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Country In A Bag PowerPoint Presentation
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Country In A Bag

Country In A Bag

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Country In A Bag

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  1. Country In A Bag Taiwan

  2. Taiwan Population: 22,920,946 Capital City: Taipei (population: 2,622,933) Area: total: 35,980 sq km (compared to Canada : 9,984,670 sq km) land: 32,260 sq km (compared to Canada: 9,093,507 sq km) water: 3,720 sq km (compared to Canada: 891,163 sq km) Government: Multiparty democracy President is Ma Ying-Jeou

  3. Where is it?

  4. The Taiwanese Ethnic Groups

  5. The Taiwanese Religion

  6. The Taiwanese Languages: Mandarin Chinese (official) Taiwanese(minority) Hakka Dialects Less than 1% of population is below poverty line 96.1% literacy rate (Ages 15 and over can read and write)

  7. The Taiwanese Culture: Food- Bubble tea (now popular in North America) -Poultry (duck) -Meat(beef noodles) -Seafood (steamed grouper) Recreation -Karaoke - Hot Springs -Anime -Majhong Sports -Baseball (little league) -Badminton -Table Tennis -Basketball

  8. The Taiwanese Important Dates: -The Chinese New Years (Last Day of Lunar Year-15 days) -The Dragon Festival (5th day of 5th lunar month) -The Lantern Festival (15th day of New Years) -Lover’s Day (7th day of 7th lunar month) -The Hungry Ghost Festival (7th month) -Republic Day (October 10th)

  9. Economy GDP: $383.3 Billion GDP per Capita: $30,100 GDP Composition per Sector:

  10. Economy Imports: $219.3 Billion Import Commodities: electronic and electrical products, machinery, petroleum, precision instruments, organic chemicals, metals Import Partners:

  11. Economy Exports: $246.5 Billion Export Commodities: Electronic and electrical products, metals, textiles, plastics, chemicals, auto parts Export Partners:

  12. Doing Business - Never give letters in white envelopes or presents in white paper. In Taiwan white represents death. - Always have your business cards on you and present it to your business acquaintances with both hands as a sign of respect. -Avoid talking about death or accidents because it implies that it might occur -Give a gift as a sign of appreciation if having been invited into someone's house for a dinner or get together. EX: box of chocolates, bottle of wine etc. -When opening a gift, do not rip wrapping paper. Remove it carefully then fold it up instead of throwing it away like we do in North America -Do not whistle at night