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Essay Writing Guidelines

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Essay Writing Guidelines

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  1. Essay writing guidelines Build a system for essay writing This presentation is based on Essay writing guidelines

  2. Essay writing guidelines Is it important to have a system? • Avoid black out and writers block • Don't rely on luck, it tends to run out • Professionals always have a system • You should have a system to succeed

  3. Essay writing guidelines What it's about? • Obviouse yet crucial • Is it interesting for you? • Do you have access to information? • Does it comply with your assignment?

  4. Essay writing guidelines Research • Research is the basis • Don't settle for the obvious sources • Original research will make your essay stand out

  5. Essay writing guidelines Thesis • Concisely state your thesis • Are you convinced? • Make a chain of arguments • Support arguments by research

  6. Essay writing guidelines Subtitles • Write subtitles for your thesis • Keep it flowing • You can make changes later • When done, you have the skeleton

  7. Essay writing guidelines Fill-in the skeleton • Flow, don't get stuck • Maintaining order is not important • Write fast – change later • Fill-in more than once • Make this part intuitive

  8. Essay writing guidelines More structure • Say goodbye to writers block • You will not get stuck at this stage • Add an introduction and conclusions • Make them engaging • Spend time on them. First and ”last” impressions are extremly important

  9. Essay writing guidelines Now make it perfect • You should have a great essay now • It's not finished however • Take a break, it's good for perspective • Read it all quickely – fix content • Read it again – fix phrasing • Read it one last time – fix spelling

  10. Essay writing guidelines Thank you! • We hope you will make good use of this system • For any comments please contact us at Write my essay helper

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