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Tips to Make Your Baggage Lighter

Check out these simple hacks to make your baggage lighter while traveling.

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Tips to Make Your Baggage Lighter

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  1. Tips to Make Your Baggage Lighter

  2. When you are planning to go on a trip, and have also planned to keep your car in the DFW Airport parking, then it is likely that you won’t bother too much about the luggage. You don’t have to bother about loading your baggage on to a bus or cab, so you can get carried away easily. You must remember that the baggage will still be weighed before you go in for security checking, and if your baggage weighs more than the allowable limit, then you might have to pay a hefty charge.

  3. If you do not want to waste the money you saved at long term parking at LGA by having to pay extra baggage charges for an overweight bag, then here are four tricks for you to follow: • Different airlines have different weight restrictions for both hand baggage as well as checked in baggage. Before you start packing your stuff, check what your airline states, and then pack your stuff accordingly.

  4. Having too many pieces of luggage is a major source of worry, but putting all your stuff into your overnight case or back is not a great idea either. The ideal combination is to take a bag or a suitcase or an overnight case, and along with to take a rucksack. • In case you are having to carry your laptop along, please make sure it is not put into your main suitcase but carried in a separate bag, so that your check in luggage weights less.

  5. Carrying food in your main baggage is not a good idea. The reason is not only because food tins or cans or other packages are quite heavy. It is also because the fun in travelling to a new place is to experience the cuisine there. You can really travel light if you follow these 4 tips.

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