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Questionaire on CBS

Questionaire on CBS. Introduction. Name of Circle Name of the Division Name and Category of Post office CBS Rollout date. Migration.

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Questionaire on CBS

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  1. Questionaire on CBS YRM, PTC, Mys-10

  2. Introduction • Name of Circle • Name of the Division • Name and Category of Post office • CBS Rollout date

  3. Migration • See reconcilation report provided by Infosysat the time of migration is available? Whether the copy of the same has been provided to SBCO and SPO? Examine exception report if any given by Infosys and suggest remedial action. • See as to whether the manual records have been migrated to CBS application? If not make a note of itand take remedial action.

  4. Have all signatures migrated to CBS/Finacle applicaton? See signatures of atleas 10 accounts in Finacle/CBS application • Talk to the concerned staff and see if any issue observed with the migrated data.

  5. Functions and Operations • Whether staff has been adequately trainedin operating Finacle CBS . Any suggestions for improvement. • Whether supervisory staff is regularly verifying pending transactions during the working hours? • Whether job aids are available on the desktop of all counters? If not take remedial action and install the same.

  6. Whether process documents circulated by Directorate are available in soft or hard copy with counter PAs and supervisors? • Awareness about Infosys help desk number and mail id? Number of issues pending for solution. Only genuine issues to be raised with full details of the official.

  7. Hand holding support team: • What is the feedback on the support provided by Infosys hand holding support? Any suggestions for improvement. • Whether postmaster is taking printout of office accounts ledgers and cross verifying transactions with LOT on daily basis? If not direct Postmaster to do it on daily basis and ensure compliance.

  8. Physically verify certificates stock with stock available in finacle and record results. • Physically verify stock of blank POSB cheque books available in finacle and record results. • Verify cash with one or two counters with their teller cash account and record the results. • Educate on operating agents portal? Check lists created by agents through portal and finacle? YRM, PTC, Mys-10

  9. See consolidation for all schemes for 4 days and verify with totals of LOT available in Post office. • Whether ATM installed and working? Number of instant ATM cards/welcome kits lying in stock? • Collect some passbooks from the counter and verify balances available in finacle using HACLI

  10. Availability of Account opening forms and CBS passbooks. • Maintaining of SS book • Sending Account opening forms and KYC to CPC on daily basis and preservation of those received back. • Pending AOF rejected . • Pending NC4(a)

  11. No undelivered NSC available in office. • List out major issues pending with help desk. • Pending tickets of te post office where solutions are provided. • SBCO tallying 100% vouchers with LOT and writing objection memo pads for manual corrections and consolidation.

  12. YRM, PTC, Mys-10

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