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Oracle and IBM PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle and IBM

Oracle and IBM

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Oracle and IBM

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  1. Oracle and IBM

  2. Agenda • The Oracle/IBM Relationship • Oracle on IBM Strategic Initiatives

  3. The Oracle/IBM Relationship • 18+ years • Significant alliance partner • A strong technology relationship • Development • Performance • Joint solution centers worldwide • A strong consulting relationship with IBM Business Consulting Services • Growing IGS Relationship • Sales and Distribution

  4. The Value of the Oracle/IBM Relationship

  5. Oracle and IBM’s Joint Value to Customers • Large install-base • Investment protection • Joint IBM and Oracle Development Goals • Excellent Support Delivery • Enhancing Joint Sales Linkage • Joint Solution Center – IBM facility with Oracle staff for benchmarking, installation training, proof of concepts

  6. IBM CorporationWhere We Partner • Systems Group • Very strong technology relationship • Hardware Brands: pSeries, zSeries, xSeries, Storage • IBM Global Services • IGS/BCS resells, implements, and manages Oracle software (over 2000 Oracle consultants) • ~200 joint EBS customer engagements • Strategic Outsourcing/E-Business Hosting • Sales and Distribution • pSeries and xSeries sales • Joint business partner engagements

  7. World Record Benchmarks IBM pSeries and Oracle have established a solid trend of world-record performance results. With the pSeries 690 and AIX 5L, we not only expect that trend to continue, but we expect to deliver unprecedented levels of performance with Oracle9i and the p690 – definitely a winning combination. -- Juan Jones, vice president, System Platforms Division, Oracle Corporation

  8. OASB: World record, 18,368 users with average response time of .59s, using 4 xSeries x445 servers with 11.5.6 and 9iRAC on Linux -- November 2003 OASB: World record, 21168 users with average response time of .52s, using 4 pSeries x655 servers with 11.5.6 and 9iRAC -- October 2003 TPC-C: 768, 839 tpmC and $8.55/tpmC on pSeries p690 32-way– September 2003 OASB: World record, 22,008 users with average response time of .48, using p690 w/11.5.6 – May 2003 OASB: 5320 users, with average response time of .88 s using 1 pSeries p630 with 11.5.6 – April 2003 OASB: World record, 5656 users with average response time .49, using xSeries x440 running SLES8 w/11.5.6 – June 2003 World Record Benchmarks

  9. Events • IBM exhibits at Oracle Open World and Oracle Apps World • Oracle presents at • SHARE (IBM Mainframe User Conference) • International Oracle on zSeries SIG Conference

  10. IBM Support Resources • IBM/Oracle International Competency Center (US) • Joint Solutions Center (France) • Japan Competency Center • Advanced Technical Support Centers (worldwide) • Several Techline Centers (worldwide) • IBM Solutions Specialists in Sales Division (worldwide) • NY and London Linux Centers of Excellence

  11. Oracle on IBM Strategic Initiatives

  12. Strategic Initiatives with Systems Group • Product Engineering Oracle Available and Optimized for IBM • Joint Support • Linux

  13. Product EngineeringOracle for pSeries Current Releases Oracle Database 10g Collaboration Suite V1 (AIX 4.3.3 only) E-Business Suite 11.5.9 Oracle9iAS 9.0.2 Oracle9i R2 for Linux (developer’s release) Planned Releases Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) Collaboration Suite, 9.0.5 Oracle Database 10g R2

  14. Product EngineeringOracle for zSeries zOS Releases Oracle9i R2 including RAC Split tier support for E-Business Suite 11i 11.5.8 and 9iR2 Oracle Database 10g 31-bit (Planned) Oracle Transparent Gateway for DB2 on IBM zOS Linux Releases Oracle9i R2 31-bit for Linux/390 (31-bit SLES8, RH 7.2) Certified with 64-bit SLES8, RH AS 3.0(Planned) Oracle10g 64-bit for z/Linux (64-bit) (Planned) Oracle Transparent Gateway for DRDA on IBM S/390 based Linux Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE (OC4J) Split Tier certifications: 10g with EBS, OCS, and AS (Planned)

  15. Product EngineeringOracle for xSeries All Oracle products available on Windows and Linux xSeries Servers Certified and listed on Red Hat SUSE Oracle9i IBM Linux Centers in New York and London 9iRAC (Scalability, Transparent Application Failover & High Availability and Performance) E-Business Suite (CRM, ERP, & SCM applications) Collaboration Suite & Data Warehousing

  16. Product EngineeringOracle for iSeries Oracle Access Manager for OS/400 Oracle Transparent Gateway for DB2/400

  17. Product EngineeringIntegration Technology Tivoli Data Protector for Oracle Available on Most Platforms Supports Oracle’s RMAN backup/recovery interface MQSeries – Interoperability Oracle Database Oracle Application Server Gateway Products Access Managers

  18. IBM Joint Support • Goal: Seamless support for customers between Oracle and IBM • Shouldn’t matter who you call for support • Joint Front Line Support through TSANet • Joint Escalation Process

  19. Joint Linux Activities • Oracle for Linux on IBM across platforms (xSeries, zSeries and potentially iSeries and pSeries • Frequent Executive briefings to keep both companies Linux strategies aligned • Increase Oracle for Linux on IBM Unbreakable • More Linux benchmarks • Redbooks that focus on Oracle for Linux • JSC Migration to Linux customer projects

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