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Expense Payables to HQ

Expense Payables to HQ. Transition from NWSAC November 2009. The Schedule. Expense Payables will transition from NWSAC to HQ on November 9. NWSAC will still Enter the week of November 9 th if they receive.

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Expense Payables to HQ

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  1. Expense Payables to HQ Transition from NWSAC November 2009

  2. The Schedule • Expense Payables will transition from NWSAC to HQ on November 9. • NWSAC will still Enter the week of November 9th if they receive. • NWSAC will not Enter the week of November 16th, as invoices will be forwarded to HQ AP Expense group.

  3. What’s Included? • All the same types of expenses which have been going to Tammy’s group in NWSAC: • Any non-inventory invoices except for P-Card charges (division 2 vendors). • Any re-occurring type vendors in which the invoices were going directly to NWSAC (i.e, Utilities, etc). • Expense Reports and Petty Cash Reimbursements. • P-Card back up continues to go to your P-Card administrator.

  4. What Is Changing? • Expenses will no longer be entered into Branch Logons. • Expenses will be entered into a single Logon (ADMIN) in order to consolidate into one vendor file for expenses. • This will allow us to increase our buying leverage including additional P-Card Rebates. • AP Expenses will only be entered by one group, which will provide for more consistent review of expenses and G/L Coding.

  5. What Is Changing? • Because a single payables logon is being utilized, branches will no longer have access to invoice & payment information in API. • This is a BIG change. • These will be visible on your Loan Balance/Expense Analysis reports as a Journal Source of HQP. • Regional Accounting Office will have access to Inquire within ADMIN logon.

  6. What Is Changing? • AP Entry of expenses will no longer be allowed at the branch level. • All AP expenses need to be sent to Centralized AP Expense group: • Reduce risk of duplicate payment • Proper Review of Expenses • Consistent and Proper G/L coding

  7. What’s the Process? • Invoices need to be signed or initialed by the appropriate branch manager or associate and location number(s) to be charged clearly indicated. • G/L coding will be done by the HQ AP Expense group. • Invoices can be scanned, faxed or mailed. • Scanned and E-Mailed is the preferred method. • Associate Expense Reports and Petty Cash Reimbursements can now be scanned or faxed also. • After invoices are e-mailed or faxed, they should be filed locally and retained for 6 months. • AP Expenses should be reviewed, coded and entered within 3 – 4 business days.

  8. Where and How to Send • Scanned invoices sent to PAYME@ferguson.com • FAXed invoices sent to (757) 989-2510, Attn: Accts Payable • Mailed invoices sent to FEI c/o HQ Accounts Payable PO Box 2520 Newport News, VA 23609-0520 • Overnight invoices sent to FEI c/o HQ Accounts Payable 12500 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, VA 23602-4314

  9. Additional Information • Sandy Sherrill – AP Manager • 757-989-2596 • Melissa Wright – AP Lead • 757-223-6475 • Jolene Simon – AP Lead • 757-989-2775 • Beverly Johnson – Customer Service • 757-969-4878

  10. Emergency Manual Check Process • Currently, we are not anticipating any changes to the Emergency Check process. • If it does change, additional communication will be sent to all locations.

  11. Other Information • Check runs will occur daily based on invoice payment terms. • Check Request E-Forms can only be used for Customer Refunds. • Only use the following: • Check Request – SAC East. • The others will be eliminated: • Angeles, NWSAC, SAC West, Garden, Ventura.

  12. Other Information • All other normal SAC functions are being transferred to ESAC: • Trade AP Entry, APC, Freight Verification, Cash Receipts, CCAD • Separate communications are being sent out on those transitions. • Division 1 vendors for expenses • These will be entered in Branch Logon to avoid AP Entry in both ADMIN and Branch Logons. • Reduces risk of duplicate payment.

  13. Tips and Tricks • Scan or FAX invoices daily. • Do not Scan or FAX and Mail. • Make sure that scans and FAXes are legible. • Maintain “sent” scans in a single folder for future reference. • Make sure that location numbers are clear and have appropriate approvals. • Separate P-Card invoices versus those that need to be paid. • Don’t hold invoices, especially those with short payment terms.

  14. Tips and Tricks • Know the current policies and rules on allowable charges on expense reports. • Use the new Expense Report form. • Expenses that do not comply will not be reimbursed. • Expense Reports must be approved by associate’s Manager or above.

  15. Associate Expense Reports • All business expenses must be supported by receipts. • Where receipt is not possible, an itemized description must be provided on the expense report. • Business Meals • Detailed and itemized receipts are required for purchases over $75. • Summary (non-itemized) receipts are acceptable for purchases between $15 and $75. • Although receipts are preferred, they are not required for purchases under $15. • Beer, wine or liquor consumed in moderation in conjunction with an evening meal is an allowable expense, however wine selections may not exceed $50 per bottle. • All expense reports should be submitted within 30 days of trip completion. • Expense Reports can now be Scanned and E-mailed or FAXed.

  16. Branch Next Steps • Train / Communicate to your associates • PowerPoint will be e-mailed after webcast. • Post / Distribute the e-mail address, FAX number, mailing information and contact information. • Analyze your paper flows to avoid delays. • Get invoices to HQ timely, but only send once. • Analyze your branch approval process. • GM’s, Ops Mgr’s, Branch Mgr’s, others. • Make sure you are not causing delays within the branch. • Set up files for invoices sent to HQ for 6 months. • Make sure it is separate from P-Card back up.

  17. AP Expense Payables Questions??

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