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  1. ACCOUNTABLE TALK How we talk in classroom situations

  2. Learning Questions Can I listen to others carefully? Can I ask questions and make comments that are relevant? Can I play a part in keeping a discussion going?

  3. Accountable Talk(making your talk learning talk) Be accountable to the learning community. (yourself, classmates, teacher) -LISTEN, PARTICIPATE, AGREE/DISAGREE, PARAPHRASE Be accountable to knowledge. -BE ACCURATE. NO RANDOM COMMENTS! Be accountable to rigorous thinking. -BUILD ARGUMENTS. SUPPORT CLAIMS. CHECK QUALITY OF COMMENTS. CHALLENGE. ANALYZE.

  4. When you agree… • I was thinking the same thing. • I agree with you because… • Yes! I would like to add to that. • “I agree with _____ because _____.” • “I like what _____ said because _____.” • “I agree with _____; but on the other hand, _____.”

  5. When you are not sure… Where is your evidence? What did you mean when you said____ ? Where did you see that? How does that connect to our topic?

  6. When you disagree… I disagree because… I have a different opinion. Let me tell you what I was thinking.

  7. To clarify… In other words… I hear you saying that… Here is my version of what you said.

  8. To encourage more talk… Tell us more. Go on. Say more about what you mean.

  9. Let’s Practice! The islands of Hawaii were formed by volcanoes that began at the bottom of the ocean. Over millions of years, these volcanoes erupted many times, spewing out melted rock called lava. As the lava hardened and piled up, it gradually formed huge hills above the surface of the sea. These hills became the Hawaiian Islands. Some volcanoes in Hawaii are no longer active, but others, such as the Kilauea, still erupt from time to time, forming new land. Many tourists to Hawaii are fascinated to see the results of these earthshaking natural wonders. It is amazing to see that cities have sprung up around the crater of an ancient volcano.

  10. 1. Which sentence best states the main idea of the passage? A. The Hawaiian Islands are a major tourist attraction. B. The Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanic activity. C. Lava is melted rock that erupts out of volcanoes. D. Kilauea is an active volcano.

  11. 2. Which of these is an important detail that supports the main idea? A. As the lava hardened, it gradually formed huge hills. B. Some volcanoes in the Hawaiian Islands are no longer active. C. Many tourists come to see the results of the volcanoes. D. Kilauea still erupts from time to time. 3. Which of these is an unimportant detail in the passage? A. Undersea volcanoes erupted over millions of years. B. Melted rock called lava hardened and piled up. C. Hardened lava gradually formed hills above the water. D. Cities around volcano craters are amazing sights.