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  1. Ghana MASDAR International Consultants

  2. UK TRADE & INVESTMENT AGRO-PROCESSING SEMINAR Miklin Hotel, Kumasi 17th November 2003 MASDAR International Consultants

  3. Phase 1 Review and diagnosis SWOT Analysis Identify Investment Opportunities Public Sector Projects Phase 2 Investment Appraisal Project design Ghana Agro-Industry Study 2001 Nationwide study over 12 months funded by African Development Bank MASDAR International Consultants

  4. Seminar Programme • Agro-Processing - where is Ghana today • James Siggs Bsc. MBA • Marketing Processed Products • Matthew Kofi Ocran BSc. MPhil. • Demand for Processed Foods • Dr. Victor Nyanteng • Agro – Processing Opportunities • Mr. Colin Watson BSc. MBA MASDAR International Consultants

  5. Oil Palm in Ghana MASDAR International Consultants

  6. Ghana Agro-industries Where are we today?James Siggs MASDAR International Consultants

  7. Population Projection (3% annual growth rate) MASDAR International Consultants

  8. Agrochemicals Other Supplies Extension & Research Breedstocks Seeds Equipment Transport Farm Storage Land & irrigation Raw Materials Storage Own use Produce Finished Goods Transport Exporters Distributors Inputs Agro-Industry Products Transport Storage Storage Agro-Industry Flow Chart Finance Human Resources MASDAR International Consultants

  9. Main Features of Ghanaian Agriculture Mostly rainfed Majority of producers are smallholders Low levels of technology utilised Productivity is generally low and costs of production are high Quality issues are not addressed MASDAR International Consultants

  10. Average Yields (mt/ha rainfed) MASDAR International Consultants

  11. Agro-processing Industries? What is an Agro-processing Industry? • Integral component in the processing chain to transform or stabilise crops/products and/or to provide added value. What an Agro-processing Industry is not! • Disposal of periodic crop surpluses • Converting low quality raw material inputs into marketable finished products. MASDAR International Consultants

  12. Market Product Product specifications Demand potential Price Competitiveness Raw Material Supply Quality control Security of supply Supply chain logistics Price Competitiveness Pre-requisites MASDAR International Consultants

  13. Issue Under-utilisation of capacity Competitiveness Factors Raw material supply constraints Markets and market intelligence Access to credit Consumer purchasing power Competitiveness Raw material costs Productivity Inappropriate technology Under-utilisation of capacity Current Issues MASDAR International Consultants

  14. Finance Issues • Long term nature of sector • High risks due to markets and weather • Substantial equity investment required • Availability of collateral • High transaction costs • Exchange rates/Inflation • Track record MASDAR International Consultants

  15. Ghana Agro-Industry SWOT MASDAR International Consultants

  16. Issues Quality Trade policy Land tenure Infrastructure Training Information Sustainability Constraints Management International treaties Custom Budget Attitudes Dissemination Cash flow Issues & Constraints MASDAR International Consultants

  17. Immediate Priorities • Improved quantitative and qualitative raw material supply for existing facilities • Continued improvement in the enabling environment to augment the operational efficiency of existing facilities • Develop and introduce products with immediate potential in the domestic market • Market and quality awareness training MASDAR International Consultants

  18. Marketing Processed Products Matthew Kofi Ocran MASDAR International Consultants

  19. Order of Presentation • Performance of the NTE Sector • Market and Quality Issues • Processing, Packaging and Distribution MASDAR International Consultants


  21. Growth in the NTE Sector • Exports of NTE brought in US$ 504 million in 2002 (Increase of 9.7% over 2001) • Number of exporters dropped from 3,117 to 2001 to 3,083 in 2002 • Products number dropped from 260 in 2001 to 257 in 2002 • Product number reduction occurred in semi-processed category whilst number of exporters reductions also occurred in the agricultural commodities MASDAR International Consultants

  22. Non-Traditional Exports MASDAR International Consultants

  23. Performance of the Horticulture Sub-Sector • Over the past 5 years; • Total exports of horticultural products have increased from 33,000 tones (1997) to 70,000 tones (2002) • Value of exports has also increased from US$22.9m to US$33.6m • Progress has been restricted to a few areas • Sea freighted pineapples (from 15,000t to 40,000t) • Sales to Europe of Asian vegetables (increasing unit value of air freighted exports) • Fresh produce processing (fresh-cut fruits and juicing) • Fresh produce sales in local and regional market MASDAR International Consultants

  24. Agricultural Non-Traditional Exports – Sub Sectors MASDAR International Consultants

  25. MARKET AND QUALITY AWARENESS MASDAR International Consultants

  26. Quality Issues • It is important that every body in the supply chain appreciates the importance of quality in the EU Market! (farmer-trucker-shipper) • Pesticide management • Pesticide Residue • Post-Harvest practices • Product norms and standards MASDAR International Consultants

