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L N Chemical Industries

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L N Chemical Industries

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  1. Putting Long Term Relationships Before Short Term Goals

  2. Our relationship with ourCustomers Suppliers Employees and people at large are all based on an attitude ofAbsolute Commitment L.N. Chemical Industries Mfgrs. of Speciality Chemicals & Auxiliaries Commitment for better solutions, better motivation and a better life…..

  3. Mission Statement The Right Chemistry !! In business as in life. The right chemistry between a company and its customers is what determines success. Our formula is based on a very clear objective. To retain our status as a speciality chemical manufacturer of choice by serving the requirements of both domestic and overseas customers. It means continually evolving our research and development, re-defining our manufacturing process to keep pace with customer expectations of quality, consistency & service. And of course, encouraging a free exchange of ideas for the betterment of all. Our associates, Our customers, Our suppliers. And ultimately ourselves. That’s our chemistry of success.

  4. We are the pathfindersin the field of textiles While treading on the path of consistent quality manufacturing of products by constantly adapting new technologies, we have embraced the credo “change is the most constant thing in life” and every better solution is a step towards the goal of optimum customer satisfaction.

  5. Highest Performance Capabilityand Highest Fiscal Strength We have constantly mastered the change in our Industry. Textile auxiliaries popularly called ‘Change Agents’ have defined modern Textiles. With certifications like ISO 9001:2000 and NSIC-CRISIL rating of SE 1A for the highest performance capability and high fiscal strength, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the field of Chemicals.

  6. Unleash the powerof L.N. Chemical Industries From soft and comfort diapers for baby skin to rough-n-tough denims, from knit-shrunk innerwear to drip-n-dry outerwear, from spill-resistant upholstery for valuable furniture to the rugged all weatherproof canvas for trade pavilions. From sterile surgical cloth in the operation theatres to fire retardant life jackets for blazing furnaces we breathe life into all your fabrics.

  7. The Visionary Patriarch of the company, L.N. Gandhi is a doyen of the chemical Industry. He founded L.N. Chemical Industries in 1977 and Modhera Chemical Pvt. Ltd. in 1988. His reputation is an extension of his achievements.


  9. REACTIONS Reactions currently carried out Condensation reactions Esterification Trans-Esterification Emulsion polymerization Quarternisation Resin condensates Organo modified silicone fluids

  10. Production Capacities of Textile Speciality Chemicals


  12. Preparatory Chemicals: • Wetting/De-Aerating Chemicals • Oxidative Desizing • Natural Products • Stain Removers/Scouring Chemicals • Scouring/Boiling-Off Chemicals • Desize scour bleach • Bleach Activator • Peroxide Stabilisers • Sequesterants • Protonating Agent • Peroxide Neutralizer • Mercerising/Wetting Chemicals • Lubricating Agents • Defoamers • Core Alkali Neutralisers • Colour Stripping The L.N. Range

  13. The L.N. Range • Dyeing & Printing Auxiliaries • Wetting/Deaerating Agent For Dyeing • Levelling Agents • Dispersing/ Levelling/Buffering/pH Regulating • Levelling Dispersing And Migrating Agent With • Diffusion Accelerating Effect • Antimigrating Agents • Dye Retarder • Sequestrants • Protonating Agent • Soda Ash Replacement/ Sodium Silicate Replacement • Ecofriendly Carrier • Wool Protecting Agent • Acid Donor for wool & polyamide • Oligomer Remover • Cationizing Agents • Washing Off / Soaping Agent • Chlorine Fastness Improver • Reduction Clearing Agent • Dye Fixing Agents • Ripple Print

  14. The L.N. Range • Specialities & Functional Finishes • Light Fastness Improvers • Sun Protection Factor Improver • Ocean Wash/Ball Blast • Antiozonates • Gray Cast On Denim • Sanforizing Agent • Back Stain Preventors • Thread / Yarn Lubricants • Antipil & Antislip • Optical Brightening Agent Quencher • Anti Phenolic Yellowing • PP Neutralizer • Deweighting agent for Polyester • Colour deepening Agent • Water & Stain Repelling Agent • Specialities & Functional Finishes • Antimicrobial Finishes • Flame Retardants • Mosquito Repellant • Tobacco Cut Agent • Foam Flock/Crush Foam • Resin Finishes • Strength Improving Agent • Water Soluble Polyurethane • Antifelting Agent • Chlorine Fastness Improver • Corrosion Inhibitor • Moisture Management /Wicking • Stiffeners & Hand Modifiers • Finishing Agents / Softeners • Cationic/Anionic/Nonionic & Amphoteric Organic Softeners • High Performance Organic Softener • Amino Silicone emulsions & concentrates • Hydrophilic Amino Silicone Softeners • Nano Silicones • Shear Stable Silicone Softners • Organo Modified Silicone Fluids

  15. LABORATORY APPLICATIONEVALUATION OF FINISH GOODS Name of Equipments Nos. Name of Equipments Nos. Abrasion tester [Martindale Type] 1 Package dyeing machine 1 Coating machine 2 H.T. Steamer 1 Tumble pilling tester 1 Spectrophotometer 1 Lab Winch 1 Colour Matching Cabinet 1 HTHP beaker dyeing machine 1 Heating mantle [2, 3 & 5 kgs] 6 FR testing machine (Vertical) 1 Water bath 1 Rota Dyer 2 Laundrometer 1 Ahiba Labomat 1 Tear & Tensile Strength tester 1 Crock meter 1 Spray Tester 1 Pneumatic padding mangle 1 CRA measurement instrument 1 Projection microscope 1 Lab stenter 1 Cupro Ammonium fluidity tester 1 Bundesmann’s water repellency tester 1 Lab soft flow dyeing machine 1

  16. Success is the result of an incredible chemistry between the Company and its Customers and we owe our success to YOU

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