 min. • Sections 1-4: 25 minutes each • Section 5: 30 minutes • 5 minute break after Section 2 • 1 minute break after Section 4

  3. Important Information • (Page 3) Test fee: $14 • Covered by NC and CMS for CMS students • (Page 6) If you have a 10th or 11th grader in CMS who is taking the PSAT (even if he/she is not at West Meck), you cannot be a test administrator or proctor. Please let me know ASAP!

  4. Test Administrators/Proctors: Before Testing • (Page 5) Prepare a seating plan (on the back of manual)…Do not allow students to choose their own seats. • I will collect the seating plans and Supervisor’s Manuals at check-in. • Remind students to bring No. 2 pencils and a calculator (4 function, scientific, or graphing) • You are not allowed to offer calculators to students who may not have one. • Working clock? Covered content posters?

  5. Before Testing: Morning Check-Out • Arrive at the media center by 6:45 a.m. • Brief Testing Session for everyone involved. • Count all test materials and compare to your greenroster. • Sign the materials out! • Proctors should arrive to rooms by 7:00 a.m. to help test administrators prepare materials and get the room ready. • If your proctor has not arrived, please call the the Media Center #333 (white phone).

  6. Test Administrators/Proctors: Test Day Requirements • Thoroughly study Supervisor’s Manual • Be responsible for testing materials in your possession • Read script verbatim…follow highlighting • Uphold the Testing Code of Ethics • Distribute materials to students individually • Actively monitor students: no grading papers, reading books, texting, etc. • Proctors can help distribute materials • Student:Teacher ratio must be 34:1 • Restroom Breaks: one student at a time with a hall monitor

  7. Attendance and Electronic Devices • As students enter, ask for, turn off, and collect their electronic devices in the white envelopes. Write their names on the front, seal them, and store them in your bin in sight of the students (on the teacher’s desk). • Mark attendance on the green roster (A or P). Also note if you collect an electronic device (Y or N).

  8. Test Administrators/Proctors:Highlighting • Begin on Page 8 of your Manual. • Follow the Key Points & Checklist! • We are using Student ID #s, not SS#s. • No home-schooled students. • No U.S. territory addresses. • Use Section Timing Chart on page 14. • Collect all materials listed.

  9. Test Administrators/Proctors: After Testing If anything happens, ask students to close their test booklets and stop working. Mark the time. Ask your hall monitor to have Ms. Raynor come to your room. Refer to pages 22-24 for test day problems. • Collect answer sheets and then test books individually. Do not have students pass them forward. • Follow your Key Points & Checklist to be sure you are bringing everything back to the Media Center.

  10. Check-In (Media Center) • Look for the labeled bins for where to drop all items. • The counselors will help with safeguarding test books and answer sheets. They will count all materials brought in by teachers.

  11. Thanks for attending PSAT Training Any questions???