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Lecture Room

Lecture Room. How can we treat it in hell???. Ⅰ Introduction Ⅱ Body Ⅲ Conclusion.

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Lecture Room

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  1. Lecture Room How can we treat it in hell???

  2. Ⅰ Introduction Ⅱ Body Ⅲ Conclusion

  3. The Lecture Room ,which played on July 9th in 2001 at CCTV-10, adheres to the purpose of experts and scholars serving the people in order to popularize excellent Chinese traditional culture. It has become a brand program at science and education channel. Along with its broadcasting, there are many different voices in the society. And now, we want to talk about our points.

  4. Advantage • Disadvantage

  5. First The Lecture Room invited many well-known scholars and university professors, these teachers are authoritative in our country. For example Yu Dan, Yi Zhongtian, Wang Liqun and so on. It is impossible for us to listen to them in the daily life. For us, they are standing high above the masses. But the Lecture Room has given us such a presence that they have witnessed.

  6. Second They have a unique perspective to read the classics, spread a lot of difficult and obscure knowledge in the people ,from which we can expand the horizons of learning, expand our way of thinking, and enhance our ability to understand and so on.

  7. Third The form of the Lecture Room is various, it is different from traditional teaching methods. It is vivid and visual. During the teaching, the precious historical photos and written words can be seen, adding to the elegant background music. So that we can obtain an audio-visual enjoyment.

  8. Fourth The Lecture Room which is an open university ,selects the topic of the most interest in the forefront and the most attractive, and focuses on cultural subject involving Chinese history and culture mainly about the natural and social science.

  9. First • Along the process of lecture room, a good number of professors and addressors put their own interpretation for Chinese classic culture. Among those views, many are lack of enough evidences from original literatures but out of inference to large extent. For attracting and amazing, addressors often adopt the simple and dramatic form, which is unable to abundantly formulate the meaning of culture. But the Lecture room makes those views appreciated as the Bible by audiences. It will mislead the majority of persons who are interested in Chinese classic culture.

  10. Second • What is more, the Lecture room is becoming more and more commercialized. The media impose excessive mission on this program. Indeed, this kind of lecture form actually popularizes the basal Chinese classic knowledge. But it is unable to take the responsibility reach and study. The by-products of lecture room are a great number of works, which are written by these “star” professors. Thus a proportion of these works is expensive but unworthy of reading once more time. They are only called “fast food” culture.

  11. Third • The lecture room misleads quite a many college students, making them believe that the study and research are just so easy and readily. They begin to demand the professors to use the same dramatic form to give them courses, ignoring that the research need industry and perseverance. They even do not desire to read original works to study. It will make the Chinese culture research harder to advance and make the young persons have the wrong value.

  12. Conclusion • About The Lecture Room, there are many different views. But most of them are extreme . They only see the merits or the shortcomings of The Lecture Room. Every coin has two sides. We should not only see the advantages but also the shortcomings .We can´t deny that we can learn lots of knowledge from the famous professors who are invited by The Lecture Room. And The Lecture Room is a good platform to disseminate Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, we should see its shortcomings, and not look at The Lecture Room as the authority.

  13. Gold can't be pure. And there is no garden without its weeds. We should select the essence , discard the dross and treat The Lecture Room rationally!

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