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  2. Our Customers • “Rosneft-Purneftegaz” OJSC • “Slavneft-Megionneftegaz” OJSC • “Rosneft-Samaraneftegaz” LLC • “Rosneft-Sakhalinmorneftegaz” LLC • “Samotlorneftegaz” OJSC • “Drilling Company Eurasia” OJSC • “TNK-ВР” OJSC • “Siberian Service Company”OJSC Neftejuganskiy branch • “Siberian Service Company”OJSC Strezhevskoy branch • “SGK-Drilling”LLC Strezhevskoy branch • “Gazpromneft”OJSC • “Rosneft-Juganskneftegaz” OJSC • “Lukoil” OJSC • “Smith Production Technology” LLC • “Nord Imperial” LLC

  3. Production

  4. Products Filter FSEP Filter FSESH Filter FSEL Well filters are used for cleaning fluids and gases from sand and mechanical impurity. Filter is set as a part of casing production string in the area of productive ledge of oil and gas wells. Filter FSEL (net-shaped filter, laminar screen) consists of casing pipe with holes which are situated in the area of filtering part. Each hole is muffled by cut plugs and is placed one by one with the gap of 15 degrees. Internal drainage net, filtering net, external drainage net and perforated screen are placed concentric relating to the well. The main difference of FSEP (net-shaped filter,cutting-out screen) and FSESH (net-shaped filter, pressed screen) from FSEL is in material of the screen. The screens of FSEP and FSESH are made from cutting-out and stretching or pressed metal plate.

  5. Filter Construction Casing pipe Internal drainage net Filtering net External drainage net Cut plug Protective screen

  6. Key parameters and sizes of filters FSEP, FSEPO,FSEL, FSELO, FSTP, FSTPO

  7. Key parameters and sizes of filters FSESH, FSESHO, FSSH, FSSHO

  8. Comparison of perforated and cutting-out stretching plates Cutting-out stretching plate is produced in accordance with TY 36.26.11-5-89. Breakthrough is cut and stretched from stainless steel. Its thickness is 0,5-1,0 mm. Main advantage: Cutting-out stretching plate has higher rate of flow in comparison with perforated plate.

  9. Perforated plate Cutting-out stretching plate

  10. Comparison of passing ability through horizontal well bore Filter produced from perforated or cutting-out stretching plate Filter moves easily along the lower part of horizontal bore

  11. Slotted filter Pressed slotted filter Such filter constructions hooks the lower part of horizontal bore. It can result in complication of lowering or in destruction of filter construction

  12. Filtration of nonspherical-shaped parts by slotted and net filter Net filtering element provides effective filtration in mutually transverse surfaces

  13. Advantages of above-listed filters • Safe protection from sand • Long effective period of safe protection from sand without obstruction • High stability from damages and deformations • High productivity and low resistance against fluid flow • Immune to corrosion caused by acid, alkali and salt • Can be easily moved for long distances in horizontal part of the well • Large area of filtration • Controlled accuracy of filtration • Very safe construction • Using filter with plugs while pressure is high (up to 10 Mpa)

  14. Centralizers

  15. Shear test of aluminium and plastic plugs

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