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Oil & Gas Well Testing & Engineering Services For Production Enhancement

Oilfield Technology & Trading Company. Oil & Gas Well Testing & Engineering Services For Production Enhancement Lifting & Operating Cost Reductions. Main Business Units. OTATCO INC. 100%. 100%. 100%. PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS -Oil & Gas Well Enhancement Services. PRODUCTS

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Oil & Gas Well Testing & Engineering Services For Production Enhancement

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  1. Oilfield Technology & Trading Company • Oil & Gas Well Testing & • Engineering Services • For • Production Enhancement • Lifting & Operating Cost Reductions

  2. Main Business Units OTATCO INC. 100% 100% 100% PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS -Oil & Gas Well Enhancement Services PRODUCTS -Oil Tools -Artificial Lift Systems -Well Diagnostic Instruments IINTERNATIONAL DIVISION -Oilfield Equipment Sales, Service, Rentals -Trading

  3. Complete Oil & Gas Well Services • Well performance and productivity testing • Production optimization engineering • Artificial lift performance analysis • Artificial lift design

  4. Services Include… • Oilwell deliverability analysis • Gaswell deliverability analysis • Artificial lift system performance analysis • Artificial lift design • Plunger lift design, installation, optimization • PBHP & IPR determination • Acoustic Static Reservoir Pressure surveys • Pressure Transient Analysis, “Skin” determination • Remedial recommendations and productivity enhancement design

  5. Internet - Based Communications & Engineering ENGINEERING & ANALYSIS -Dynamometer Testing -PBHP, IPR, SRP -PTA & Skin Damage FIELD WELL ANALYSIS -Field Testing -Well Performance -Artificial Lift System WELL DATA MANAGEMENT -Well Data Storage -Field Test Storage -Report Filing ENGINEERING EPORTS -IPR, PBHP, SRP -Pump Performance -Recommendations Dual Data Servers - Calgary & Red Deer

  6. Challenges for producers • Maximize production from existing wells and fields • Minimize unit lifting and operating costs • Operate more wells with less personnel • Apply leading edge technology cost-effectively • Increase reserve value

  7. AN OIL COMPANY’S MOST PROFITABLE INVESTMENTIncreased Production From Existing Wells - 67 wells, 450 b/d incremental, 45 day payout - Client: Gulf Canada Resources

  8. AN OIL COMPANY’S MOST PROFITABLE INVESTMENT Increased Production From Existing Wells - 5 wells, 195 b/d incremental, 105 day payout - Client: Mobil Oil Canada

  9. How reduced lifting & operating costs increase profits - 90-day payout on a $6,300 investment - 2/bbl saving created with a larger pump running slower 35 b/d BEFORE OPTIMIZATION $6.20/BARREL 35 b/d AFTER OPTIMIZATION $4.19/BARREL Power $0.84 Power $0.31 Supervision $0.76 Supervision $0.76 Rods/Equipment $0.35 Rods/Equipment $0.58 Chemicals $0.19 Workovers $0.63 Workovers $1.88 Chemicals $0.19 G & A $0.95 G & A $0.95 Water Disposal $1.00 Water Disposal $1.00

  10. Surface Equipment Pumping System Artificial Lift System Production Enhancement Services Power Consumption • Production • Costs Monitoring the performance of all components and processes from the sandface to the flow line Near Wellbore Damage Reservoir Deliverability and Potential

  11. Full Life Cycle of an Oil Well Flowing (low GOR, natural drive) Liquid loading or decreased reservoir pressure causes a decrease in production rate Artificial lift is now required Performance enhancement

  12. Gather downhole and operating cost data Conduct field tests Analyze data Implement Recommendations MONITOR RESULTS How do we do it?

