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  1. Engineering Standard Issuance 4.36.XXX Packaging Rev 03 Purpose To specify packaging to preserve and protect purchased parts and assemblies manufactured to Komatsu America Corp. - Peoria Operations specifications Specification Print Title Block Definition Marking within the title block will be noted as procedure named Packaging. The issuance number will be noted in the corresponding issuance block. Specific procedure when stated by a character letter in the print title block is to be followed in lieu of the corresponding Letter procedure for the general component. Select corresponding letter suffix procedure by component name when the issuance is listed in the title block with no suffix character Letter, if not stated otherwise on the print. Example 1 No suffix named procedure Packaging 4.36.XXX Procedure Issuance Select appropriate suffix procedure for component Example 2 Named suffix procedure Use suffix named in lieu of component name. This example 2 states to use procedure A. Packaging 4.36.XXX (A) Procedure Issuance

  2. Exception If an issuance number is noted (with a suffix character letter) in the title block and Packaging specification is noted elsewhere on the drawing, the packaging specification Noted on the drawing will take precedence over any specified within the issuance. Engineering Specifications One part number per package. Multiple packages per pallet acceptable. The part number must be clearly marked on the package with a bar code or packing list stating item number, item description, quantity, P.O., and line number. Where weld studs are exposed, protect with a plastic cap. Package should be stackable if practical and safe. A. Unfinished metal parts Do not need to be individually wrapped. Package shall be larger than the profile of the part(s) with the exception of burn to shape parts. B. Machined surfaces Protect and preserve per KAC Surface Prep and Protect Standard 4.36.021 (B) C. Multiple painted parts 35 pounds and less. If in the same package these must be individually wrapped. D. Large painted parts weighing more than 35 pounds One part per package, the package should be larger than the profile of the part.

  3. E. Handrails Shipping containers must be larger than part. Must protect handrails from rubbing against each other or the package. F. Exhaust Tubes When multiple tubes are shipped together in the same container, each layer must be protected from rubbing against each other or the package. G. Intake Tubes Must be cleaned and capped securely. If multiple tubes are shipped together in the same container, each tube must be protected from rubbing against each other or the package. H. Harnesses Shall be looped and tied and entire harness protected and sealed in a clear plastic bag. I. Hoses Insides are cleaned and ends capped and wrapped. J. Plastics Small- Shall be individually wrapped and or boxed. I.E. knobs, handles, base plates… Large- Shall be wrapped and packaged individually. I.E. dash panels, door panels… Switches, Sensors, Lenses All shall be individually wrapped and or boxed.

  4. PMO Approved Packaging Materials Preferred list: Wood, cardboard, clear plastics, non steel banding, recyclable materials Accepted list: Micro foam, oil paper Unacceptable: Steel banding