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Top Ten Deadliest

Top Ten Deadliest . Earthquakes and Volcanoes By: Bridghid Kelly, Elahni Martinez, Andral Scarlett . What are Earthquakes and Volcanoes .

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Top Ten Deadliest

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  1. Top Ten Deadliest Earthquakes and Volcanoes By: Bridghid Kelly, Elahni Martinez, Andral Scarlett

  2. What are Earthquakes and Volcanoes • Earthquake: An earthquake (also known as a quake, tremor or temblor) is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waves. (Wikipedia) • Volcanoes: A volcano is an opening, or rupture, in a planet's surface or crust, which allows hot magma, volcanic ash and gases to escape from below the surface. (Wikipedia)

  3. Earthquakes

  4. Tenth Deadliest Earthquake:Chimbote, Peru • Occurrence: May 31, 1970 • Magnitude: 7.9 • Epicenter: 15 miles away from city, in Pacific. • Damage: Many of the people in this village; approximately 70,000 died and about 800,000 left homeless. The Huascaran mountain, destroyed whole villages.

  5. Ninth Deadliest Earthquake: Messina, Italy • Occurrence: December 28, 1908 • Magnitude: 7.5 • Depth: 40 feet • Casualties: 80,000 • Damage: Thousands were killed and dozens of towns destroyed. Many transported to the north, relocating and fleeing their country.

  6. Eight Deadliest Earthquake: Kashmir, Pakistan • Occurrence: October 8, 2005 • Magnitude: 7.6 • Casualties: 79,000 • Damage: Other than killing thousands, the earthquake left even more people homeless. Also, all the damage done made it hard for crews to rescue the injured.

  7. Seventh Deadliest Earthquake:Sichuan Province, China • Occurrence: August 30, 2008 • Magnitude: 7.9 • Casualties: 87,000 • Damage: This earthquake destroyed millions of buildings. Among these many buildings were schools. Any child in a school that collapsed was crushed, an estimated total of 10,000 children.

  8. Sixth Deadliest Earthquake: Turkmenistan • Occurrence: October, 1948 • Magnitude: 7.3 • Casualties: 1110,000 • Damage: thousands of nurses and other medical personnel flooded from Moscow and other cities. Many people lost lives and homes and villages were perished.

  9. Fifth Deadliest Earthquake Kanto, Japan • Occurrence: September 1, 1923 • Magnitude: 7.9 • Depth: 40 feet ( 12 m.) • Casualties: 143,000 • Damage: 90% of the Yokohama’s buildings were reportedly damaged or ruined, two-fifths of Tokyo's population was destroyed.

  10. Fourth Deadliest Earthquake Haiyuan, China • Occurrence: December 16, 1920 • Magnitude:7.8 • Casualties: 200,000 • Damage: This earthquake sent rivers flowing of their usual courses, which, in turn, caused landslides in many different places.

  11. Third Deadliest Earthquake:Indian Ocean Tsunami • Occurrence: December 26, 2004 • Magnitude: 9.2 • Casualties: 227,898 • Damage: The epicenter being in the Indian Ocean, the earthquake sent waves as high as fifty feet towards coasts.

  12. Second Deadliest Earthquake:Tangshan, China • Occurrence: July 28, 1976 • Magnitude: 7.8 • Casualties: 700,000 • Damage: In cities that only felt the tremor of that quake 85% of the buildings collapsed. Needless to say anybody who was in a building where the earthquake did take place were buried under the ruins of buildings.

  13. First Deadliest Earthquake:Shaanxi, China • Occurrence: January 23, 1556 • Magnitude: 8.0 • Casualties: 830,000 • Damage: From the massive strength, and landslides an area of about 500 miles was taken out.

  14. Pictures of Earthquakes

  15. Volcanoes

  16. Tenth Deadliest Volcano:Mount Vesuvius, Italy • Occurrence of Eruption: August 24 AD 79 • Casualties: 3,360 • Duration: 19 hours • Damage: Destroyed the Roman cities; Herculaneum and Pompeii.

  17. Ninth Deadliest Volcano:Mount Vesuvius, Italy • Occurrence of Eruption: December 1631 • Casualties: 3,500 • Damage: this eruption took on almost 3,500 residents and their village settlements.

  18. Eighth Deadliest Volcano:Galunggung, Indonesia • Occurrence of Eruption: 1882 • Casualties: 4,011 • Damage: thousands of lives were lost. Many houses were damaged, and it brought the great horrors of acid rain the this country.

  19. Seventh Deadliest Volcano:Kelut, Indonesia • Occurrence of Eruption: 1919 • Casualties: 5,110 • Damage: killed about 5,000 people. Lives have been lost and many items that were built by the people, for the people had been destroyed. Great mudslides also occurred.

  20. Sixth Deadliest Volcano:Laki, Iceland • Occurrence of Eruption: June 8,1783 • Casualties: 9,350 • Damage: Ravaged the livestock, flooded the plains, pushed the populace to their doom by famine

  21. Fifth Deadliest Volcano:Mount Unzen, Japan • Occurrence of Eruption : 1792 • Casualties: 14,300 • Damage: this eruption triggered megatsunami which killed thousands of people.

  22. Fourth Deadliest Volcano:Mount Ruiz, Colombia • Occurrence of Eruption: October 1985 • Casualties: 25,000 • Volcanic Explosive Index: 3 • Damage: a great mudslide occurred and ruined thousands of homes. Many families had been separated. Thousands lost lives.

  23. Third Deadliest Volcano:Mount Pelee, Martinique • Occurrence of Eruption: April 25 - May 1902 • Casualties: 30,000 • Damage: a dark black cloud covered the whole entire city, also claiming many other vitcums due to its sheer heat.

  24. Second Deadliest Volcano:Krakatoa Volcanic Island, Indonesia • Occurrence of Eruption: August 1883 • Casualties: 36,417 • Damage: Destroyed the whole entire city of Merak. Two-thirds of their country had been wiped out. • Volcanic Explosive Index: 6

  25. First Deadliest Volcano:Mount Tambora, Indonesia • Occurrence of Eruption: April 1815 • Casualties: 92,000 • Volcanic Explosive Index: 7 • Damage: much destruction of the crops and their famine in the Northern Hemisphere,

  26. Pictures of Volcanoes

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