if you fail to prepare you are prepared to fail n.
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If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail. Mark Spitz PowerPoint Presentation
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If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail. Mark Spitz

If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail. Mark Spitz

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If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail. Mark Spitz

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  1. If you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail. Mark Spitz

  2. Are You Ready?Preparedness begins with you. • What would you do if Banks County just went under a tornado warning? • Do you know how to react? • Where would you go? • What if you are without power for 3 days? • What if you are without water for 3 days • What if the stores are closed for days?

  3. Are Georgians Ready? • When surveyed: • 83% of Georgia residents say they are not fully prepared for a large-scale emergency with all the supplies necessary • 71% have not come up with a family reconnection plan • 73% have not conducted a fire drill

  4. What is the County doing to prepare? • Emergency Ordinances • Planning & Training Items Such As: • Local Emergency Operations Plans (LEOP) • Debris Management Planning • Distribution Planning (POD Plans) • Damage Assessment Training • Disaster Awareness Training • Shelter Identification & Training • Storm Ready Preparedness • Responder Refresher Training & Exercises • Mass Notification System Sought • And, the process never stops.

  5. What is the State doing? • Ready Georgia - Educates and empowers Georgians to survive for at least 72 hours on their own in an emergency. It contains items to aid in preparing everyone by providing planning: • Items for families. • Items for children. • Items for special needs populations. • Items for business communities.

  6. What Readiness Activity Is Going On Now? • Governor Deal just signed a Proclamation yesterday to proclaim the week of February 4 as Severe Weather Awareness Week (SWAW). • This will be a week of activities and information geared at helping our community be better prepared for severe weather.

  7. Severe Weather Awareness Week Severe Weather Awareness Week is February 4 - 8 • Monday, February 4 - Family Preparedness • Tuesday, February 5 - Thunderstorm Safety • Wednesday, February 6 - Tornado Safety (Tornado Drill) • Thursday, February 7 - Lightning Safety • Friday, February 8 - Flooding The statewide tornado drill will be held on Wednesday, February 6 at 9:00 a.m. Backup date is Friday, February 8 at 9:00 a.m.

  8. What will we do during the drill? • We will participate in the Statewide drill, setting off sirens. (we also test these weekly on Wednesday’s at noon) • One is at the 911 Center, overlooking the ball fields. • One is at Banks Crossing, overlooking WalMart.

  9. What can you do during SWAW? • Make sure you have a NOAA Weather radio that broadcasts watches and warnings from the National Weather Service and information about man-made disasters, like an act of terrorism. It will wake you up in the middle of the night and give you critical minutes needed to take cover. You can buy them for about $30 at many stores. • Participate in the drill and practice sheltering in place and checking your 72-hour kit to ensure it has proper supplies. And, if you miss the drill; you can still conduct a drill after the fact. • Help us promote SWAW and Ready Georgia to help better prepare our community! We will be sending out flyers that you can help us hand out.

  10. Why Participate or Prepare? • September 2009 Flooding • Federal disaster declaration for 23 counties • Ten fatalities • Approximately 125 roads closed • Douglas County residents without water for a week • January 2011 Winter Storm • Brought up to 7 inches of snow, freezing rain and a half inch of ice • Travel disrupted for several days, inaugural activities scaled back • State of emergency issued • April 2011 Tornadoes • Fifteen tornadoes including a rare EF-4, 9th in GA history • Fifteen fatalities • More than 2,000 homes damaged • Presidential disaster declaration for 25 counties • Nationally – think about New York and the East Coast and Hurricane Sandy.

  11. Use Tools To Help Prepare • Visit • Visit • Display readiness material in your lobby. • Hand out safety and readiness material at special events. • Attend Skywarn Storm Spotter training.

  12. Time to Take Action • You are your family’s first line of defense • You are your businesses first line of defense • Everyone should have a plan; there’s no reason not to • Take action: Get a kit, make a plan, be informed, participate