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11.5.7 Payables New Features

11.5.7 Payables New Features. Steve Bradley OASIS Consulting Group. Introduction. Oracle has worked out most of the initial bugs in 11i. Now they are rolling out some really nice features that make the move to 11.5.7 worthwhile

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11.5.7 Payables New Features

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  1. 11.5.7 Payables New Features Steve Bradley OASIS Consulting Group

  2. Introduction • Oracle has worked out most of the initial bugs in 11i. Now they are rolling out some really nice features that make the move to 11.5.7 worthwhile • My current project is upgrading a 10.7 Character and SC client to 11.5.7/8

  3. NACHA Payment Format • Finally!!! It has taken Oracle over 10 years to come up with this commonly requested feature. • In 11.5.7 you can now use direct deposit for vendor/employee payments. • We have taken this format and back ported it to 10.7. This is not Oracle supported but can be done easily.

  4. E-mail Remittance Advice • You can have Oracle Payables send the notification of payment via e-mail by including an e-mail address in the vendor site Payments region • Notify employees of direct deposit payments of expense reports • The E-mail Remittance Advice includes appropriate payment information for all invoices on each payment • It is automatic upon confirmation of payment batches or Quick payments

  5. Enhanced Key Indicators Report • This report can now be run on individual Payables users or the full department.

  6. Employee Update Program This was included in 11.5.5 but is worth a mention here. • Updates the Payables supplier record for any employee information changed in HR or from the Enter Person form • This program is run when you import expense reports or it can be run as needed

  7. Enhanced Suppliers Report • The old “New Supplier Site Listing” has been eliminated by combining it with the “Suppliers Report” • New selection criteria have been added so you can select by income tax reportable or maintenance performed by a specific person • New data in the report includes remittance bank account, TIN, income tax type and payment method

  8. Approval Manager This is so new, Oracle Sales did not know about it and will not be able to demo it until late November There is very little activity for this topic on the list servers It is the future direction of approval routing for all workflows

  9. Approval Manager (cont.) • Currently available for: • Invoice Approval • Expense Report Approval • Purchase Requisition Approval

  10. Approval Manager (cont.) • It is a highly sophisticated method of selecting the correct approval routing for documents • Supports complex rules including: • Pre-approval and post approval review groups • Designated approvers for temporary absences • Approval routings for • specific documents • departments • other items you may wantto define

  11. Invoice Approval • Uses Approval Manager to route invoices for payment approval • Invoice header and at least one distribution line must be entered • Entry of the “Requestor” of the product or service becomes the “seed data” for the approval process

  12. Invoice Approval (cont.) • If Invoice Approval is invoked almost all invoices must be processed by the Invoice Approval Workflow • Exceptions: • Imported Expense Reports • Recurring invoices where template indicates no approval • PO Matched (can be configured to omit)

  13. Effective Exchange Rate Calculation • This is nice if you know the foreign currency and functional currency amounts for an invoice but not the exchange rate. • Enter both of these and Oracle will calculate the exchange rate for you.

  14. Unclaimed Property Report • This report can be used to satisfy the escheat laws. It lists all uncleared Payables payments.

  15. Payment Batch Scheduling • Define payment batch sets (including multiple accounts) and schedule them for regular payment intervals. • The scheduling routine will change the pay through dates, exchange rate date and payment dates as needed.

  16. Automatic Bank Transmission • Workflow is used in this feature to transmit bank payment data and receive payment confirmations. • By combining this with the NACHA payment format, payment batch scheduling and e-mail notification you can automate the whole payment process for electronic payments.

  17. Primary Pay Site • If a supplier has more than one site you can now specify one of them as the Primary Pay Site. • The Primary Pay Site will then be the default site displayed for invoice entry (as if it were the only site for the supplier).

  18. Still Not Fixed • Laser check printing: • Oracle’s “new” solution still requires custom code for logos, signatures and MICR line • Also suggests using Evergreen solution • Invoice and Payment Currency not the same: • You still cannot enter a French Franc (EURO now) invoice and pay it in USD. You can enter a French Franc invoice and pay it in EURO.

  19. 11.5.7 GL New Features Steve Bradley OASIS Consulting Group

  20. FSG Report Set Enhancements • Multiple users can view and submit FSG report sets at the same time. • Prior versions locked the report set when it was in use. • Additionally, a history of report set submissions is now maintained so ADI users do not need to resubmit reports sets to publish them in ADI

  21. Hierarchical Security Support • Hierarchy security relates to security assigned to Parents of child segment values. • The children inherit the security assigned to the parent. • This means you can assign security to the Owner’s Equity parent and have it affect all children of that parent.

  22. FSG Hierarchical Security Support • This is a companion feature to HierarchicalSecurity • It provides the functionality for FSG reports to exclude child data that is secured at the parent level • The security is assigned to the users by responsibility.

  23. Enhanced Compatibility • Now you can perform the following in multiple sets of books at the same time (in parallel). • Budget Upload • Translation • Open/Close Periods • Posting

  24. EnhancedMassAllocation Performance • The performance has been enhanced for formulas that process large numbers of child segments.

  25. Account Hierarchy Manager • This is in effect a web version of the ADI Account Hierarchy Editor. • It does not require the installation of any client software at the PC level

  26. Segment Value Security for Journals Reports • All of the journal listing reports have been modified to exclude data in compliance with Flexfield security assigned to their responsibility.

  27. Journal Import Adjusting Period Support • Prior to this enhancement, imported journals (including ADI) could only use non-adjustment periods. • Now Period Name and Accounting Date will be used. • In cases of conflicting periods from these values the Accounting Date will typically be used.

  28. Journal Import Currency End Date Bypass • This feature permits the import of journals using expired currency codes. • It does require the creation of a custom profile option for its use.

  29. 11.5.7 New GL & AP Features Questions will be addressed in Breakout Session Steve Bradley OASIS Consulting Group, Inc. sbradley@sprynet.com (404) 788-8787

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