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Unit11 Shipment PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit11 Shipment

Unit11 Shipment

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Unit11 Shipment

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  1. 外贸英语函电 Unit11 Shipment 第七组:常新娟 李永艳 康蕊蕊 张震 张根强 王晓磊

  2. Ⅱ. Kinds of Transportation in International Trade • Ocean Marine transportation • Rail transportation • Air transportation • Highway transportation • River transportation • Postal transportation, etc.

  3. Letters regarding shipment • Letters regarding shipment mainly include the following: 1. Discussing terms of shipment or asking for amendment to terms of shipment. 2. Giving shipping instructions to the seller. 3. Urging an early, immediate or punctual shipment. 4. Sending shipping advice and/or shipping documents. Return

  4. Letters 1 discussing terms of shipment • September 22, 2008 • Dear Mr. Spear • Thankyou for your letter of Sep.18 enquiring about whether the goods under Sales Contract No.56 are ready. We would like to inform you that the goods are being packed and will be ready for shipment on Sep.26, 2008. • Please book the shipping space and inform us of the name, voyage of the vessel, the name and address of the shipping line you will nominatedand the departure time of the vessel so as to enable us to contact the agent of the shipping line in our area for loading the goods. • We look forward to your early reply. • Yours sincerely

  5. Letters2Shipping instructions to the seller before shipment • September 24, 2008 • Dear Mr. Wang • Re: Shipment of the Canned Mushroom under S/C No.56 • Thank you for your letter dated Sep.22 informing us that the captained goods will be ready for shipment on Sep.26. We have confirmed the booking with Hyundai Merchant Marine Shipping Co. for 3 20-foot equivalent units.(标准箱单位) • The name of the vessel on which the shipping space is booked is Hyundai Star (Voyage No. 009E). The estimated departure timeof the vessel from Yantai Port is Sep.28. • Please contact the Daya Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. ---- the agency of Hyundai Merchant Marine Shipping for specific arrangements of the shipment. The contact information of Daya Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is listed below: • Address: Room 806, Qili Mansion, Chaoyang Street, Yantai City • Tel: 0535-6228292 Fax: 0535-6228293 • Please fax us the shipping advice as soon as the shipment is executed. • Yours sincerely

  6. Letters 3 Urging shipment • September 18, 2008 • Dear Mr. Wang • Re: Shipment of the Canned Mushroom under S/C No.56 • We are writing tocall your kind attention to the shipment of the canned mushroom under Sales Contract No.56. The date of shipment is approaching, but up to now, we haven’t got any information from you regarding the progress of the preparation of the goods. • As you know, this transaction is on a FOB basis. It is our duty to book the shipping space. Only after knowing when the goods will be ready for shipment, can we book the shipping space in time with the suitable shipping line. • Please notify us when the goods will be ready for shipment as soon as possible. • Yours sincerely

  7. Letters4 Shipping advice to the buyer after shipment • September 28, 2008 • Dear Mr. Spear • Re: Shipment of the Canned Mushroom under S/C No.56 • I would like to inform you that the 20 metric tons of canned sliced mushroom under Sales Contract No.56 have already been shipped on board the vessel you nominated. • The vessel departed from Yantai Port on September 28 as scheduled. No changes are made concerning the name and voyage of the vessel. The estimated arrival time of the vessel to Los Angeles, USA is Oct. 18. • In compliance with your request, related shipping documents including shipped on board bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of insurance and certificate of origin will be sent to you by DHL tomorrow. • We hope the goods will reach you in time and turn out to your entire satisfaction. • Yours sincerely

  8. Writing Strategy • How to write a shipment letter to prospective clients When writing to a prospective client in order to make shipment, the following contents should be included in the letter: • (1) Inform the buyer that the goods under … contract have been shipped via S.S. … on … date. • (2) Advise the buyer what shipping documents have been sent. • (3)Wish the goods to arrive in good condition • (4) Thank the buyer for his order and wish to receive his repeat order.

  9. Writing Strategy Rules of writing letters of urging shipment When writing to the seller in order to urge shipment, the following contents should be included in the letter: • (1) State that the relative L/C has been opened. • (2) State the necessity and reasons of immediate shipment. • (3) State the harm to business if shipment is delayed and wish the seller to ship the goods early.

  10. New words and expressions 1.ship n. 船 V. 装船,装运(in U.S. also by rail, road and air) We expect to ship the goods by S.S. “peace” next week. Shipment n. 1) 装运(the act of putting goods on a ship) These goods are ready for shipment. 2) 船货,到货(goods being carried by ship) Our customers are satisfied with your last shipment. 3) 装船期限 (time for shipping) Please extend shipment for 20 days. Shipping n. 海运 Shipper n. 发货人,托运人

  11. 1.shipment n. make shipment; perform shipment; execute shipment; finish shipment; complete shipment; 2.shipment instructions:装船指示 We will arrange to make shipment and please let us have your shipment instructions immediately. Shipment advice 装船通知 Immediately on finishing shipment, please let us have your shipment advice by fax. New Words & Expressions

  12. New Words & Expressions 3.shipping mark 唛头 Please let us know promptly the shipping marks put on your cargoes. 4.delay in shipment:延迟装船 We will be unable to avoid a delay in shipment of about a month owing to the port workers’ strike.

