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FIRST day of…

FIRST day of…

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FIRST day of…

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  1. FIRSTday of… …WORK Page>>123456 7891011 12

  2. FIRST DAY….. You are a newly-hired secretary of Mr. John Dela Cruz, the CEO of Lopez Company. On your first day, Mr. Dela Cruz gave you the details of the planned Executive Meeting. He asked you to immediately attach the details to the Letter of Invitation created in MS Word program to be sent through E-mail. Here are the details: Subject: Executive Committee Meeting RE: Action/Summarization of General Council Resolutions TO: Department Heads Venue: Conference Room Date: July 20 & 21 Time: 9:00 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. How would you compose and send the E-mail with attachment? TAKE THE CHALLENGE! Page>>123456 7891011 12

  3. Which of the following steps are needed in sending an E-mail with attachment? Check the boxes of your choice. If you have other answers in mind, write them inside the rectangle labeled “others”. Be ready to explain your answer. OTHERS ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the TO box, type the name of the recipient. Click SEARCH. Open your e-mail program and launch a new message window Go to Search Engine Bar, and type Email Write your message in the message window. Page>>123456 7891011 12

  4. In order to know if your answer is correct,find a responsible partner in class. Follow the instruction given below:1. Open your Yahoo Mail. 2. Compose the message created by Mr. John Dela Cruz. 3. Try sending the message to the email address of your partner. How will we know? Page>>123456 7891011 12

  5. If not, what do you think are the reasons why you were unable to send it? What are the things you need to consider in order not to commit the same mistakes again. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Did you find sending an email easy or difficult? Why? ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Were you able to send the email to your partner? If yes, how did you send it? ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What are the factors to be considered in composing an email? List them down. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page>>123456 7891011 12

  6. In order to clarify our ideas about how to compose and send an email with attachment, click the boxes on the right: Related Links: How do I add or change a signature? How do I compose messages (and personalize my Signature) with color and different fonts, or switch back to Plain Text if I want? How do I use the Color and Graphics toolbar? Quest! Basic Email Activities Composing and Sending Email messages: Attaching Files Creating New Messages and Sending E-Mail/Attachments Page>>123456 7891011 12

  7. After browsing the sites, answer the questions that follow: 1. What is meant by the term “attachment” in E-mail? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What is meant by the acronym CC? What is it for? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What is meant by the acronym BCC? What is it for? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page>>123456 7891011 12

  8. 4. What are the steps in sending an E-mail with attachment? List them down. A. Addressing and composing E-mail messages Step 1: _____________________________________________ Step 2: _____________________________________________ Step 3: _____________________________________________ B. Attaching a file to an E-mail Step 1: _____________________________________________ Step 2: _____________________________________________ Step 3: _____________________________________________ C. Sending a Message Step 1: ________________________________________________ Page>>123456 7891011 12

  9. Now that we have determined the procedures on how to send an e-mail with attachment, let’s go back to the situation given by your teacher. Can you now resend and attach the details of planned Executive Meeting to the department heads? Send the e-mail both to your partner and to this email address (should be placed in Cc): Click the following links for composing and sending an E-mail with attachment: Blank MS Word Program Yahoo Mail Page>>123456 7891011 12

  10. After sending your E-mail, click on this link: QUIZ. Take the quiz. Answer the following questions: • How many items were you able to answer? __________________________________________ 2. Are there items that you were unable to answer? If there are, why did you fail to answer them? __________________________________________ Page>>123456 7891011 12

  11. Final Project! Now that you know all the information about sending an e-mail with attachment, you’re next task is to create a friendly letter to one of your classmate. Be creative in sending your e-mail (personalize the content of your message). Send it to the email address of your friend and to this email address (should be placed in Cc): Page>>123456 7891011 12

  12. SENDING AN E-MAIL WITH ATTACMENT RUBRIC Page>>123456 7891011 12