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Navy Medicine: Being There Matters PowerPoint Presentation
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Navy Medicine: Being There Matters

Navy Medicine: Being There Matters

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Navy Medicine: Being There Matters

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  1. Navy Medicine: Being There Matters

  2. Who We Are $6 Billion global network 63,000 people worldwide Navy, Marine Corps, families and veterans Expeditionary care on, above, below the sea and on battlefields worldwide Cornerstone of Smart Power Global engagement

  3. “Our job in Navy Medicine is to support the forward deployed force and provide readiness. Moving forward, we must continue to connect our heroes to approved emerging and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options both within our medical treatment facilities and outside of military medicine through collaborations with major centers of reconstructive and regenerative medicine.” - Vice Adm. Matthew L. Nathan U. S. Navy Surgeon General

  4. Enabling the Warfighter Supporting the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps

  5. How We Support Navy Medicine provides support to the Chief of Naval Operations and the Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps by enabling readiness, wellness, and health care to Sailors, Marines, their families, and others entrusted to the care of Navy Medicine worldwide. CNO’s Tenets: • Support to the warfighter– Navy Medicine is everywhere our Sailors and Marines are. No ship leaves the pier and no Marine takes a hill without his corpsmen in sight. • Readiness – Navy Medicine is in the readiness business. Mission readiness for our Sailors and Marines at home and abroad is our first priority. • Warfighting First • Operate Forward • Be Ready

  6. Expeditionary Medicine Navy Medicine provides expeditionary health care on, above, under the water and on battlefields worldwide.

  7. Garrison Health Care Navy Medicine supports medical readiness, providing health care to the warfighter and their families worldwide.

  8. Wounded Warrior Care Navy Medicine provides health care to our wounded warriors and their families.

  9. Biomedical Research Medical research strengthens our force’s ability to operate around the world and benefits U.S. and global public health.

  10. Humanitarian Assistance/ Disaster Response Navy Medicine is often the face of our national humanitarian assistance/ disaster response efforts around the world.

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