t h e m a s t e r o f h e a l t h n.
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T h e M a s t e r o f H e a l t h PowerPoint Presentation
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T h e M a s t e r o f H e a l t h

T h e M a s t e r o f H e a l t h

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T h e M a s t e r o f H e a l t h

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  1. TheMasterofHealth SciencesDegreein Communication Disorders Planningforyourprogram

  2. Welcome! Iamexcitedtowelcomeyou intothe graduateprogramin CommunicationDisordersatGSU.Youare joiningaprogramthatis innovative,community-oriented,and diverse. Wehavechallengingand rewardingcoursesandprogramming,andmany opportunitiesforyouto individualizeyoureducationtohelpexplorespecialareasofinterest. In preparation for the upcoming mandatory orientation or if you haven’t met with your advisor, please visit,includingthe department’sstudenthandbooksand calendars. Many of you have completed your advising visit. If you have not seen your advisor, onthenextfewpages,youwillfind instructionsto prepare you for the advising visit. If you have completed the advising process, you will find important reminders and suggestionsforotherthings youmaydotobe readytohitthegroundrunningin thefall. I lookforward toseeingyouon Thursday, August22nd! Dr. Jessica Bonner Interim DepartmentChair

  3. Planningyourcoursesequence • Printouta copyofthedepartment’sprojectedtwo-yearcourseschedule. • Printoutthelist ofrequirementsfortheMHSprogramfromthedepartment’ you did notgraduate fromGSU,pleasealso printouttherequirementsfor theBHSprogram. • ReviewtheGraduateStudentHandbookonthedepartment’swebpage. • Noticethatall 3-credit graduate andundergraduate courses aretaughtonce perweekfor3 hours. Alsonoticethat1- credit coursesare on individualizedschedules or online. • Beginbuildingascheduleforyourentire program. Schedule all academiccoursestobecompletedbeforepracticumcoursesbegin.

  4. Planningyourcoursesequence • Develop apotential planwhich includes3-4graduate coursesper semesterifyouare full time,or1-2graduate coursesper semesterifyouare parttime. • Ifyouhave nothadequivalentcoursestothose listedinthe BHSprogramrequirements,youmustinclude anymissing undergraduate coursesinyourfirsttwosemestersofgraduatestudy. Highlightthesetodiscuss with youradvisor. • Schedulethe6000 level coursesinyourfirstyear. • Consider whetheryoumightbe interestedincompletinga thesis. Ifso, youshouldbeginworkingonaplanwithyour advisorduring yourfirstsemesterintheprogram.

  5. SummerPreparations • During Mayor June, meetwithyouradvisortodevelopa • studyplan • Onceyou have astudyplan developed,registerfor yourfall classes. • Please be aware that theTestofAcademicProficiency (TAP) fromthe ISBEis no longer available.Currently, you must pass the ACTPlusWriting with acomposite score of22or higher, ortheSATwithascore of1030 or higher,and report thesescoresreported(insteadof theTAP).Apassingscore on a test of basic skills e.g., ACT isrequiredforall MHScandidatesinCDIS.You will notbepermittedtoregisterfor thespringsemester untilyou have taken a test of basic skills.

  6. SummerPreparations • Sendcopiesofyourofficial transcriptstoGSUasinstructedby • theOfficeofAdmissions.Also, provide a copy to your advisor with grades from your last semester(s) in your undergrad program. • Submityour immunizationverificationstotheuniversity. • Take undergraduatecoursesyouneed. Weencourageyouto takethemhereatGSU,andcanhelpyoudoso. • Put in your calendarthemandatoryorientationon Thursday,August22ndfrom8:30–4:00.

  7. YourAdvisor • Go to youradvisorwith any questionsaboutthe program, courses,orpoliciesthat arenotanswered intheDepartmentofCommunicationDisordersGraduateStudentHandbook. • Askingfellowstudentsmay result inincorrect or confusinginformation. Itis your advisor'sintention to ensureyour academicandprofessionalprogress.

  8. Registration–Authorization • Afteryouradvisor hasapprovedyour SSP, including theStudyPlanGrid,enteryour sequenceinthe CourseAuthorizationBook. • Donotsignupforacademic coursesin the authorization book whichalreadyhave25students listed. • Yourapproved studyplangrid shouldmatch your • requestsin theauthorization book.

  9. Registration–Authorization • Bysigningupforyour coursesintheCourse AuthorizationBook,youare reservinga placein that sectionofthegraduate course. • Ifyouwishto makechanges to yourapproved study plangrid, youare requiredto haveyour changes approvedbyyouracademicadvisor.Thesechanges thenmustbereflectedinthecourseauthorization book. • Authorizationwill permityoutoregister, itdoes • notreplace yourregistration.

  10. Registration Once authorized,youstill need toregister!

  11. RegistrationOptions • Donotattemptto enrollconcurrentlyin a course andits prerequisite. Specialpermissionfromthe instructorisrequiredforthis. • It isimportant to rememberthatundergraduateCDIScoursesare notauthorized.You mustregister as early aspossiblein ordertoensurea space in thecourse.

  12. ChecklistofStepstoCompleteM.H.S. DegreeRequirements • ViewPre-AdvisingOrientationdocument • ScheduleAdvisingAppointment • DevelopSSPandGrid with Advisor • RegisterforFall 2019courses • Attend the mandatory OrientationandPracticumInformationSessiononThursday,August 22nd, 8:30-4:00.