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IETF Liaison Report

IETF Liaison Report

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IETF Liaison Report

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  1. IETF Liaison Report November 2003 Dorothy Stanley – Agere Systems IEEE 802.11 Liaison To/From IETF

  2. IETF AES-CCM Specification Issued as RFC 3610, see Resolved 802.11i LB 61 comments IEEE 802.11i Dependencies

  3. RFC 2284bis – In IETF last call Last call (equivalent of Sponsor Ballot) closed November 6th , 2003. IEEE 802.11i Dependencies (via 802.1-REV)

  4. Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) BOF-2 will be held Nov 14th, 2003 BOF-2 Chairs Mahalingam Mani, and Dorothy Gellert, Mailing List: Current draft: Charter, links, issues lise available at Request for IEEE Review of CAPWAP documents, after WG formed. Please see Stuart Kerry or Dorothy Stanley if you’re interested. Update: CAPWAP BOF

  5. Clear problem statement of CAPWAP work Description of the split AP (AP – Access Controller) architecture CAPWAP security requirements, defining the needs for security between the AP and the AC, both for host data transport and for AP-AC signaling and control Discovery of ACs by APs Auto-organization of APs and ACs into a managed wireless access network, including AC redundancy Secure Encapsulation of host data and AC-AP signaling, as necessary to address the requirements Secure Configuration of the AP by the AC CAPWAP BOF -Charter

  6. IETF RADIUS Working Group May be Formed RADEXT BOF to be held November 14th, 2003 Wi-Fi WLAN Public Access Needs, Requests from 3GPP2 Proposed charter includes: Specifying how RADIUS handles prepaid accounting for WLAN (& other) Pre-paid applications Standardizing WLAN-related RADIUS attributes. Standardizing a basic RADIUS attribute extension mechanism Contact Bernard Aboba or David Nelson Update: RADIUS WG

  7. EAP Key Framework Document See Will become an EAP WG work item Key Naming – Coordinate PMK name definitions as much as possible between 802.11i and EAP WG Joint meeting held with 802.11i, Herndon Oct 15, topics: Document status, Key Scoping, EAP State Machines, Key Hierarchies. See 03/830. EAP State Machine Document Will become an EAP WG work item Update: EAP Keying

  8. Recent/upcoming meetings: November 9-14, 2003 Minneapolis, MN Feb 29-March 5 2004 Seoul, Korea August 1-6, 2004 November 7-12, 2004 TBD: Website of IETF/IEEE 802.11 request/response status As maintained for others, for example see IETF Meetings

  9. Background: IEEE (802.11) & IETF have an Established Set of Processes for Standards Development Success of 802.11 WLAN products motivating CAPWAP development. Leads to need to Establish communication mechanisms between 802.11 & CAPWAP. Process: IEEE 802.11 – IETF Interaction for CAPWAP

  10. Bob O’Hara (acknowledged 802.11 expert) identified as CAPWAP’s 802.11 Technical Advisor Establish process for IEEE 802.11Review of CAPWAP documents Chair of IEEE 802.11 is supportive, and has agreed to establish review process Call for volunteers within IEEE 802.11 made at IEEE 802.11 meeting Nov 12th Standing Committee or similar to be established within 802.11 IEEE 802.11 target- Review process in place by January IEEE 802.11meeting Process: IEEE 802.11 – IETF Interaction for CAPWAP

  11. Request from IEEE 802.11 chair for permission to add IETF links to IEEE 802.11 website As for other standards organizations, see TBD: Liaison from CAPWAP to IEEE 802.11 Process: IEEE 802.11 – IETF Interaction

  12. IEEE 802.11i (Security) voted to advance IEEE 802.11i Draft 7.0 to Sponsor Ballot IEEE 802.11e (QOS) re-circulation IEEE 802.11k – Radio Resource Measurements – continuing work Discussed Potential new Study Groups: Mesh Networks Wireless Performance and Prediction Public Access Issues Fast Roaming (SG – TG) Some IEEE 802.11 Highlights

  13. Recent/upcoming meetings: November 9-14, 2003 Albuquerque NM January 12-16 Vancouver BC, Canada March 14-19, 2004 Orlando, FL May 9-14, 2004 Anaheim, CA IEEE 802.11 Meetings