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year 9 business n.
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Business Letter

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Business Letter
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Business Letter

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  1. Year 9 Business Business Letter

  2. By the end of this lesson you will be able to: Understand how business letter writing conventions Identify the importance of tone and professionalism in a business letter Lesson Objectives

  3. Date: Use month, day, year format, e.g., March 3, 2012 or 3 March 2012 Sender's Address: It is a good idea to include sender's address. Inside Address: Use full name. Mr./Ms. is optional Salutation: Be sure to use a colon at the end of the name, not a comma as in personal letters Writing a Business letter

  4. Body Text: State why you are writing. Establish any connection/mutual relationship up front. Outline the solution, providing proof in the way of examples and expert opinions. Group related information into paragraphs Closing "Call to Action": State what the reader needs to do and what you will do to follow up Signature Block: Sign your letter in blue or black ink Parts to a business Letter

  5. Use a professional tone • The business writer should strive for an overall tone that is confident, courteous, and sincere; that uses emphasis and subordination appropriately; that contains non-discriminatory language; that stresses the "you" attitude; and that is written at an appropriate level of difficulty. • Write clearly • State your point early in your letter. To avoid any miscommunications, use straightforward, concise language. Skip the industry jargon and instead choose lively, active words to hold your reader's attention. Body of the letter

  6. Be persuasive • You need to be convincing in your letter so that the reader will want to agree with your point. You need to focus on being assertive (firm but fair) in your writing. However, remember that you are trying to win the person. • Proofread your letter! • You can be persuasive, clear and concise. However, the lasting impression of your letter will be ruined by your ability to proof read and use outstanding grammar and punctuation. Body of the letter

  7. You must now write a business letter, as per the requirements of your assignment. Using the business letter format you are to write a letter to the bank requesting your loan. Your little must: How much your loan amount is for Why you would be able to pay the loan back i.e. Explain your expected profits means you would be able to pay the loan back effectively You need to be persuasive It needs to be well written The letter should be no more then 1 page long as any more then that means you are not being succinct (to the point). Your Task

  8. Why I'm writing to you. Business loan What I need the money for. I am opening up a and need money for How much money i need, and how i got this figure. Market research and cost of the site Why/How can you pay the money back. Consider your sales figures, profit and money you will have at the end of the year Persuasive statement. Convince the manager of your purpose for the business and why you want the loan, tell the manger Your qualifications so that they have confidence in you as a business owner Letter Body