  13. Following this Production Enhancement process flowchart will lead to increased production, reduced costs and optimal performance

  14. Dynamometer Testing & Analysis

  15. Artificial Lift Design

  16. Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR)

  17. Acoustic Build-up & Fluid Levels Advanced digital acoustic well analysis instruments provide quality, accurate well performance information

  18. Pressure Transducer Wellbore Pressure How Acoustic Pressure SurveysWork AAFL Device Shut In Well for Buildup This permits Static Reservoir Pressure determination without pulling rods or tubing After shut in, the change in the fluid level is continuously monitored using the AAFL instrument Near Wellbore Damage (Skin) Static Reservoir Pressure

  19. Fluid Level Plot (Shut-In)

  20. Pressure Buildup Curve

  21. Reservoir Engineering & PTA

  22. Closed Chamber Testing of Pumping Oilwells (SUPORT)

  23. SUPORT Uses Mass Balance Engineering To Determine... • Effective fluid level in a high-foam well • Producing Bottom Hole Pressure (PBHP) • Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) • Annular gas production • Artificial lift system efficiency

  24. Gas Well Optimization

  25. Data Collection and Interpretation • Electronic gauges to measure: • Casing Pressure • Tubing Pressure • Line Pressure • Line Temperature • Gas Rate • Liquid Production

  26. Full Life Cycle of a Gas Well Flowing Liquid loading or decreased reservoir pressure causes decrease in gas rate Change Required Employ plunger lift Add wellsite booster compression Decrease compressor suction pressure Change tubing size

  27. Gas Well Optimization • Data captured from OTATCO gauges can be retrieved in two ways: LOCALLY - Direct connect from carrying case to OTATCO service rep’s laptop

  28. REMOTELY - Via cellular phone

  29. Presentation of Data

  30. Gas Well Optimization • Related Services • Flow and build-up • Surface pressure survey • GOR testing • Casing tubing switching • Casing slip streaming • Plunger lift evaluation, design, supply and installation • Gas lift evaluation, design, supply and installation

  31. Tools, optimization expertise • OTATCO’s team of well testing and enhancement specialists - over 150 combined years of production experience • Bob Copeland, CET, Manager of Production Services, 20 years • Reg Prostebby, CET, Manager of Production Engineering Services, 22 years • Fred Guest, PEng, Manager Reservoir Engineering, PTA and reservoir specialist, 20 years • Terry McColl, CET, optimization engineering consultant, 20 years

  32. Tools, optimization expertise • Jack Lindhout, CET, Instrumentation Manager and optimization specialist, 25 years • Dean Finnestad, PEng, Manager, Optimization Support Services (instruments, software), 20 years • Rob Schott, CET, customer account representative and optimization specialist, 14 years • Dean Stenbeck, PEng, Manager, Optimization Engineering, 6 years • Chris Korczewski, PEng, optimization and reservoir engineer, 5 years • Alex Oykhman, CET, optimization technologist, 4 years

  33. Benefits • Valuable tool for production engineers • No additional staff required • Low cost, high impact • Application of leading-edge technologies and expertise • Focused on increased profits • Integrated to unique customer requirements

  34. Next step to higher profits • Identify area of most benefit • Define scope of services required • Provide access to data and properties • Integrate with field personnel • Test, analyze , report • Implement recommendations

  35. The oilfield of the 21st century • Each well managed as a profit center • Outsourced technical support provided by expert service provider • Exploited using leading edge technology • Higher production at lower operating costs

  36. Key Business Areas: Products • Artificial lift equipment • Patented and proprietary oil tools • Well diagnostic instruments

  37. Artificial Lift System Performance Products • No-Turn Tool - anti counter-rotation system for PC pumps • Red M BOP - prevents oil spills from rod pumped wells • Rotor Seating Nipple - PC pump enhancement system • Fluid Ranger - digital single shot fluid level instrument • Dyno Ranger - advanced dynamometer system

  38. Key Business Area: International • Oilfield equipment sales and service • Oilfield equipment rentals • Singapore operations base • International trading and procurement

  39. Current well enhancement services in Sumatra • Monthly fluid levels on 1,000 wells • Acoustic buildups, Pressure Transient Analysis, fluid depression testing for PBHP, IPR • Skilled and experienced personnel

  40. Remedial programs • Engineered well enhancement recommendations • Workover program engineering • Alliance with Pajak Engineering of Calgary for: • Workover program design • Re-completion programs • Program budgets, AFEs • Wellsite supervision

  41. How the Oilfield Service Industry is Changing Service & Supply Companies The Solution Zone E & P Companies Buyers Sellers Proactive New relationships are emerging between producers and suppliers with services and technologies that add value

  42. Engineering - Driven Production Services AOF Gas Testing Contract Operating Slickline Services Production Oil Tools OTATCO Well Testing & Engineering Pumping Services (C&A) International Markets Cased Hole Electric Line Service Rigs

  43. Oilfield Technology & Trading Company PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS

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