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  1. Fragrance

  2. Introduction Welcome! Learn, and boost your selling confidence. Ask questions during workshop. Share experiences. Questions before we begin? Fragrance

  3. Fragrance overview How a fragrance is made Fragrance notes Levels of fragrance concentration Fragrance families, and types within each Mary Kay® fragrances Fragrance fun facts Questions Outline Fragrance

  4. Objectives By the end of this workshop, you will be able to: Explain how a fragrance is made and how scents are developed for Mary Kay. Describe top, middle and bottom notes. Explain why the scent of a fragrance varies. Identify fragrance families, and the different types within each family. Explain the difference between levels of concentration – perfume, Eau de Parfum, Cologne, Eau de Toilette and fragrance mists. Describe the attributes of each Mary Kay® fragrance. Fragrance

  5. Fragrance Overview Fragrance

  6. Fragrance Overview Fragrance • Top • (first impression) • Middle • (heart of the fragrance) • Bottom • (final impression)

  7. Fragrance Overview Women’s Fragrance Families Chart Fragrance

  8. Fragrance Overview Fragrance Men’s Fragrance Families Chart

  9. Fragrance Overview Fragrance • Level of Fragrance Concentration • Perfume • Eau de Parfum • Cologne • Eau de Toilette • Mists/Scented body products Perfume EDP Cologne EDT Highest Mists/Scented body products

  10. Fragrance Overview Women can choose a fragrance based on: Their mood An occasion (wedding, party, business meeting) The three most common feelings women want to get from their fragrance are: Confidence Happiness Femininity Fragrance

  11. Mary Kay® Fragrances Belara® Eau de Parfum Creamy floral Top notes: San Joaquin Fig, Wild Bilberry, Opal Lotus Flower, Pittosporum Blossoms Middle notes: Star Gazer Lily, Southern Indian Tuberose, Snow Drop Flower, Chamomile Petal, Golden Acacia Blossoms Bottom notes: White Poplar Bark, Milky Sandalwood, Cotton Musk Fragrance

  12. Mary Kay® Fragrances Fragrance • Bella Belara™ Eau de Parfum • Floral Fruity • Top notes: Mandarin, Strawberry Leaves, Nectarine, Apricot, Cassis • Middle notes: Rose Petals, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Ylang, Jasmine • Bottom notes: Blonde Woods, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Moss, Tolu Balsam

  13. Mary Kay® Fragrances Fragrance • Journey ® Eau de Parfum • Sheer Floral • Top notes: Ice Mint, Watercress and Water Lily • Middle notes: Wild Freesia, Phlox, East Hampton Peony, White Sampaquita • Bottom notes: English Heritage Rose, Apricot Musk and Beachwood

  14. Mary Kay® Fragrances Fragrance • Velocity® Eau de Parfum • Floral Oriental • Top notes: Banana Flower, Green Jungle Orchid, Tart Mangosteen • Middle notes: Dashing Clementine, White Azalea Petals, Aromadendron • Bottom notes: Balsawood Tree Blossom, Blackberries, Sheer Woods

  15. Fragrance Mary Kay® Fragrances • Women’s Eau de Toilette Collection • Lighter versions of fragrance with a lower concentration of fragrance oil • Four everyday wearable and simple scents: • Sparkling Honeysuckle • Warm Amber • Exotic Passionfruit • Simply Cotton 15

  16. Mary Kay® Fragrances Fragrance • Domain® Cologne • Fresh Fougere (fu-ghair) • Top notes: Zesty Lime Tonic, Crisp Macintosh, White Grapefruit, Desert Sage, Tangerine, Cognac Grapes, Lavender • Middle notes: Juniper Berry, Night-blooming Cactus, Bird of Paradise, Garden Basil, Tarragon, Ice Mint, Cypress Leaves, Green Bamboo Shoots • Bottom notes: Cherry Firewood, Blonde Cedar, Pipe Tabac, Cistus Labdanum, Patchouli Wood, Palm Tree Wood, Black Vanilla Bean, Musk

  17. Mary Kay® Fragrances Fragrance • MK High Intensity™ Cologne Spray • Ambery Oriental • Top notes: Icy Black Fennel, Crushed Coffee Bean, Silver Sage • Middle notes: Anise Seed, Black Tea, Violet Leaf, Dianthus • Bottom notes: Amber, Royal King Wood, Vintage Suede Accord

  18. Mary Kay® Fragrances Fragrance • Velocity® for Him Cologne • Woody Fougere (fu-ghair) • Top notes: Mountain Air Accord, West Indian Mandarin Flower, Green Tomato Vine, Lime Mint • Middle notes: Sassafras Stems, Boxwood, Cilantro Leaves • Bottom notes: Linden Bark, Teakwood, Cedaramber

  19. Fragrance Deo Body Spritzers • Includes an innovative, neutralizing complex that traps odors • Formula contains a light fragrance so it can be applied liberally any time, whenever you want to feel refreshed. • Formula contains botanical extracts rich in antioxidants 19

  20. Mary Kay Fun Facts Fragrance does not smell the same way on any two people. Skin’s pH level Climate Level of moisture on skin (perspiration and topical lotions) Some fragrances seem to last longer than others on different people. Fragrance

  21. Fragrance is sometimes applied to pulse points: Wrists Behind ears Base of throat Crook of elbow Behind knees Inside ankles Mary Kay Fun Facts Fragrance

  22. Unscramble the fragrances to list them from the highest to the lowest level of fragrance concentration. (Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Perfume, Fragrance Mists/Scented bath and body products and Cologne) ANSWER: Perfume (highest) Eau de Parfum Cologne Eau de Toilette Fragrance Mists/Scented bath and body products Fragrance Test Your Knowledge!

  23. Test Your Knowledge! QUESTION: Perfumers identify three parts of a fragrance – top, middle and bottom notes. What does the bottom note reflect in a fragrance? ANSWER: The final impression. It is the most lasting part and can last several hours after the fragrance is applied. Fragrance

  24. Test Your Knowledge! QUESTION: Women can choose a fragrance based on _________. ANSWER: Their mood, or a special occasion (wedding, party, business meeting) Fragrance

  25. Challenge Try the Mary Kay® fragrances, if you haven’t already, and pick out your favorite. Contact at least five of your customers this week to let them know about these products. Fragrance

  26. Happy Selling! “Outstanding sales depend on your ability to think from the customer's point of view and understand and respond to your customer's best interests. Successful salespeople know how to interpret what they hear their customers say. They not only listen, they also hear what the customer really means.” Fragrance Remember Mary Kay’s words…