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MTEOR for Local Mailers

MTEOR for Local Mailers

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MTEOR for Local Mailers

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  1. MTEOR for Local Mailers This event will begin at 2:00pm EST October 7, 2013 Participant Dial-In Number: (888) 800-1837Conference ID: 74493389

  2. Set Up • Before we begin… • To join the teleconference, dial the number below: • Participant Dial-In Number: (888) 800-1837 • Conference ID: 74493389 • For best viewing, select “Fit to Viewer” at the bottom left corner of your screen • To ask a question, click on the Question Mark on the WebEx controls, and submit your questions to “SEND QUESTIONS HERE”

  3. What is MTEOR? Mail Transport Equipment Ordering system A fast, reliable, and convenient place for Mailers to request Mail Transport Equipment online

  4. What is MTE? • Mail transport equipment (MTE) - MTE are any trays, flat tubs, sacks, sleeves, pallets and rolling stock used as a container to transport mail

  5. What can you do in MTEOR? • MTEOR allows you to place and change requests, check request status, and review request history Place requests Check Request Status View Request History

  6. Why MTEOR? • Response to requests for a standardized ordering process and more efficient MTE management • It is important to have better information on the location of inventory and the needs of our customers

  7. What are some benefits? Easily request MTE online through the Business Customer Gateway Real-time insight for users into when requested MTE is scheduled to be picked up Around the clock access to place requests, track request status, and review request history

  8. How far has MTEOR come? • Oct. 25, 2012 • MTEOR-Mailer • Order Catalog • New Transportation Screens • Replicate Order • Withdraw Order Reasons • Dec. 10, 2012 • MTEOR-Mailer • Backorder Function • Holiday Order Schedule • Phase 1 • Sep. 5, 2012 • MTEOR-Mailer • MTESC Mailers Ordering • Phase 2.a (Pilot) • Oct. 7, 2013 • MTEOR-Local Mailer • Local Mailers and Mail Transport Equipment Service Center (MTESC) Mailers Ordering from Postal Plants • Phase 2 • Apr. 15, 2013 • MTEOR-Mailer & MTEOR-Plant • MTESC Mailer Inventory Reporting • USPS Plant Ordering

  9. When is MTEOR launching? • Beginning today, Mailers who request MTE from the following P&DCs can use MTEOR to request their MTE • Santa Ana P&DC • South Jersey P&DC • Indianapolis P&DC • Registration email was sent out this morning with the following information: • Mailer CRID • Mailer NASS Code • Authorization Code • Registration Instructions The full roll-out for all Mailers will begin in early 2014 by Area

  10. How to Use MTEOR

  11. Overview • The rest of this session will be dedicated to demonstrating how to complete the following actions in MTEOR: • Accessing MTEOR • Reviewing MTEOR Dashboard • Creating a New Request • Preparing to Pick Up MTE • Withdrawing a Request

  12. MTEOR User Roles • Note that there are two types of major user roles: • Business Service Administrator (BSA) – the person authorized to determine who can access a business service • In addition to approving other users, BSAs can place requests, check request history, and withdraw requests on behalf of their company • Mailer General MTEOR Users – users approved by the Business Service Administrator (BSA) that have access to MTEOR to place requests, check request history, and withdraw requests on behalf of their company

  13. How to Access MTEOR

  14. Login through BCG • You should begin by logging in through Business Customer Gateway ( If you do not currently have an account, create a new account by selecting “Register for free”

  15. Create BCG Username and Password

  16. Input Your Information • Input your personal and company information and click “Create Account” • For MTEOR, you MUST use the CRID we provide even if it is different than the one identified here If you do not already have a CRID, one will be provided to you upon registration

  17. Request Access to MTEOR • Click “Other Services” • Click “Get Access” next to Mail Transport Equipment Ordering System (MTEOR) Add MTEOR as a Favorite! MTEOR can be quickly added to your Favorites list by following these steps: • Log in to BCG • Click on "Manage Account“ • Click on "Manage Preferences" • In the Edit Favorites box, select the checkbox next to "Mail Transport Equipment Ordering System (MTEOR)" • Click "Save" NOTE: You can choose up to seven services to be shown in your Favorites list.

