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Communication English III PowerPoint Presentation
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Communication English III

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Communication English III
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Communication English III

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  1. Communication English III November 22/23, 2012

  2. Today • Talk about Task 3 Pt.2 (“The Pitch”).

  3. Task 3 Pt. 2: December 4th Your team will pitch its ideas to a committee (your class mates). Remember: You are competing with another team: - The committee (audience) will vote on which team gave a more convincing pitch. - The most winning team will receive a small bonus to the presentation’s grade.

  4. Task 3 Pt. 2 Length: 12 – 15 minutes. Use PowerPoint (as always…keep it simple!). Each team member will have a specific role in the pitch. AFTER the pitch, you will show your video.

  5. Task 3 Pt. 2 Evaluation: Content – 10 pts. Organization – 10 pts. Time – 5 pts. Speaking/ presentation skills – 10 pts. Collective score Separate scores

  6. Roles Team leader: Speaks first (and last). - Introduce the project (a brief summary of your ideas). - Introduce the team. - Provide an outline for the presentation.

  7. Roles Researcher: Speaks second. Talks about Daegu (or KAC) and what makes it an attractive place for foreign investment (foreign students). - Use the research information you have collected. - You might talk about more aspects than are in your video. BUTIt is important to talk about the aspects in your video. NOTE: Do not explain why you chose to focus on these aspects in your video. That is the ad director’s job.

  8. Roles Intern: Speaks third. Talk about the basics of the marketing plan (sample ad + video). Talk specifically about the sample print ad: - Logo - Slogan - Concept/theme - WHY it will be effective - WHERE the ad will appear (i.e., in airports, travel magazines, etc.). Be specific.

  9. Roles Ad Director: Speaks fourth. Talk about the video. - Explain the concept/theme.- The content (specifically, your rationale for the content). - Images used (rationale).- Narration style.- Why it is an effective video for your team’s goal.

  10. Roles Team leader: Speaks fifth. Anchor: Gives the closing comments: - Make a final case for why your team’s ideas should be chosen by the committee. - Thank the committee.

  11. Persuasive techniques Important: Being persuasive/convincing will be part of your grade (content).

  12. Persuasive techniques 1. You’ll need a good hook. - This hook should say something about your topic (Daegu or KAC).

  13. Persuasive techniques 1. You’ll need a good hook. i.e., Product: A speech translation device. Hook: “Language. It’s how we communicate. However, with over 6,500 languages in the world, we are not able to talk to everyone. Even with English being used as the “global language”, language itself is still a barrier to international communication. Imagine then, a machine that could remove this barrier. A machine that allows a man from Beijing to quickly, and flawlessly talk, in person, to a man in Brazil, without either ever having to learn each other’s languages.”

  14. Persuasive techniques 2. Use active voice throughout the presentation. - Active voice is more direct and clearer, hence, more persuasive.

  15. Persuasive techniques 2. Use active voice throughout the presentation. i.e., The image of Busan’s beaches was chosen because it emphasizes the natural beauty of Busan.  We chose images of Busan’s beaches to emphasize the city’s natural beauty. - This is shorter, simpler, and more direct.

  16. Persuasive techniques 3. Use positive and confident language throughout. Forget words like: - might/may/maybe - possibly - we hope - if this goes well

  17. Persuasive techniques 3. Use positive and confident language throughout. i.e., “Potential vacation planners may possibly enjoy the nice beaches in Busan.”  “Potential vacation planners looking for seaside fun will love Busan’s beautiful beaches.”

  18. Persuasive techniques 4. Use persuasive language (as we discussed previously). i.e., “Seoul has many subway lines which provide good access to many places in the city.  “With its 9 lines and 390 stations, Seoul’s extensive 493.8km subway system allows easy and fast travel to any point in the city.”

  19. Persuasive techniques • We will discuss this more next week.