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Vale School District

Vale School District

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Vale School District

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  1. Vale School District Title I Parent Meeting September 17, 2009

  2. Thank you for coming! “Three decades of research provide convincing evidence that parents are an important influence in helping their children achieve high academic standards. When schools collaborate with parents to help their children learn, and when parents participate in school activities and decision-making about their children’s education, children achieve at higher levels.” ~ Oregon Department of Education

  3. What is Title I? • Federally funded program; • Distributes funds to schools based on the number of children from low income families (use census data for Malheur County and Vale area); • Meant to supplement state and local efforts in schools; • Enforces equity and promotes excellence in education; and • Closes academic achievement gaps in reading and math.

  4. What is the structure of the Title I program in the Vale School District? • Vale School District Title I Schools • Vale Elementary School • Vale Middle School • Willowcreek Elementary School • All schools are Targeted Assistance Schools • Provide a supplemental program for a targeted group of students.

  5. How does the Vale School District utilize Title I Funds? • Title I aides in the classrooms to support teachers; • Title I pullout classes at Vale Elementary School in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades; • Professional development opportunities for teachers and aides to meet the needs of Title I students; • Little Steps kindergarten preparation program; and • Extended school day program at all Title I schools.

  6. Why did my student qualify for Title I? • Students can qualify for Title I services in reading and/or math for the following reasons: • Researched-based assessment performance; • Performance on state assessments; • Migrant status; • Homeless status; • Teacher recommendation; or • Parent recommendation. • Specific qualification criteria varies by grade level.

  7. Title I Parent Involvement Policy • Vale School District makes efforts to involve parents in ensuring student academic excellence by: • Educating parents about activities and programs at Title I schools; • Providing parents with strategies to help their child succeed; • Keeping parents informed about student progress; • Welcoming feedback and input from parents regarding the education their child receives; and • Encouraging ongoing communication between teachers and parents.

  8. School-Parent Compact • Written agreement creating a partnership between parents, students, and teachers. • Identifies how each party will share in the responsibility for improved student academic performance. • Finalized School-Parent Compact will be provided to parents, teachers, and students for signatures at parent-teacher conferences in October.

  9. How can you help your student succeed in school? • Volunteer in your child’s classroom; • Join a parent-teacher organization at your child’s school (contact your child’s school for more information); • Set high expectations; • Talk about school every day; • Monitor school work and assignments; • Make homework a daily habit; • Be aware of test taking schedules and preparation tips; • Stay in contact with your child’s teacher; and • Encourage your child to READ, READ, READ.

  10. Questions or Concerns? • I am willing to address any general Title I questions at this time. • If you have specific questions regarding your child’s scores, progress, etc., please contact me using one of the following methods: (541) 473-0223