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Intro to the Renaissance PowerPoint Presentation
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Intro to the Renaissance

Intro to the Renaissance

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Intro to the Renaissance

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  1. Intro to the Renaissance Top Ten Reasons to Study…

  2. Intro to the Renaissance Use your notes from the middle ages to answer: based on our knowledge of the Middle Ages, predict how Europe could or should change during the Renaissance. (provide 1-2 paragraphs)

  3. Down fall of Feudalism??

  4. Think Pad Brain storm actions during the Middle Ages that would lead to a “rebirth” or change…

  5. What was the Renaissance? • A time of rebirth • Reversal of the Middle Ages • Arts flourished • Urban society developed • New world view develops

  6. Where are we? Civilization Awakes!!! • In Italy • Starts late 1350s • Greek and Roman learning rediscovered • People start to make and spend money • The Arts flourish

  7. 1. Egoism: I love me!!!! • Its all about me and that’s ok! • Philosophy called humanism • Humans are pretty cool beings…capable of doing good stuff • Contrast to Middle Ages • All about the church…I’m a sinful poor schlep and I’m going to hell…

  8. 2. Political Bad Boys • Machiavelli • Tells European kings to gain power by any means necessary • Aka its okay to ‘break a couple of legs’ • Make your point with violence • Have some virtu

  9. 3. Self help books and TV • TheCourtier,by Castiglione • Taught young men how to… • Get a job • Be popular • Get married to a ridiculously rich woman so you can mooch off of her and her rich daddy for the rest of your life. • Just like freshmen need=

  10. 4. Gossip Magazines • STAR • OK! • All had roots in the Renaissance • Printing press invented 1455 • Became easy to spread information • And slander people On no she didn’t..

  11. 5. The Mafia • Cosmio de Medici • Rich Italian guy • Makes Tony Soprano look like a kitten • Killed his political opposition • Kept power in his ‘family’ • EX: Naughty Popes…..

  12. 6. Beautiful People • Beauty was revered • If ya got it flaunt it…or capture it on canvas or in stone • Human body was revered • Fashions and fashion industry emerge • The Mona Lisa

  13. More beautiful people…

  14. 7. Ugly People • If ya got money…flaunt it…even if you fell from the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down • The Arnolfini Wedding

  15. 8. Good Medicine • Leonardo DaVinci and Andreas Vesalius • Hobby…autopsies • Stole bodies! • Finally figured out what does what • Put that info in a book! • i.e. your brain is responsible for thinking

  16. 9. Inventions: The Toilet • No longer a hole in the ground • The ‘throne’ was first used on the throne • Sir John Harrington (hence calling it the john) • invented the first flush toilet in1596 for Queen Elizabeth • Wrote a book about it too • The Metamorphosis of Ajax • Pooing on a throne was good for the heart and the soul…. • Jake was slang for potty

  17. Later… • Thomas Crapper (Hence the slang) • Revolutionizes flush toilets

  18. 10. Fighting the ‘Man’-Cause the man was getting us down! • Martin Luther says faith alone will allow you to get to heaven • FIGHTS THE CHURCH • (MAN) • NO MORE INDULGENCES • Money to get out of hell • Now you can spend your money on fun things… • Like champagne (16th century)

  19. 11. Carbonation=Bubbles • Champagne invented in 1600s • Mistakenly discovered by monks • Made only in France • BUBBLES • Leads to carbonating other drinks • Soda etc….

  20. Reflect on what you believe the Renaissance is in 3 words! VID CLIP

  21. Think Pad From what we know about the Renaissance so far: Create a thesis statement to answer this question- In what ways was the Renaissance similar or different from the Middle Ages?

  22. The Five Ideals of the Renaissance What is it??

  23. What was the Renaissance? • A time of rebirth • Reversal of the Middle Ages • Arts flourished • Urban society developed • New world view develops

  24. Where are we? Civilization Awakes!!! • In Italy • Starts late 1350s • Greek and Roman learning rediscovered • People start to make and spend money • The Arts flourish

  25. Task for Today As we go through each of the 5 ideals of the Renaissance, you will create a symbol that represents the concept!

