cell to cell junctions n.
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Cell to cell junctions PowerPoint Presentation
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Cell to cell junctions

Cell to cell junctions

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Cell to cell junctions

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  1. Cell to cell junctions By: Ashley Cohn

  2. Surface markers Structure Function Example Variable, integral or glycolipids In plasma membrane. Identify the cell MHC complexes, blood groups, antibodies

  3. Septate junctions/ tight junctions Structure Function Example Tightly bonded, leak proof, fibrous claudinprotein that seals the cell Holds cell together so that materials pass through but not between the cells Junctions between epithelial cells in the gut

  4. Adhesive junction(desmosome) Structure Function Example Varientcadherins, desmocollins, bind to intermediate filaments of cytoskeleton Creates strong flexible connections between cells, found in vertebrates Epithelium

  5. Cadherin is a protein which is a ca2+ dependent adhesion molecule with very wide polygenetic distribution. • Desmosomes are a cadherin based junction unique to vertebrates. They contain the cadherin's desmocollin.

  6. Adhesive junction ( adherens junction) Structure function Example Classic adherins bind to microfilaments of cytoskeletons Connects cells together, oldest form of junction, found in all multicellular organisms tissue with high mechanical stress such as the skin

  7. Adhesive junction(hemidesmosomes, focal adhesion) Structure Function Example Integrin proteins binds cell to extracellular matrix Provide attachment to a substrate Involved in cell movement and important during development

  8. Communicating junction (gap junction ) Structure Function Example six transmembrane connexon /pannexin proteins creating a pore that connects cells Allows for passage of small molecules from cells to cell in a tissue Excitable tissue such as heart muscle

  9. Pannexins are protein found in invertebrates • Connexons are a protein in vertebrates

  10. Communicating junction ( plasmodesmata) Structure Function Example Cytoplasmic connections between gaps in conjoining plants cell walls Communicating junctions between plant cells Plant tissue

  11. Plasmodesmata is cytoplasmic connections that form across the touching plasma membranes

  12. All information in this power point can be found in Mgrawhill biology 10th edition on pages 83-85