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Web Development Company or Web Design Company? PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Development Company or Web Design Company?

Web Development Company or Web Design Company?

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Web Development Company or Web Design Company?

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  1. Web Development Company or Web Design Company? From all the research, keywords optimization and the results they generate, it has been observed –of course, with the help of Google Analytics- that people are getting confused between Web Design and We? De?elop?e?t. A?d ?o?e so, the ke??o?ds ?We? desig? Co?pa??? a?d ?We? de?elop?e?t Co?pa??? ha?e ?ee? ?idel? ?isi?te?p?eted. Ho?estl?, it ?a? get ?uite a??iguous fo? the la??a? to search for what he is exactly wants as both the terms direct you to the fundamentals of building a ??e?site?. The? a?e t?ul? i?te?li?ked a?d ?eed ea?h othe? fo? a ?e?site to ?e set up. However, to make it easy for you, let me quickly breakdown what web designing is and what encompasses web development. 1)Web Design- This is the creative Adobe team, which creates the face of the website. They sketch, create and build the physical appearance of the web page. Keeping in mind the end- use?’s pe?spe?ti?e, the? desig? the look of its functionality. The design they create is a non- fu??tio?i?g ?e?site. It’s ?o?e o? less a flat i?age ?hi?h the de?elop?e?t tea? later works on. The desig? adds to the use?’s e?pe?ie??e. This is also k?o?? as the use? i?te?fa?e of the ?e?site. Web Development- Once the design team passes on the interface for the website, these developers code their way through the design and break it down into a functional website. They add a back-end code which keeps the functioning together. The buttons come to life, sliders are introduced, hyperlinks are activated and it becomes an interactive website. The user leads through the website with ease. The user experience depends on the design and the web developers who develop the code. In the past decade, the internet has seen a boom of innumerable websites, however, what has to be kept in mind is that the websites of the modern age are as interactive as it can get. To be responsive and interactive are two things which stand at the top of the pyramid while building a website. A Web Development Company is often equipped with both, designers and developers, to build a website.

  2. He??e, if ?ou ?eed a ?e?site ?uild do?’t ?e ?islead ?ith the ?u??e? of ?esults hitting on page 1, instead sit with a web development company to figure out your requirements and needs.