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About us

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About us

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  1. About us Vulcan Smart Sportswear offers a range of ‘smart’ sportswear to include heated gloves, heated socks and vests suitable for adventure and outdoor sports during cold winter months or winter style holidays. The heat technology uses carbon fibre as the conductor for a much lighter and more comfortable garment keeping you warm in your activity. Our products are also ideal for medical conditions such as Raynaud’s Syndrome, that inhibit sporting activity in cold weather conditions. Our Story Vulcan founder and triathlete, John Durance, has spent many cold winters engaging in his love for adventure and outdoor sports; from snowboarding and skiing to hiking and cycling in the mountains of Iceland and Finland. John felt that even the best quality gear for outdoor sports wasn’t keeping him warm in cold temperatures and it was from here that Vulcan was born. John came up with the idea and set about researching the technology. He discovered that the biggest challenge was to overcome the conductor design where wiring was very cumbersome and often inhibited the wearer. Using carbon fibre as the conductor resolves this with the wires so you will feel fine as you can’t feel them. John then set about creating a brand name and story that matched up with what he had forged and it was from this very word that it came about. The uniqueness of the products is in the heat itself. In ancient Roman mythology, Vulcan is the God of Fire and related to the fire of volcanoes and the forge. This powerful force, accompanied with the symbol for Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, depicting scorching heat, is truly what the brand represents – heat. Vulcan products are not made, they are forged.

  2. To contact Vulcan Smart Sportswear, contact our Customer Services For more details visit the links: Battery Heated gloves, Heated ski gloves, Winter gloves heated, Heated Raynaud's gloves, Heated riding gilet & Heated fishing gilet.