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Back-to-School-Night. 2010-2011. Little About Darin Hickethier. Grew up in one of the Milton Hershey Middle School student homes for ~ 14 years (houseparents’ son). Am a product of DTSD, K-12. Graduated from HHS in 1999. Undergraduate at Messiah College. Quick Math ? for Hershey Kiss.

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  1. Back-to-School-Night 2010-2011

  2. Little About Darin Hickethier • Grew up in one of the Milton Hershey Middle School student homes for ~ 14 years (houseparents’ son). • Am a product of DTSD, K-12. Graduated from HHS in 1999. • Undergraduate at Messiah College

  3. Quick Math ? for Hershey Kiss a) 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 = ___ b) What is the name for the shape of a stop sign? c)? What is the smallest prime number ¿

  4. Math – Mr. Hickethier

  5. Math – Mr. Hickethier

  6. Math – Mr. Hickethier

  7. Math – Grading • Students will be assessed primarily on work completed in class. Some assignments that are taken home will also be assessed. Quizzes and tests will account for a majority of the points earned. Homework quizzes will be administered to keep students accountable for homework (completionANDunderstanding!).

  8. Math – Web Resources • Homework Supportwww.hotmath.com • College Preparatory Mathematicswww.cpm.org

  9. Advisory • Group of 10 – 12 students meet with a teacher once a week • Opportunity for students to connect with one adult

  10. Advisory “As you know, create a good climate, and you are going to have kids who perform at a good academic level.” From Middle School Journal Sept. 2009

  11. Communication ArtsMrs. Hegge

  12. 5 Major Units of Study: • Mythology • Injustice • Overcoming Obstacles • Crime and Punishment • Humor

  13. Within each unit, students learn… • Reading Strategies • Writing Skills • Grammar • Vocabulary • Author’s Craft • Figurative Language • Poetry • Short Stories

  14. Team Information • Team NovaStar meets every Odd Cycle Day at approximately 12:45 p.m. • Mr. Finkill is the team leader. Please contact him to set up a meeting or to discuss any team-related questions or concerns.

  15. American CulturesMr. Finkill

  16. What we will study this year… Creation of our Nation The Constitution and Bill of Rights Early 18th Century History of America and expansion The Civil War

  17. What we will study this year… Following the themes of the Gettysburg Address We remember the past and the sacrifices made in order to work towards a better future

  18. How to access class information http://derrymoodle.caiu.org Moodle web site is open for people to log in as a guest http://symbaloo.com Symbaloo is a site with links to all important websites students will use in American Cultures.

  19. Field Trips • Philadelphia - Friday November 5thChaperones are needed for this field trip. Sign up tonight if interested. • Gettysburg - Spring 2010 Clearances on file with the district office are necessary to chaperone any field trip.

  20. SCIENCEMr. Shay

  21. What will we study? Major Units of study: • Weather and Water • Astronomy (mini unit) • Earth History • Force and Motion

  22. Grading Procedures • Most of your child’s grade will be based on Mid-Summative assessments and Final Unit Exams (Summative Assessments) • Other class work and activities will be checked for task completion and accuracy (Formative Assessment: P,S,U)

  23. How to access science class information • Mr. Shay’s school web site.All unit information & assignments are posted on this site.(found at www.hershey.k12.pa.us ) • Unit multi-media materials (found at www.fossweb.com )

  24. Critical Learning Skills The administration and faculty spent last year researching and developing skills in two reporting categories that will be reported to parents as part of the report card. • Work Skills • Interpersonal Skills

  25. Work Skills Descriptors • Uses tools/strategies to support academic success • Uses time effectively at school • Demonstrates skills necessary to become a self-directed learner

  26. Interpersonal Skills Descriptors • Exhibits appropriate conduct when working within the school community • Uses effective communication skills with members of the school community • Demonstrates teamwork skills necessary to be a contributing member of the school community

  27. Reporting Scale

  28. Critical Learning Skills • Scores for critical learning skills will be reported in each class every marking period. • Check out pages 41 & 42 of the Student Handbook to learn more

  29. BTSN Closing Thoughts Shift in many areas…

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