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Content: how to make it work for you

Content: how to make it work for you. Madeleine Sugden Content Manager www.knowhownonprofit.org. What is an organisation’s web content for?. Proof of existence – about us, who we are, contact us Resources - help people do something Inspire - encourage action / change behaviour / entertain.

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Content: how to make it work for you

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  1. Content: how to make it work for you Madeleine Sugden Content Manager www.knowhownonprofit.org

  2. What is an organisation’s web content for? • Proof of existence – about us, who we are, contact us • Resources - help people do something • Inspire - encourage action / change behaviour / entertain

  3. 5 questions Five things to think about to help you make the most out of your content….

  4. 1. Audience • Who is your audience? • What do they want? • What do they know already?

  5. 1. Audience • Will they get beyond your homepage? • Who are you talking to? • Are you using the right language? • Are you current? • How do you know what the audience wants?

  6. Wigan and Leigh CVS • First impressions….? • Very busy, too much to read, hard to know where to start

  7. Community Action Southwark • Much cleaner, simpler • Users don’t have to spend time working out where to go • Good use of short words and images

  8. East Grinstead CVS • Segmenting the audience • Makes it clear what information is for who • Shows that they have thought about how people use the site

  9. Wigan and Leigh CVS • Very clear information • Written well for the audience

  10. East Cornwall CVS • Very out-of-date information • What does this make you think about the information on the rest of the site? • If you can’t maintain information, don’t publish it!

  11. Community Action Hampshire • Clearly presented event info • Gives the user everything they need to know before signing up

  12. Working with Men • Questionnaire asks the site users what they want • Probably backed up with off-line research too

  13. Friends of the Earth • Sharing results of their feedback survey with users • Important to build engagement with supporters, show them you are listening

  14. 2. Presentation • Presentation is the key to everything. Not just about design but how to present the content:- how you help people find info- how you display it on the page • Knowing how people read online is useful.

  15. 2. Presentation • Are you helping skim reading? • Are you writing for the web? • Is information easy to find? • How much information are you giving? • How are you using images? • Is your content accessible?

  16. Birmingham Settlement • Lots of information here • Not easy to skim read • Simple to improve by adding headings to each section

  17. British Heart Foundation • Really well presented • Good, clear headings • Short bulleted lists • Images to bring to life • Written for the audience • Written for the web

  18. Arthritis Research Campaign • Very detailed information of their activities • Good to have pie chart but what does it all mean (£1.2m spent on education)? • Paragraphs are complicated and long • What was the impact on people?

  19. Break • Shows the impact on people • Bullet points make it easier to read • Could have enhanced further with stories about real people

  20. BVSC • Everything you would expect on a Contacts page • Presented very clearly • Listed top right – on every page

  21. Voluntary Action Epping Forest • Navigation is presented top centre • 15 links – too many. Should be 7-9 • Very wordy links, why need to repeat VAEF? • Some things could be grouped together • List in order of importance / popularity

  22. Voluntary Action Barnsley • Much clearer navigation • Short, concise, easy to read, easy to understand

  23. WISH • (this is the homepage) • Confusing image – what is going on? • Big story from 2007!

  24. Community Action Hampshire • Strong image • Maybe too strong? Not very welcoming body language!

  25. Kids Company • Very strong image • Engaging

  26. St Albans Museum • Links at bottom not presented well • ‘Click here to find out more information about …’ is a lot to process before getting to the important words. • Simple, meaningful links work best • ‘Click here’ is inelegant and on its own not accessible

  27. Kensington and Chelsea • Well presented links using meaningful text • But links to download files should be labelled within the link - eg hallmarks of an effective charity (PDF, 5M) • Ideally file size included too • Ideally Word equivalent for PDFs

  28. 3. Medium • Content isn’t just printed words • Are you using the best format to bring the content to life? • Are you using audio / video? • Is it interesting / fun / useful?

  29. Sight Savers • Lovely story of Kelvin presented as text • Great picture • But told from the perspective of Sight Savers • What could be added to make it more personal?

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