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WHAT’S IN YOUR FUTURE?. CHOICES:. Work Trade/Technical School (Virginia College, Blue Cliff School, Nashville Auto Diesel, Chris’s Beauty College) Community College Major 4-year university. WORK:. Your Technology class is preparing you with skills to be successful in the workplace:

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  2. CHOICES: • Work • Trade/Technical School (Virginia College, Blue Cliff School, Nashville Auto Diesel, Chris’s Beauty College) • Community College • Major 4-year university

  3. WORK: Your Technology class is preparing you with skills to be successful in the workplace: • Resume writing & interview skills • Content knowledge • Ethics on the job • Being punctual • Job etiquette

  4. TRADE OR TECHNICAL SCHOOL: • Concentrated programs • Enter the workforce sooner

  5. COMMUNITY COLLEGE: What do I do to go to a community college? • Look at the entrance requirements 1st time entering freshman Dual enrollment • Look at the cost Tuition and fees • Look at the program offerings Programs of study

  6. COMMUNITY COLLEGE (cont.): • Fill out an application What is the deadline? Is there an application fee?


  8. HOW MUCH IS IT GOING TO COST? • USM • Ole Miss • Mississippi State • South Alabama • LSU

  9. HOW AM I GOING TO PAY FOR SCHOOL? • FAFSA (You’ll need a PIN, your parents’ income tax filing, your parents will need a PIN also) http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ • Mississippi IHL (MTAG or MESG) http://www.mississippi.edu/riseupms/financialaid-state.php • Scholarships (University or local – see the counselors’ newsletters) • Financial aid (see the school’s website)

  10. DID YOU KNOW… MGCCC offers a Career/Tech scholarship if you complete two years of a Technology Program in high school? Check it out… MGCCC's scholarship programs

  11. Most universities offer academic scholarships based on your ACT scores!

  12. ONCE YOU’VE MET THE REQUIREMENTS AND KNOW HOW YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR SCHOOL, WHAT’S NEXT? • Fill out an application Is there a deadline? Is there a fee? Free or reduced lunch can get a fee waiver Is it on-line only or can I send a paper application?

  13. Where am I going to live? Are you required to live on campus? There is a separate housing application that must be filled out and usually has a fee attached. Are you allowed to have a car on campus? What will I need to furnish my dorm room? $$$ If I live off campus, will I need to furnish it? Will I have to pay utilities (cable, water, electricity, etc.)?

  14. SO MANY QUESTIONS, SO LITTLE TIME… I am here to help you! I am not a counselor but I can help you in your search for a career/school that is right for you. Graduation will be here before you know it, start planning now!

  15. TIMELINE: Senior year: ACT is offered in October, December, February, April, and June Does the college of your choice have a deadline for academic scholarships? If you receive free or reduced lunch, you are eligible for one ACT waiver for your junior year and one for your senior year Application deadlines? Early admission? What is the latest you can apply for admission? Housing arrangements? After January 1, file your FAFSA MTAG prior to September 15th Any other financial considerations? Are you eligible for dual enrollment at MGCCC? They offer eligible seniors one free course during their senior year ($84 is not covered)

  16. Junior year: ACT is offered October, December, February, April, and June ACT score = FREE money for school! Do you have an idea of where you want to go? Visit the college campuses. Are you on track to meet the entrance requirements? Is your GPA where it needs to be? Are you in a club/clubs? Do you hold an office? Are you volunteering with a group? School or otherwise? Are you preparing a resume? Are you saving money? Start looking at colleges’ websites to learn as much as you can about them before visiting so you know what to ask once you get there. Do you know about “study abroad”?

  17. Sophomore year: You may want to take the ACT towards the end of your sophomore year just to see what it’s about. Are you taking classes that meet the high school graduation requirements or classes that meet college entrance requirements?

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