  27. Market Opportunities • New opportunities in supermarket phenomena being brought in from South Africa; U Shoprite, Woolworth e.t.c as well as local supermarkets • Cereals, roots and tubers offer the best opportunity for processing because of their huge annual supplies that matches demand MASDAR International Consultants


  29. Processing and Packaging • Need for standards and measures • Processing and packaging adds value and leads to higher returns • Need for innovation eg. gari, palm oil, chicken, e.t.c • Benefits of processing • Packaging offers incentive/premium prices for high quality farm produce • Increases shelf life • Expand demand for product • Stabilises farm/agribusiness income • Reduce post-harvest losses MASDAR International Consultants

  30. Marketing Strategy • Reduce cost of production • Improve quality: consistency and reliability • Create local brands • Add value through processing • Introduce export quality assurance schemes • Commodity Trade Associations • Take advantage of $1/kg freight cost advantage • Diversify product portfolio by entering into high value horticultural products (MD2 variety of pineapple) • Local and regional market development MASDAR International Consultants

  31. Role for Public Private Partnership • Infrastructure Development • To help in infrastructure support • Eg. development cold chain infrastructure at the ports • Trade Associations to pull resources particularly in ensuring high quality standards MASDAR International Consultants

  32. Flowers for Export MASDAR International Consultants

  33. Demand for Processed Foods Dr. Victor Nyanteng MASDAR International Consultants

  34. Content • Role of Food Processing • Processed Food Commodities for the Domestic Market • Use of Processed Food Commodities in the Preparation of Household Meals Demand for Processed Food Commodities • Prospects for Increased Demand MASDAR International Consultants

  35. Role of Food Processing • Adds value to low value fresh commodities • Increases shelf life of the perishable fresh commodities • Improves intra-year availability of seasonal food crops production • Reduces wide fluctuations in intra year food prices • Enhances producer prices and incentives for increased production MASDAR International Consultants

  36. Role of Food Processing • Substitutes for imported processed food commodities • Opens avenues in export markets • Enhances food security • Improves nutritional quality of fresh food commodities • Adds unique taste to meals MASDAR International Consultants

  37. Processed Food Commodities on the Domestic Market • Some food commodities enter marketing channels and remain fresh throughout. • Others are transformed prior to entering or while in the marketing channels. • Many imported and locally processed food commodities on domestic markets including: • Frozen Meats, Poultry & Fish • Canned Meats Vegetables And Fish, • Edible Oils MASDAR International Consultants

  38. Levels of Food Processing • Food processed for use in household preparation of meals is at 3 levels:- • Primary Processing • Secondary Processing • Household Processing MASDAR International Consultants

  39. Primary Food Processing • Minimum transformation required in marketing channels • Carried out by initial producer (farmer), using poor technology MASDAR International Consultants

  40. Secondary Food Processing • Further transformation of output of primary processing or from raw food commodity where primary processing not required in marketing channels • Carried out by entrepreneurs in marketing systems • Some involve combining two different food commodities (eg dawadawa seed and groundnut). MASDAR International Consultants

  41. Household Processing • Transformation of raw food commodity in household before preparation of meals e.g. • Palm fruits to puree • Groundnuts to paste MASDAR International Consultants

  42. Processing of Cereals MASDAR International Consultants

  43. Processing of Roots/ Tuber / Plantain MASDAR International Consultants

  44. Processing of Vegetables MASDAR International Consultants

  45. Processing of Beans/Nuts MASDAR International Consultants

  46. Processing of Fruits and Other Tree Crops MASDAR International Consultants

  47. Processing of Livestock and Fish MASDAR International Consultants

  48. Processed Food Commodities Not On Domestic Market • Canned Fresh Snail • Canned Palm Fruit Puree • Canned Sliced Pineapple • Frozen Cocoyam Leaves MASDAR International Consultants

  49. Processed Food Commodities in Household Meals Preparation (1) Processed Form Use in Meal Preparation Maize Dough Porridge/Kenkey/Banku (+ cassava dough) Grits Porridge Flour Akple (+ cassava flour)/Tuo Zafi Roasted Maize Flour Porridge/aprapransa Rice Grits Porridge Flour Porridge MASDAR International Consultants

  50. Processed Food Commodities in Household Meals Preparation (2) Processed Form Use in Meal Preparation Cassava Dough Banku (+Maize dough) Flour Akple (+Maize Flour)/Kokonte/Pastries Cocoyam Flour Fufu Plantain Flour Fufu Tomatoes Paste/Puree Soup/Stew Dry Slice Soup/Stew Pepper Paste/Puree Soup/Stew Powder Soup/Stew MASDAR International Consultants