  18. Complete the BSA Agreement • As the first person from your facility to register for MTEOR, you will automatically become the BSA • Input the code provided to you in your registration email Once you input the code you will be able to start requesting MTE from plants using MTEOR! Input the code here

  19. How to Review your Dashboard

  20. MTEOR Dashboard Overview This section displays your facility information. If you have more than one, select the facility you would like to manage for this session The MTE Catalog tab provides pictures and descriptions of all the types of MTE you can request from a plant This Plant Request Historytab displays high level information about all of your existing requests

  21. Dashboard Structure – General • On the Plant Request History tab, you will see: • Request Number: The unique id number associated with each request • Status: Signifies where the request is in the request management cycle • User: The name of the last person to update the request • Tip! Columns can be sorted by clicking the arrows in each header

  22. Dashboard Structure-Dates • On the Plant Request History tab, you will see the following date information: • Placed Date: The date you submitted the request • Requested Date: The date you would like to pick up the requested MTE • Ready for Pick Up Date: The date the plant confirmed the MTE will be ready for pick up • Actual Pick Up Date: The date you picked up the MTE • Withdraw Date: The date the request was withdrawn by either you or the plant

  23. Request Statuses – Open Requests • Open requests can be placed in the following statuses: • “Placed”: Request has been submitted by you and no action has been taken by the plant • “Pending”: Request is currently being processed, but is not ready for pick up • “Ready for Pick Up”: Request is ready for pick up at the plant

  24. Request Statuses – Closed Requests • Closed requests can be placed in one of the following statuses: • “Complete”: Request has been fulfilled and picked up from the plant • “Withdrawn”: Request has been withdrawn by either you or the plant (indicated in the User column)

  25. How to Create a New Request

  26. Create New Request • Select your facility (if you request for more than one) • Click “Create New Request”

  27. Select a Postal Plant • Select the State, City, and Plantfor your local plant • Click “Next”

  28. Request a Pick-Up Date 1 Input the date you would like to pick up your MTE

  29. Request a Pick-Up Date 1 Input the date you would like to pick up your MTE Update contact information to reflect the person managing the request 2

  30. Request a Pick-Up Date 1 Input the date you would like to pick up your MTE Update contact information to reflect the person managing the request 2 3 Insert same day and next day pick-up requests here

  31. Request a Pick-Up Date 1 Input the date you would like to pick up your MTE Update contact information to reflect the person managing the request 2 Insert same day and next day pick-up requests here 3 4 Click “Next”

  32. Select Desired MTE • Select the type and quantity of MTE your would like to request • MTE can be requested in pieces or pallets by selecting the drop down menu • Maximum quantity is based on a 48 foot truck • Click “Next”

  33. Available MTE Types Priority Mail Sacks Half Sleeves MM Trays Semi-Clear Sacks EMM Trays Flat Tubs Half Trays Flat Tub Lids MM Sleeves Pallets EMM Sleeves Rolling stock can be requested on a case by case basis by inputting “1” next to Other MTE and placing the request in the Additional Comments box

  34. Submit Request • Include other information in the “Additional Comments” box • Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions • • Hit “Submit”

  35. Finalize Request • Review the request and select “Checkout” Cost to You Value to USPS

  36. Receive Confirmation • Click “Place my Order” • The request is not complete until the “Success!” message appears

  37. How to Pick Up your Requested MTE

  38. Select Request • Select the request you plan to pick up Requests that have been scheduled for pick up will in “Ready for Pick Up” status

  39. Print Request Details • Print request details page showing your requested MTE and the “Ready for Pick up” status • You will not be able to pick up your requested MTE unless you bring this sheet

  40. MTEOR Placard • When you arrive at the plant, the plant employee will use a placard that they print out to verify the amount of MTE that you pick up The plant employee will update this section with the actual quantity of MTE that you pick up You or your driver will be expected to sign and date this placard to verify that you picked up your requested MTE

  41. How to Withdraw a Request

  42. Reasons for Withdrawing a Request • If you decide you no longer need the requested MTE, you can withdraw it at any point • Reasons for withdrawing the request include: • You no longer need the MTE • You will not receive the MTE by the date you requested so you would like to request MTE from another plant (future enhancement)

  43. Select the Request • Select the request you would like to withdraw from the Plant Request History tab Select the actual request number to withdraw the request

  44. Withdraw the Request • Click the red “Withdraw” button • Confirm you would like to withdraw this request

  45. The Date to Remember

  46. Launch Day • October 7, 2013 (TODAY!) • Registration email was sent from MTEOR with instructions and location information (e.g. CRID, NASS Code, etc) • Begin requesting MTE from plants through MTEOR Contact the Help Desk if the BSA for your facility did not receive the registration email

  47. Mailer Support

  48. Issue Resolution • If you experience one of the following issues contact your local plant: • Placing Emergency Requests • Damaged MTE • Returning MTE • Call the Help Desk for assistance with: • BCG and MTEOR registration questions • MTEOR access questions • Returning MTE • MTEOR Help Desk Contact Information! • Email:; Phone Number: 1-866-330-3404 • Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.(CST)

  49. Tools and Resources • RIBBS Webpage - • Houses all of your training and communications materials MTEOR Homepage Local Mailer Learning Laboratory Includes the latest announcements and links you to everything you need to know about MTEOR! Houses all trainings, reference guides, and documentation to support you use MTEOR!

  50. Questions? You will now have a few minutes to send your questions to “SEND QUESTIONS HERE”