  26. #1Humanism • Study of Greek and Latin culture • Study of ancient Uncorrupted Christianity (before the church) • Want to revive ancient values • Human body is great! • Human capabilities are infinite! • Perfection is possible! • RELIGION less important Perfection!!!!

  27. Humanist philosophy • People want to learn for themselves! • NOT HAVE SOMEONE TELL THEM (church) • Writings: • Common speech allows more information to spread!

  28. Fransesco Petrarch- • Father of humanism • Assembled huge collection of Greek and Roman works • Allowed others to read Cicero, Homer and Virgil

  29. Humanism and Education • The Studia humanitas • Liberal education • A little bit of everything • Making a Renaissance Man • Prepared people for a life of virtu

  30. #2 Secularism • Religious nature of 15th century (1400s) • Black Death, Great Schism • Events that led to questioning beliefs • Prioritized ‘life’ • In the moment • Live for today- Carpe Diem • ITS ALL ABOUT ME!

  31. #3 Individualism • The little guy and victory • Recognition for own merit • I am special and fantastic. Know that.

  32. Individualism in sports?

  33. Think Pad: Share your symbols with your neighbor- Have them guess what theme it is connected to!

  34. #4 Rationalism • Critical of scholasticism/ church • Observation is key: Scientific Process • Precursor to scientific thought

  35. #5 Virtu • The ideal of behavior…. • A Go Getter! • Know what you want and do it! • Be part of the action! • Guts! Cahones! • VIRTU is not VIRTUE • DO NOT CONFUSE THEM Has virtu…not virtue…..

  36. What can we say about the start of the Renaissance

  37. Think Pad: Why Italy?? What do you think of when you think about Italy?

  38. I think positively because i am alive, i think positively because i am alive and because i am alive, nothing and nobody in the world could make me stop thinking, nothing and nobody in the world will be able to stop, stop, stop this wave that goes, this wave that comes and goes, this wave that goes, this wave that comes and goes this wave that goes, this wave that comes and goes this wave that goes, this wave that comes and goes.

  39. Why Italy??!! Stations: - The Commerce - The Environment - The New Spirit

  40. Summary Create a list of at least 3 reasons you found in your reading that would explain the advantages of Italy.

  41. Why Italy Day 2 Sit with your Group Members around where you were yesterday.

  42. Trade and Commerce is Changing Society: Feudal to City States Power: Bankers and Merchants Status: For Wealth not birth

  43. Think Geography… • Italy in Mediterranean • Traded with Islamic world • Preserved Greek and Rome • Had technological advantage Ibn Sina: Doctor and philosopher

  44. Italian Cities: City States • THE BIG 5 • Venice • Milan • Florence • Papal States • Naples

  45. Development of the City State • Cities unlike northern Europe • Never really entered dark ages • Lack of Kings/ Territorial Princes • Bred competition between cities • Dominated by the popolograsso • The fat people- THE MIDDLE CLASS • Made money off of trade • Crusades made people RICH$$$$

  46. Spotlight: Florence • Dominated by the Medicifamily (Middle Class Wealth) • Started banks in the 1300s (LOANSSSS) • Later became the bankers for the Roman Catholic Church • Became very wealthy

  47. Sum Up… • Italy was different from rest of Europe • Had vibrant trade • Had a wealthy middle class • Middle class challenged aristocrats for power politically and economically • MONEY helped to fuel the artistic explosion • MONEY helped the economy to grow

  48. Summary: Thesis: Analyze the qualities of Italy that contributed the flourishing of the Renaissance.

  49. Renaissance Art Think Pad: What styles of art do we have today; how do we “do” and use art?

  50. Medici Family Dynasty • Became political powerhouse of Florence • They were NOT members of the aristocracy • Represented wealthy middle class • Sometimes bloody struggles for power with aristocrats Lorenzo the Magnificent