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CSTA Multiplexer (KX-NCS2020) PowerPoint Presentation
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CSTA Multiplexer (KX-NCS2020)

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CSTA Multiplexer (KX-NCS2020)
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CSTA Multiplexer (KX-NCS2020)

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  1. CSTA Multiplexer (KX-NCS2020) Panasonic Communications CO.,LTD.

  2. CSTA of KX-NCP/TDE system (with LAN) - 1 Basically KX-NCP/KX-TDE series support only one CSTA connection at the same time. CTI Application Server KX-NCP/KX-TDE CSTA LAN CA Server CSTA

  3. CSTA of KX-NCP/TDE system (with LAN) - 2 CSTA Multiplexer allows you to use two or more CTI application at the same time. CSTA Multiplexer CTI Application Server KX-NCP/KX-TDE CSTA Single CSTA connection LAN CA Server CSTA CA Client

  4. CSTA of KX-NCP/TDE system (with LAN) - 3 CSTA Multiplexer supports 4 CTI application servers at the maximum. CTI Application Server CSTA 1 CSTA Multiplexer CTI Application Server KX-NCP/KX-TDE CSTA 2 Single CSTA connection CTI Application Server LAN CSTA 3 CA Server CSTA 4

  5. System Requirements

  6. System Requirements (PC/PBX) PC PBX

  7. Activation Key - 1 When you use CSTA Multiplexer, one KX-NCS2020 activation key is required for each CTI application. However CA Server and PA Server do not require KX-NCS2020 activation key. (*) CA Call Accounting does not use a CSTA connection. It is based on SMDR.

  8. Activation Key - 2 You need one KX-NCS2020 activation key for each CTI application. CTI Application Server Two activation keys are required. CSTA KX-NCP/KX-TDE Single CSTA connection CSTA Multiplexer CTI Application Server LAN CSTA Activation Key CA Server KX-NCS2020 CSTA KX-NCS2020

  9. Activation Key (Issue the Activation key file) Issuing CA Activation key procedure is the same as TDE100/200 and KX-NCP. URL: https://eww.netreg.panasonic.co.jp/kms/

  10. Activation Key (Activate Activation key file) -1 1- Connect the PCMC to the NCP and confirm the current activation status. PCMC PCC provides 10 days temporary activation key for CSTA Multiplexer. Current CSTA Multiplexer Activation status

  11. Activation Key (Activate Activation key file) -2 2- Transfer activation key file to the NCP (SD Card) Activation key file PCMC 3- Open the Activation key display screen again, to activate key file. Current CSTA Multiplexer Activation status

  12. CSTA Multiplexer Installation

  13. CSTA Multiplexer Installation - 1 To begin the installation double click this setup file.

  14. CSTA Multiplexer Installation - 2 To begin installation click “Next”

  15. CSTA Multiplexer Installation - 3 And then click “Next” Agree to the EULA by click the “I accept the terms in the license agreement”

  16. CSTA Multiplexer Installation - 3 If you need to change the installation directory, this can be done here. And then click “Next”

  17. CSTA Multiplexer Installation - 4 You can select the mode. - Executable mode - Service mode Click “Next” to start installation.

  18. CSTA Multiplexer Installation - 6 Installing now…

  19. CSTA Multiplexer Installation - 7 If you select “Service mode”, this menu does not appear. Click “Finish”.

  20. Starting CSTA MUX

  21. Starting CSTA MUX - 1 Language Selection English (UK) English (US) French Germany Italian Spanish Portuguese Russian Ukrainian Chinese Dutch Polish Croatian Hungarian Czech

  22. Starting CSTA MUX - 2 IP address of PBX

  23. Starting CSTA MUX - 3 Enter the IP address of CTI application server. Click “Add”.

  24. Starting CSTA MUX - 4 CTI application servers are listed. Delete the selected IP address from the above list. Change the IP address of the selected CTI application.

  25. Starting CSTA MUX - 5 You can select the CTI application server which treats the CDR information. The CDR information is sent to only one CTI application server. The CDR information is used to calculate the call billing.

  26. Starting CSTA MUX - 6 If you PBX is KX-TDE series, you should need to set the system password of the PBX. This button shows the information of the license.

  27. Starting CSTA MUX - 7 There are 3 kind of icons in the task tray. : In service Right click : Changing the status to “In service” : Out of service You can modify the settings of CSTA MUX. Right click

  28. Troubleshooting

  29. Contents - Troubleshooting (Lost connection) - Troubleshooting (Issue with CSTA MUX)

  30. Troubleshooting (Lost connection) -1 If you do not have the connection between the PBX, CSTA Multiplexer and CTI application server… 1. Check your network cable. 2. Try the command of “PING” to the PBX or CSTA Multiplexer. 3. Verify the CSTA port of the PBX or CSTA Multiplexer. PING TELNET CSTA Multiplexer LAN The connection failed. PING TELNET CTI Application Server

  31. Troubleshooting (Lost connection) -2 To verify you are pinging the correct IP address try to telnet into the CSTA port of the PBX or CSTA Multiplexer: IP address of the PBX or CSTA Multiplexer telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 33333 If the connection is not rejected the IP address and port number are correct

  32. Troubleshooting (Issue withCSTA MUX) -1 When reporting an issue with CSTA Multiplexer, we will require the following troubleshooting data. Troubleshooting data 1- Msinfo32 file from the Problem PC 2- CSTA Multiplexer Information 3- PBX Error data 4- PBX system data 5- Trouble symptom in detailed 6- CSTA Multiplexer Log data (If PCC ask you)

  33. Troubleshooting (Issue withCSTA MUX) -2 How to obtain the troubleshooting data. 1- Msinfo32 file from the Problem PC (Refer to FAQ 70045) 2- CSTA Multiplexer Information (Right Click the icon : “About” and “Information”)

  34. Troubleshooting (Issue withCSTA MUX) -3 3- PBX Error data (Major/Minor) by PCMC 4- PBX system data (Refer to FAQ 70052) 5- Trouble symptom in detailed. For example, - Executable mode or Service mode? - The product information of the CTI application - When (Date/Time) the trouble occurs - What is the symptom - Step to duplicate - PC screen shot 6- CSTA Multiplexer Log data If PCC needs more information,PCC may ask you to take CSTA Multiplexer log data. To obtain CSTA Multiplexer log data, we have to program/enable log function “ON”. Next page…

  35. Troubleshooting (Issue withCSTA MUX) -4 (1) Open “CSTAMUX.ini” by text editor and modify it as follows. - File folder for “CSTAMUX.ini” C:\Program Files\Panasonic\CSTA MUX Start saving the log data [log] enabled=0 max_debugfile_size=10 num_debugfile=5 max_errorfile_size=10 num_errorfile=5 (Detailed log) 10MB 5 files enabled=1 (Error log) 10MB 5 files

  36. Troubleshooting (Issue withCSTA MUX) -5 (2) Restart CSTA Multiplexer. (3) Wait the trouble occurs again. (4) Take all files in the following folder. C:\Program Files\Panasonic\CSTA MUX\Log (5) Change the setting of “CSTAMUX.ini”. [log] enabled=1 max_debugfile_size=10 num_debugfile=5 max_errorfile_size=10 num_errorfile=5 Stop the log data enabled=0 (6) Restart CSTA Multiplexer.

  37. Thank You Very Much For Your Attention “ We are Panasonic Family”

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