  13. 5.ship’s space; shipping space:船位 We would like you to secure ship’s space urgently and make shipment during this month without fail. 6.port of shipment 装运港 We will make the port of shipment at seller’s option. 7.Mate’s Receipt; M/R:大副收据 We can arrange the shipping documents at about a week after receiving M/R.

  14. 2. forward a. 在前部的;远期的;期货的;预约的 Please quote forward prices. Forward ad. 向前;出来;提前地;今后地 We look forward to hearing from you. Freight forward (freight to collect) 运费到付 Freight prepaid 运费已付 Forward V. 寄送;发货 Your e-mail has been forwarded to us for attention. Your order No. 101 can be forwarded early next month. Forward n. 期货 Forwarder n. 传送东西的人;代运人(商);转运商 New Words & Expressions

  15. Words and expressions • inland waterway transport  • 班轮装运 • liner shipping  • 滞期 • demurrage  • 速遣 • dispatch  • 附加费 • surcharge 

  16. Words and expressions • 租船运输 • chartering shipping  • 航次租船  • voyage charter  • 定期租船 • time charter  • 不定期船运输 • tramp shipping 

  17. Words and expressions • Shipping Documents may includes: • commercial invoice商业发票 • packing list 装箱单 • weight memo 重量单;磅码单 • certificate of origin原产地证明 • certificate of inspection检验证明 • bill of lading 提单 • insurance policy保险单

  18. Sentence Patterns

  19. Ⅰ. Shipping Instructions

  20. To be ready for shipment备妥待运 • We are glad to inform you that the goods you ordered are ready for shipment. Please let us have your instructions for shipping marks and dispatch. • 我们高兴地通知你方所订购的货物已备妥待运,请告知唛头及装运要求。

  21. 2. To ship goods by S.S (M.V)由…轮装运货物 • Please try your utmost to ship our goods by S.S. “Peace” which is due to arrive at Hamburg on 8 May, and confirm by return that the goods will be ready in time. • 请尽力用“和平”号轮装运我方货物,该轮定于5月8日抵汉堡。请函复确认货物将按时备妥。

  22. 3. To book shipping space订舱位 • As soon as shipping space is booked, we shall advise you of the name of the ship on which the goods are to be sent. • 一俟订舱后,我方将告知装运货物的船名。 • Please book the necessary shipping space in advance to ensure timely dispatch of the goods ordered. • 请预定所需的舱位,以保证及时装运所订购的货物。

  23. 4. Within the stipulated time在规定时间内 • As our users are in urgent need of the consignment, please get the goods dispatched within the stipulated time. • 由于我方客户急需此货物,请按规定的时间发运。

  24. 5.To advance (postpone) shipment提前(推迟)装运 • It is stipulated the shipment is to be made in October. However, we shall appreciate it if you will manage to advance the shipment to September to enable is to catch the busy season. • 按规定应于10月装运,但是如蒙你方设法提前于9月交货,以使我方赶上旺季,则不胜感激。 • As the market is sluggish, please postpone the shipment of our ordered goods to March. • 所订购货物延迟至3月发货,

  25. Ⅱ. Shipping Advice

  26. To advise (inform, notify) sb.通知某人 • We take pleasure in advising you that we have today shipped the goods under you Order No. 756 on board S/S “Peace” which sails for your port tomorrow. • 我们高兴地通知你方,756号订单之货物已于今日装上“和平”号轮,该轮将于明日驶往你方港口。

  27. 2.To effect shipment装运 • Shipment is to be effected (made) during March/April. • 3至4月份装船。 • The shipment of bath towels under contract No.756 will be effected by M.V. “Goddess”, which is scheduled to leave here on 20 June. Please arrange insurance for this cargo. • 第756号项下浴巾的货物将由“女神”轮装运,该轮定于6月20日起航。

  28. 3. To be transshipped (at)转船 • We have pleasure in notifying you that we have shipped today by m.v. “Yellow River” 200cartons of alarm clocks. They are to be transshipped at Hong Kong and are expected to reach your port early next month. • 兹通知已由“黄河”号轮发运200箱闹钟。此货物将在新加坡转船,预定于下月初到达你方港口。

  29. 4. To make a partial shipment 分批装运 • If you desire earlier delivery, we can only make a partial shipment of 50 tons of rice in July and the balance of 50 tons in August. • 如果你方要求提前装运,我们只能于7月分批装运其中的50吨大米,其余的50吨将于8月装运。

  30. Ⅱ. Shipping Documents

  31. Shipping documents covering…的装运单据 • Enclosed please find one set of the shipping documents covering this consignment, which comprises: the commercial invoice, bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin and insurance certificate. • 现附上这批货物的装运单据一套,包括商业发票、提单、装箱单、原产地证明和保险凭证。

  32. 2. To be sent through…bank由某银行转交 • The originals of the shipping documents are being sent to you through the Bank of China. • 装运单据正本通过中国银行寄送你方。 • The Commercial Invoice and Insurance Policy, together with clean on board ocean Bill of Lading have been set through the National Bank. • 商业发票、保险单和清洁已装船海运提单已交国家银行转送。

  33. 3. To be airmailed 空邮 • In compliance with the terms of the contract, a full set of duplicate documents were airmailed to you immediately after the goods were shipped. • 按照合同条款,在货物装船后即将全套单据副本空邮给你方。 • 正本/副本单据: • original/duplicate document

  34. Thank you!