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Australian Coins

Australian Coins

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Australian Coins

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  1. Australian Coins Frida Ciblis

  2. Farthing The farthing was one quarter of a penny. It was basically useless, a bit like a one cent coin. • a

  3. Half penny The half penny was exactly what it says it was; half a penny. Considering you couldn’t by much with a penny, you probably couldn’t any with it. • a

  4. Penny The penny was . There are twelve pence in a shilling. With a penny you could buy something small like a bit of candy. You wouldn’t be able to buy much else.

  5. Twopence A twopence coin was, obviously, the equivalent of two pennies. With twopence you could still only small stuff.

  6. Threepence Threepence was, also obviously, three pennies. With a threepence coin you could still couldn’t buy much. You could buy a cheap fruit such as an orange or a lemon if they weren’t hard to find at the time.

  7. Sixpence Sixpence was worth six pennies and it was half a shilling. A sixpence would still hardly get you far. You could buy about as much as you could buy with two dollars today with a sixpence. A disgusting fact is that you could probably spend a night with a prostitute for such a small amount of money. • a

  8. Shilling The shilling was . There are twenty shillings in a pound. With a shilling you could buy however much you could buy with about 4 dollars today. You can actually buy quite a bit with 4 dollars. • a

  9. Spanish Dollar The Spanish dollar was actually a Spanish currency that spread outside of Spain, also known as “Pieces of eight” because people chopped it into eighths. It was worth around 20 shillings. You could buy heaps with a Spanish dollar; it was worth about the equivalent of $86 dollars today. • a

  10. Sovereign The sovereign had the same value as a pound, but it was used as a method of savings instead of trading. You could buy about the same amount of stuff as you could with a Spanish dollar; that is to say, a lot. • a

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